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20 Feb 2019
01:07:22@loie:matrix.orgloieHey Contributors! Have you ever made a milestone you think was (or was supposed to be) funded by the Unicorn DAC? I'll be a doing an audit at the end of this week to make sure that all milestones ever delegated to by the Unicorn DAC actually got paid out. So holler at me (with links!!) if you think there are any that are missing a payment you expected.
01:09:59@loie:matrix.orgloie And, I'll take this opportunity to remind you all, that there is a council of Unicorns who like to fund milestones for work on Giveth! In fact they are given an allowance to do just that. Is there anything you've been wanting to work on, but not sure how you could get valued for it? Check out this article on how you may get funding from this decentralized budget committee of sorts :)
02:02:58@bruceunmighty:matrix.orgbruceunmighty Hey everyone, We are hard at work on a new show for the Decentralize All The Things! Podcast Network. "What the Fork?!" with Damo should premiere early March!
Many thanks (and dishes) to the production and social team: @joshuaduchene:matrix.org and @goldfarbas:matrix.org
02:04:34@bruceunmighty:matrix.orgbruceunmightyThis network has been a fantastic way to grow our network and the hive mind. Damo operates in the Vancouver CA area and is our neighbor... kinda (we are in Seattle).
06:34:01@bruceunmighty:matrix.orgbruceunmighty I juat tried to submit a fame video but it didn't work. "Unlock Metamask" but it was unlocked already. I filled in the Google form instead. I probably missed the month turnover anyway though. :/
09:24:11@markoprljic:matrix.orgmarkoprljic joined the room.
14:39:50@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis hey bruceunmighty thx! yeah.. there are some issues there, we might abandon the WOF, we're looking into it. In any case the form is fine.
14:42:10@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisQuestion for our WRITERS! Paslar wrote a great article on BrightID but it would benefit from a second pair of native english speaker eyes 🙂 If you have time, plz read this article and comment on sentences that could possibly be optimized --> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zf9QXQU_N31zLTC4hEL9TF0bzWKO3asP7BrYlzif-Uc/edit?usp=sharing
14:42:51@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis Comm points for anyone who does, looking at you eli_etzioni donadams (top of mind 🙂 ) but others welcome too ofc!!
14:43:59@paslar:matrix.orgpaslarMuch obliged Kris. I appreciate your comments folks!\
14:48:22@frederikbolding:matrix.orgfrederikboldingNot a native english speaker, but I'm reading through it right now - Already made a few suggestions :)
14:48:56@frederikbolding:matrix.orgfrederikbolding It's great btw paslar
In reply to @bruceunmighty:matrix.org
I juat tried to submit a fame video but it didn't work. "Unlock Metamask" but it was unlocked already. I filled in the Google form instead. I probably missed the month turnover anyway though. :/
You are right on time bruceunmighty ! Let me know if you want to do your own milestone this week, otherwise I'll do it for you this weekend.
16:58:06@paslar:matrix.orgpaslar frederikbolding: Your suggestions were literally all valid points man. I learned alot. Thanks for every single one of them.
16:58:41@frederikbolding:matrix.orgfrederikboldingNo problem! 😊
16:59:52@paslar:matrix.orgpaslar!dish (as many as possible) comm points to frederikbolding for his suggestions about my humble article on BrightID!
17:00:01@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth BotERROR, please use the following format: !dish [#of points] [type of points] points to [handle, handle, handle] for [reason]
17:00:22@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleGo Cascadia broadcasting!!
17:01:50@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelle !dish 32 GOV points to joshuaduchene , goldfarbas for the production and social support of the DATT podcast!
17:01:51@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth Bot@danibelle:matrix.org dished 32 GOV points to @joshuaduchene:matrix.org
17:01:51@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth Bot@danibelle:matrix.org dished 32 GOV points to @goldfarbas:matrix.org
17:02:00@paslar:matrix.orgpaslar krrisis please do help us here 😉
17:06:01@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisI'll dish them when everyone is up & has checked, no worries
20:16:25@donadams:matrix.orgdonadams krrisis paslar I'm totally slammed with other stuff today, sorry guys
21 Feb 2019
01:58:27@joshuaduchene:matrix.orgjoshuaduchene Thanks for the points, danibelle ! 😄
02:03:17@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleyepses .
02:03:26@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelle !dish 32 DApp points to frederikbolding for reviewing paslar 's brilliant piece on BrightID
02:03:28@giveth-bot:matrix.orgGiveth Bot@danibelle:matrix.org dished 32 DAPP points to @frederikbolding:matrix.org
09:02:16@frederikbolding:matrix.orgfrederikboldingThanks! 👍

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