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Where we share opportunities for anyone who wants to contribute to Giveth. This can be open dev issues, communication tasks, etc. Every month we vote and Give ... Eth !19 Servers

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17 Dec 2019
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19 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019
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23 Dec 2019
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24 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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1 Jan 2020
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3 Jan 2020
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4 Jan 2020
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5 Jan 2020
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6 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
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3 Feb 2020
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4 Feb 2020
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5 Feb 2020
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6 Feb 2020
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10 Feb 2020
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10 Mar 2020
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20 Mar 2020
17:57:34@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis <krrisis>Hi there!
For people new to our channels/rooms, or for people who have been here forever, you might have noticed that it is pretty quiet over here. Does this mean that Giveth is no longer alive and kicking? Far from it! Most of the team is currently working on the Commons Stack project: the Giveth DApp will be one of its main components.

4 Apr 2020
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