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18 Jan 2017
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeetthe actual economy was capitalist right07:41:02
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeeti guess it was a lot simpler07:41:36
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeetless things to trade07:41:45
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantwell, it was more localized07:41:57
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantand there wasn't a lot of automation07:42:02
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeetso everything was under control07:42:05
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantin fact there was no automation07:42:08
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeet cap·i·tal·ism
an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeetso it was state controlled07:43:00
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantI guess07:46:15
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantthat's not exactly the definition I would use07:46:44
@Hierophant:matrix.orgHierophantbut sure07:46:45
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeet The "capitalistic era" according to Karl Marx dates from 16th century merchants and small urban workshops.[37] Marx knew that wage labour existed on a modest scale for centuries before capitalist industry. Early Islam promulgated capitalist economic policies, which migrated to Europe through trade partners from cities such as Venice.[38] Capitalism in its modern form can be traced to the emergence of agrarian capitalism and mercantilism in the Renaissance.07:53:42
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeeti guess there wasnt enough to things to produce and provide wages for so most people farmed07:55:48
@MeowWhereTheRiversMeet:matrix.orgMeowWhereTheRiversMeetand most people had to farm anyway cus food production wasnt easy07:56:12
19 Jan 2017
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18 Feb 2017
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4 Mar 2017
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8 Apr 2017
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7 Jun 2017
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25 Aug 2019
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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