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24 Jun 2020
@newton688:matrix.orgnewton688Some have suggested that if I switch it to GLES for potentially better performance, but that will require a irrlicht compiled with GLES support.22:33:40
@lara:ggc-project.delara 23:12:36
25 Jun 2020
@karin:kde.orgkarin 21:09:39
@bosh5010:matrix.orgbosh5010 set a profile picture.23:37:20
@bosh5010:matrix.orgbosh5010Is there a guide for mine test server admins? There is the wiki, but was wondering if I built enough into mine? Some blog posts would be cool, too?23:40:05
26 Jun 2020
@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Most server hosting knowledge is either learned through experience or passed around organically. It's not a bad idea to ask on the forums, or just publish your server and ask for feedback.04:02:03
@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329You can also ask for feedback here, of course :-)04:02:21
@arydev:matrix.orgarydevTell me some hack clients that i can dowonload for free for linux10:31:23
@arydev:matrix.orgarydevI want to use it on a mineclone anarchy server10:31:46
@martin:netzgemeinde.eumartin 20:35:13
@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329If you can't figure out how to do it yourself, you shouldn't have them.21:28:37
28 Jun 2020
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29 Jun 2020
@noclip:feneas.orgNoclip changed their profile picture.19:40:15
30 Jun 2020
@nieve:privacytools.ionieve 06:51:56
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@elan1:matrix.orgelan1 arydev: 23:47:37
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1make one23:47:40
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1because there is none publicly available23:47:53
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1btw i play that server too ;)23:48:04
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1one smol problem minetest doesnt run okish on mac when doing ./bin/minetest23:48:58
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1i think i can figure it out23:49:02
@elan1:matrix.orgelan1not a big fan of c++ but ok23:49:10
1 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
@artjom:sibnsk.netartjom 08:49:46
@ferdinand:converser.euferdinand 18:19:03
5 Jul 2020
@annemarie:matrixim.ccannemarie 15:46:27
@abinash:diasp.inabinash 15:54:47
6 Jul 2020
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