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3 Sep 2019
15:17:41@Ward:matrix.orgWardAh, truth revealed via octal dump.
15:22:55@Ward:matrix.orgWardThe 004s just looked like spaces.
15:26:11@Ward:matrix.orgWardThe whole document appears to explain that confusions like this can happen when an industrial giant, Adobe in this case, extends their software in ways that only they understand.

The whole document appears to explain that confusions like this can happen when an industrial giant, Adobe in this case, extends their software in ways that only they understand.

Literally saw this happen under my nose in a corporate environment yesterday. Tripped me out more than the black cat that walked out from the printer room. Twice

4 Sep 2019
08:16:15@almereyda:matrix.orgjon r joined the room.
08:26:52@almereyda:matrix.orgjon r Following the course of Wikimania 2019 Stockholm, one is inviting for 📄 input about federation of Wikidata. I am asking myself: "How might the accumulated years of experience in the wiki federation inform this collection of use cases?"
08:28:55@almereyda:matrix.orgjon r Note: Federation with Wikidata is a special case of federation of arbitrary Wikibase instances (ref. Wikibase registry).
14:51:18@Ward:matrix.orgWardIt seems that when we set out to number ideas we always get into trouble eventually.
14:53:33@Ward:matrix.orgWardThe question of numbering came up in the context of patterns this morning. I'm helping with the electronic version of a new pattern language. There will be a print edition. Their attitudes about numbers has to be different. http://found.ward.bay.wiki.org/why-number-patterns.html
14:57:05@Ward:matrix.orgWardI'm proud to have a four digit number https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q7637
14:57:56@Ward:matrix.orgWardI also have a four character international call sign, K9OX, but I have to renew it.
15:03:04@Ward:matrix.orgWardI also have a genome which is uniquely mine, but too long to print here.
15:07:55@Ward:matrix.orgWardA design criteria of federated wiki was to be exact enough to be useful in a neighborhood. Seems biology works that way but being almost right was never a goal of wikidata. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideotype
16:46:06@Ward:matrix.orgWardCan federated wiki offer use cases to wikidata that also wants to be federated? We'll video chat about this and other dev/user news starting in 15 minutes. https://zoom.us/j/818108478
20:41:09@nickniemeir:matrix.orgnickniemeirhah, wikidata does some amusing things with the numbers. Douglas Adams is 42, Tim Berners-Lee is 80
11 Sep 2019
16:44:40@Ward:matrix.orgWardWe prepare for a deep dive into "graceful extensibility". We'll video chat about this and other federated wiki news in 15 minutes. https://hangouts.google.com/call/vh8qSgMVs-k-qOFdtwDAAAEI
13 Sep 2019
20:16:43@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
In reply to @Ward:matrix.org
I also have a four character international call sign, K9OX, but I have to renew it.
Interesting about Wikidata. I guess they pull mostly out of Wikipedia for me. https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q5235344
04:09:32@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im left the room.
13:47:48@Ward:matrix.orgWardI think one thing that will distinguish wikidata is their effort to recognize other identifiers. I looked up Leroy Hood (Q1820381) for no particular reason than I thought he would be well published. His entry cites 14 other IDs besides the one wikidata has made for him. I hope Q1820381 will be his forever. Such is not the case with radio callsigns. They recirculate quickly since in morse code brevity is rewarded.
16:30:22@chrisgebhardt:matrix.orgChris GebhardtAlternatively, sha256("Leroy Hood" + random_bits(128)) would be universal, eternal, and not require centralized authoritative parties. Such a "root" node would need to be established by networking, but this is a far easier problem, assuming widespread PKI. (He and other trusted parties can sign this ID root, along with other nodes that point to it to add information about him.)
16:36:26@chrisgebhardt:matrix.orgChris GebhardtRedacted or Malformed Event
17:58:42@Ward:matrix.orgWardAlternatively he is already leroy-hood in the federation and recognized as THE leroy-hood within his neighborhood but has to share that designator with all the other leroy-hood over all space and time.
19:20:23@chrisgebhardt:matrix.orgChris GebhardtYeah, the wiki namespace / petname model works well for the "embrace the messiness" approach amidst collaborative texts that aren't necessarily long-lived. As prior discussed, it's also trivial to deterministically map a human-meaningful wiki topic name to a canonical piece of data that can be hashed. (thus bridging to a more universal data model..) But I think Wikidata needs more of a formal concept map, one that is language neutral even. And then Wiki users can annotate pages with links to this sort of permanent concept map. (This replica of page "leroy-hood" has the subject [HashID of permanent, trusted concept map node])
19:22:11@chrisgebhardt:matrix.orgChris GebhardtLot of half-processed thoughts here.. graphic pending! :)
19:24:57@Ward:matrix.orgWardWe hope the important wiki pages last as long as digital computers, maybe longer. I'm not sure Leroy is important enough.
21:00:49@chrisgebhardt:matrix.orgChris GebhardtMeanwhile, Leroy Jenkins has been immortalized. ;)
17 Sep 2019
07:21:30@ianp5a:matrix.orgian joined the room.

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