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3 Oct 2022
@marcpierson:matrix.orgmarcpiersonI don't know how to get Kerry into this space. 18:42:48
@marcpierson:matrix.orgmarcpiersonThis must seem like a stupid question. So be it. None the less... ???22:05:28
@Robert.Best:matrix.orgrobert.best To invite people on mobile you click the room name > people > invite button. But when I went to go do that it said Kerry Turner was already in this room. 22:19:10
@Robert.Best:matrix.orgrobert.bestOops wrong Kerry or maybe two accounts? anyways glad I seem to have helped 😜22:46:54
Download image.png
@Ward:matrix.orgWardPedator-Prey model now running in wiki. 22:54:00
4 Oct 2022
@jmeowmeow:matrix.orgJeff MillerIf predator and prey are mapped onto a grid, and there's some percolation between cells (predator movement?), you end up with an evolving 2D pattern00:02:29
@jmeowmeow:matrix.orgJeff MillerA modified version of iterated Prisoner's Dilemma can also be explored, similarly, where a cell makes a C or D decision and then averages the results of the interaction with each nearest neighbor to get a result which it can use to determine the next turn's choice.00:05:08
@Ward:matrix.orgWardAgents can also be distributed randomly and then influenced in proportion to others in the vicinity. distinct factors can lead to redistribution of agents.00:19:24
@Ward:matrix.orgWardThe predator-prey model used here is the same as I have posted in hsc.fed.wiki. The nodes are of three types, Const, Funct, and Funct/integrator. The model is strongly decomposed where many nodes accomplish one thing. I'd like to refactor this in somewhere between four and six nodes. I'd also like to have our property merging rules make adding a seventh or eighth node meaningful. If I could do predator-prey with four nodes then maybe I could do Hamurabi eight nodes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamurabi_(video_game)00:34:07
@Ward:matrix.orgWardI'm trying to figure out how an eight node Hamurabi could become a twelve node battle of neighboring kings played by posting revised graphs to adjust strategy.00:35:57
@Ward:matrix.orgWardI once created a spaceship game that played out over weeks. This gave teams time to meet and devise team strategy. Each ship had position, velocity and acceleration in three dimensional space. Acceleration had a limit. That was the only constraint that added nuance to game play. A multi-team battle of kings by Hamurabi rules and corresponding stock-and-flow diagrams could be interesting in the same way. Maybe much more interesting when the configurations are so easily changed. http://c2.com/ward/myr/00:45:14
@Ward:matrix.orgWardAnyone ever play M.U.L.E.? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.U.L.E.01:27:51
@Ward:matrix.orgWardSetting M.U.L.E and Hamurabi aside for a moment, I worked out how four nodes of two types might duplicate the predator-prey computation from the vensim model. I've also imagined how the required physics can be incorporated into the super collaborator so that much more complicated systems can be built and run. http://ward.dojo.fed.wiki/view/metabolic-innovation/view/models-compared05:07:37
@Ward:matrix.orgWard Proposed minutes ago, "idea for a nature video game where you play an animal and just do life stuff. forage, hunt, eat, sleep, find a mate, survive etc". twitter 14:49:01
@Ward:matrix.orgWardDownload Fox-Sum-Delta.numbers.pdf21:54:23
Download image.png
@Ward:matrix.orgWardFirst time my simplified schema for stock and flow dynamics ran. Now must perfect the scaling of properties to match other models.21:56:51
5 Oct 2022
@rgb:dreyeck.freedombox.rocksRalf Barkow left the room.05:53:43
@rgb:dreyeck.freedombox.rocksRalf Barkow joined the room.06:13:54
@Ward:matrix.orgWardTrying opt-in persistent smilies as pseudonymous identity. We will chat about this and other dev/user news in 15 minutes. https://zoom.us/j/619897150?pwd=M1d3WjJYc2x3NEcwQnZyWDYwaHhsQT0916:42:46
@skunkygreat:matrix.orgskunkygreat joined the room.17:05:39
@inkdroid:matrix.orgedsu changed their display name from edsu to edsu 🔅.18:40:10
@inkdroid:matrix.orgedsu changed their display name from edsu 🔅 to edsu🔅.18:41:32
6 Oct 2022
@rgb:dreyeck.freedombox.rocksRalf Barkow marcpierson Please consider using Find Empty Pages
I find it suboptimal when I curiously go to one of your new pages, only to find that it has no content, is empty.
@inkdroid:matrix.orgedsu changed their display name from edsu🔅 to edsu.10:42:48
@dobbs:matrix.orgeric I published another wiki docker image dobbs/farm:1.0.14 here: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/dobbs/farm 14:42:34
@Ward:matrix.orgWardThanks Eric.15:24:41

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