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17 Sep 2019
11:16:25@df458:matrix.orgdf458No problem 🙂
11:59:58@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者 I've installed redo mod, added settings, but no animals in the world
12:05:57@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者mobs redo mod
12:51:51@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329 mobs_redo is just an API, you'll need mobs_animal too
13:48:31@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者a wild boar has been found. thank you :D
13:49:27@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者the bed needs sheep?
13:50:58@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelei think cotton can be used to craft wool too, but you can sheer (or kill) sheep indeed
14:09:28@agagaflibleblub:matrix.orgagagaflibleblubYeah and red flowers for dye
14:50:59@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者How to get cotton?
14:54:00@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleprovided it is in the basegame (of which i am not quite sure) you would need to find jungle grass and cut it till you get cotton seeds i think
14:54:08@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelethan you can just normally farm it
15:03:01@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者jungle grass? let me try.
15:39:49@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329It's a chance, so it might take a few tries to get cotton
15:40:02@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329*cotton seeds
18:17:08@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelemeh, just take one jungle grass hold the dig key and plant key and point at cobble or something
18:17:16@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleif you have some jungle grass
18:17:33@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelethat way you can get 100% seeds, even though it is fkking annoying
18:24:18@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者I'm lost. I've reached the South Pole. How can I get back?
18:36:03@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者'/home' command, don't have permission?
19:04:03@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者use '/teleport' i'm back.😂
19:30:08@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephele/grant singleplayer all
19:30:11@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleor just "home"
21:12:23@naughtylus:matrix.orgNaughtylus changed their display name from Naughtylus to Thibault.
21:20:44@naughtylus:matrix.orgNaughtylus changed their display name from Thibault to Naughtylus.
19 Sep 2019
00:28:03@ericxdu:matrix.org@ericxdu:matrix.org left the room.
12:20:26@hellomatrix:matrix.org共產主義者does anyboby play mars survive mod?
15:59:30@codic:matrix.orgcodicno lol
17:56:27@codic:matrix.orgcodic changed their display name from codic to fossgames.
17:57:05@codic:matrix.orgcodic changed their display name from fossgames to codic.

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