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7 Dec 2018
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20 Jan 2019
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21 Apr 2019
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1 May 2019
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16:38:48@hkh:matrix.orgkbkHi artix users!
16:40:55@hkh:matrix.orgkbkI'm using artix since its appearance on two laptops: the first migrated from manjaro-openrc and on the second i do afresh install of artix-lxqt.
16:45:09@hkh:matrix.orgkbkRecently I noticed that on the first laptop 'dbus-elogind' file is installed from yoaurt. ... .I do not know if it is safe to remove it or not.
16:46:34@hkh:matrix.orgkbkit is required by tons of pkg like compton cups colord avahi ghostscript ....
16:48:44@hkh:matrix.orgkbkbut it is in aur ... I could not understand why such an important system component is not in world or system !!!! could youn explain why please! honestly i forget why i install it, sure when I was on manjaro-openrc to solve some problem but could not remember wht it was !
2 May 2019
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21:09:59@hkh:matrix.orgkbk pipeweed: I know that ... my question is about dbus-elogind wich is required by many pkgs is in AUR and not in the official repos ! why?
21:12:51@pipeweed:matrix.org@pipeweed:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
21:15:03@hkh:matrix.orgkbkI think I get it. I did not install 'dbus' on that machine so I just installed 'dbus-elogind' ... I will try to replace it with 'dbus'
21:15:24@hkh:matrix.orgkbkand see , wish for the best$
21:21:03@pipeweed:matrix.org@pipeweed:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
3 May 2019
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21:39:33@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickhey all, I just got artix w/runit up and running today on a VPS at linode, I'm trying to better understand how logging works by default in artix
21:39:51@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickI can see that in the individual /etc/runit/sv dirs for each service there's a log dir an then a run file
21:40:03@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickand I can see that the files are calling "logger"
21:40:11@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatricklogger -t [service]
21:40:53@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickbut I don't know what logger is actually doing here. I can see on logger's man page that the -t flag means it's tagging the logs with the service name, but it's not clear to me where the logs are actually going
21:41:49@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickthe /var/logs directory is pretty much empty
21:42:14@patosullivan:matrix.orgPatrickI meant /var/log*
17 May 2019
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31 May 2019
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26 Aug 2019
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29 Aug 2019
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