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24 Sep 2020
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonAwww it's okay there! It's can be hard to meet people you never met before so I understand you thinking of that. ❤️ I am technically deaf and blind (different than one of the other, such as communities and such since one person varies greatly from another). In my case I have residual vision which does not allow me to enjoy gaming unless it's HEAVILY tweaked. As you noticed yourself with the appearance of font. 17:12:25
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonI even am required to intentionally downgrade my resolution when playing this game from my 1080x1920 display in game to 720x1366 or whatever it is. This in turn make the game "looks" bigger at the expense of display quality.17:14:32
@zughy:privacytools.iozughyOh, I understand now; I hope I didn't sound like an arse. Now I'm curious though: are you able to freely move into the MT main menu?17:16:16
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonAww thanks you, means a lot that you cared to be understanding of me and you didn't so your okay. ❤️ That's the interesting thing, the main menu thankfully nearly doesn't suffer the same fate as sfinv does (which is why I attempt to use something else in it's place). While it still suffer the fate of fonts not wrapping instead of cutting off, it will scale up to ~1.5x where sfinv can barely do ~1.1x scaling before it's "top headers" get cutted off. Rendering the sfinv inventory manager useless for me.17:20:03
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPerson Thanks zughy for caring about being understanding of my UI concerns. ❤️ 17:37:22
@zughy:privacytools.iozughyYou're welcome :) 17:38:34
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPerson Thanks for assuring me zughy , helps me feels that I still matters. ❤️ Since been very frustrating for me that i had to leave my own community and such because they provided me with little respect for such. 😥 17:41:30
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25 Sep 2020
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@anulo2:matrix.org_Zaizen_Redacted or Malformed Event16:13:30
26 Sep 2020
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@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonHi there and welcome there!01:58:00
@copenhagen_bram:matrix.orgcopenhagen_bramWhat's up? Has anyone here heard of Nodecore?01:58:50
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonAwww thanks for caring about me, been okayish how about you? ❤️ I am sorry but I haven't. 😥01:59:39
@copenhagen_bram:matrix.orgcopenhagen_bramI'm alright. Trying to figure out how to add programs to PlayOnLinux02:27:43
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonAwww I am glad, I hope that goes well for you. ❤️02:28:24
@copenhagen_bram:matrix.orgcopenhagen_bramThank you02:28:40
@copenhagen_bram:matrix.orgcopenhagen_bramThis is Nodecore btw: https://content.minetest.net/packages/Warr1024/nodecore/02:29:15
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonAwww you are always welcome! ❤️ Got ya, saw it but never went into it. Thanks for caring to share it with me though. ❤️02:30:32
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@zughy:privacytools.iozughy copenhagen_bram: yup, NodeCore is pretty solid! 09:30:51
@zughy:privacytools.iozughyI really like the concept behind it09:31:37
@zughy:privacytools.iozughyI've just dropped this on the forum btw, it's about Element: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2540609:53:07
@lumvn:matrix.orglumvnI didn't hear about nodecore. I'll check it out. MT seems to do more with what objects look like as you're walking past it, than MC. I guess this is what they call 'on the grid'17:08:53
27 Sep 2020
@friendlyperson:matrix.orgFriendlyPersonSeeing as IcyDiamond recently just left the community and I was very interested in his mods I don't see how I can have fun with what's currently on offer. Nor do I have the resources to keep it going. 😦01:36:39
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