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23 Jan 2020
00:04:16@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329 changed the room topic to "Unofficial Chatroom For The Libre Voxel Game Engine Join Our Community! +minetest:tchncs.de Latest version: 5.1.1 Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rule" from "Unofficial Chatroom For The Libre Voxel Game Engine Join Our Community! +minetest:tchncs.de Latest version: 5.1.0 Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rule".
01:17:56@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephele💢Hello there
12:05:31@df458:matrix.orgdf458Folks, why is it that 90% of the times I pick up a mod/game to texture the dev has done something terribly wrong?
12:05:37@df458:matrix.orgdf458Is it my luck?
15:10:08@Megaf:matrix.orgMegafHey Benrob0329 How are you?
21:38:25@df458:matrix.orgdf458 nephele💢: What I mean is, almost every time I pick up a mod/game to texture, I find out that for some reason I can't make it look right. Either the dev decided to re-use textures from another mod in a totally different context, or the UVs are absurdly bad, or <insert other graphical issues here>
21:39:07@df458:matrix.orgdf458I get the impression sometimes that because a lot of devs just kinda make noisy junk for their textures, they don't really notice when they're doing anything wrong
21:40:25@df458:matrix.orgdf458Just today, I found a mob model where the top and bottom of the body used the same zone of the texture, except the bottom was flipped on the long axis, oh and the entire thing was rotated 90 degrees so the pixels are stretched by a fractional value
24 Jan 2020
00:49:20@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329 Megaf: Good
00:50:13@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329 df458: If you ever make textures for IKEA, you'll have to tell me how bad all my UVs are so that I can fix them for you 😄
00:51:55@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329They don't seem bad to me, but I'm just putting in placeholder textures right now so if there are a lot of sections that will look the same (like the front and back of the warehouse racks) I'll just make them use the same part of the texture. Getting pixel-perfect UVs is important though
00:53:16@df458:matrix.orgdf458If/When IKEA gets to a complete/stable enough state to properly release on CDB, let me know and it'll go on the list
00:53:34@df458:matrix.orgdf458Honestly, if you care about UVs to begin with you're probably ahead of the curve
00:54:18@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Alpha release is soon™, I just need to finish up the initial pass of the showroom department
00:54:29@df458:matrix.orgdf458good to hear!
00:54:42@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329which means modeling several pieces of furniture
00:55:20@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329which isn't bad, but adding selection and collision boxes for them is pretty painful
03:12:26@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Screenshot from 2020-01-23 21-55-03.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-23 21-55-03.png
03:19:09@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephele💢df458: oh boy, that does sound like they don't expect any retexturing :G, i think my mod(s) shouldn't have such issues, hopefully (i don't think i re-used textures anywhere)
19:40:07@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329You're crying because someone stabbed your eyes?
19:40:50@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Or did you stab your eyes so that your wouldn't have to look at how badly that cow is UV unwrapped?
19:41:28@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329 I mean, those pixels are curved, curved!
19:42:50@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephele💢that's supposed to be a cow?
19:43:06@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329The thing on the left is supposed to be, yes
22:02:45@df458:matrix.orgdf458Reminds me of a (slightly less egregious) screenshot I took the other day
22:03:43@df458:matrix.orgdf458 ^ This was also the model with the interesting UVs that I mentioned earlier

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