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24 Jan 2021
@nephele:nheko.imnephele mapblock has as many nodes as you specify 20:56:40
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzHowever it would have too much objects. 21:01:11
@nephele:nheko.imnephele minetest will delete some objects if there are more than 64 inside one node 21:03:24
@nephele:nheko.imnephele unless you tell it to allow more... 21:03:32
@nephele:nheko.imnephele which you can quite simply do, by using the apropriate setting for this 21:03:43
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzFunny idea to put 64 objects 'inside' a node 😁21:06:01
@nephele:nheko.imnephele it's what the game does already 21:06:11
@nephele:nheko.imnephele complain on a github issue if this bothers you, i guess 21:06:25
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzWhere and when ?21:06:45
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzMost mods I know limit entities to 60 per abr, not per node.21:09:00
@nephele:nheko.imnephele what is abr? 21:10:19
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzActive block range. And what is a node, mapblock and an object ?21:11:34
@nephele:nheko.imnephele no idea what you mean by active block range 21:11:59
@nephele:nheko.imnephele node is a node... you know, like the cubes? 21:12:07
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzIt's ok. 👍😁21:12:18
@nephele:nheko.imnephele 60 seems like an incredibly wierd number to limit anything to 21:12:27
In reply to @zughy_boi:matrix.org
This would be great if chat had a semi transparent background, because a lot of colors are lost without it https://github.com/minetest/minetest/pull/10865
It only generates colours with a high luminosity

What exactly is the difference between minetest.get objects inside radius and the new get objects inside area ?

I would really like to know if there is any benefit ? Or is it only a math prob ?

@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyDifferent bounds22:13:09
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardySay you want all the entities in an Areas area22:14:49
@zedekthepd:migos.dissected.us∙ ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴜᴍ ᛃ ᴢᴇᴅᴇᴋ ∙ ™Is there some sort of lua API to send back server information, through REST or something?22:20:37
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyWhat server info?22:35:57
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyThere's. https://servers.minetest.net/list22:36:13
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyMinetest also supports Prometheus metrics22:36:25
@knorz:matrix.orgknorzOk. But find objects in radius is an area, too. I would be surprised if it would really count inside a sphere. Does it ?22:37:14
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyRadius is a sphere22:39:09
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyLike, a sphere is defined by a point and a radius22:39:21
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyWhereas area refers to a cuboid22:39:48
@rubenwardy:matrix.orgrubenwardyMinetest uses the same term for finding nodes22:40:08

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