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1 Apr 2020
03:02:46@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelelike, i can burn bricks in a brick oven sure, or smelt ores in a brick oven... but making initial bricks isn't that easy
03:03:01@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Sun-baked or put over a campfire probably
03:03:27@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Mud + Sunlight is one of the earliest forms of brick-making
03:07:58@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelehmm, sun-baked sounds good i may do that, thanks
03:08:21@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleanyhow, i want to make a bit more primitive stuff too, because just electronics is really boring :D
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2 Apr 2020
04:25:29@noclip:feneas.orgNoclip You could add mechanics as some type of beginner technology.
11:23:08@noclip:feneas.orgNoclipIs there a way to automatically generate a big part of the world without having to fly around?
12:20:26@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleI think forceloading chunks acomplishes that
12:22:41@noclip:feneas.orgNoclip I forgot about the /emergeblocks command which seems to do exactly what I was looking for. If someone else is also interested in this topic here is a forum topic about.
12:24:47@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelelol, my browser complains about the cipher of that domain
12:24:56@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelei didn't know links2 is that picky
12:25:37@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleNoclip: i was thinking of mechanics, alrhough adding that properly is a bit more difficult than doing electronics :P
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3 Apr 2020
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4 Apr 2020
01:09:17@noclip:feneas.orgNoclip Would something like this Minecraft Mod would be possible with the Minetest modding-api? (With or without hacky / dirty methods)
01:15:09@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleI think it is possible, getting the animations to work nicely would be a bit tricky likely
01:15:43@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephelebut it doesn't look like the camera is fixed in that mod either, which would likely be really difficult to do with vanilla minetest
01:17:59@noclip:feneas.orgNoclipSo sideways-gravity is supported by the engine?
01:18:41@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleWell, acceleration is per entitiy, i can definetely do this for entities like bricks or so
01:18:55@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleI am not 100% sure if the call is valid to run on players though...
01:19:34@nep:pink.packageloss.eunephele>#### Lua entity only (no-op for other objects) [...] >* `set_acceleration(acc)` > * `acc` is a vector
02:19:42@noclip:feneas.orgNoclipWhat's wrong with the Minetest Forum page? It loads extremely slow in the last days and often just crashes in the end.
04:30:41@thefox6:matrix.orgthefox6I also experienced that yesterday. For a short time I got nothing but 500, 502 and 504

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