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All about getting online, dealing with (W)ISPs, (Wireless) Internet Service Providers, and some about the devices we use, including mobile phones. A tech' general discussion. Some DNS, OpenNIC chat, et cetera is okay. But discuss stuff like custom smartphone ROMS elsewhere. ••• VoIP/VoLTE/Internet Telephony has moved to #VoIP:matrix.org ••• No need to introduce yourself, nor greet others; whereas "lurking"/idling is fine. "Don't ask to ask! Just ask." - This is NOT a General Chat. Go fill the scrollback with hi-hello ping-pong somewhere else like #offtopic:matrix.org . Put your greetings within a topical message! — https://www.nohello.com/?m=0 ••• For sharing: "(W)ISPs & Gear/Devices, LAN, Networking, mobile phones. wisps" [\(W\)ISPs & Gear/Devices, LAN, Networking, mobile phones. wisps](https://matrix.to/#/!OKNqXZORszDrCcBJMb:matrix.org) ° https://matrix.to/#/!OKNqXZORszDrCcBJMb:matrix.org ••• Room History is "World Readable" by anyone. → https://view.matrix.org/alias/%23wISPs:matrix.org ••• Was listed (R.I.P.): https://matrixstats.org/alias/%23wISPs:matrix.org ••• Keywords/Tags: #ISP #ISPs #wISP #wISPs #DSL #FIOS #FttX ••••37 Servers

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12 May 2020
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikThis is my problem. I signed the contract with new enployer starting 15.05. and now they already hijacked my private phone. 19:17:49
@anonhat:matrix.organonhatDid they require you to install spyware on your phone?19:18:36
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikIndeed. 19:18:39
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikThey havent asked at all. 19:19:19
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikWonder what I can do now? 19:20:34
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikOr its all too late? 19:20:53
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikI read the following but while giving me an idea what happened it doesnt Show a way out https://blog.cdemi.io/never-accept-an-mdm-policy-on-your-personal-phone/19:22:54
@anonhat:matrix.organonhatIf you weren't even notified and you can prove that they did that, you could potentially sue if you live in the US. The federal wiretap statute governs some of this stuff and requires that you be given clear notice and that you provide lawful consent to at least audio surveillance. So if your spyware has audio components, you should look into suing under the federal wiretap statute. As for technical solutions, you might try to flash your device with your factory reset ROM. If the malware has written itself to the reset ROM, however, that may not suffice. In that case, use an ADB cable to flash a new ROM from your computer (you can download the specific ROM for your device from various Android sources online, depending on the type of phone you have. If you can't find a stock Android image, Lineage OS is usually a good ROM that works on most phones).19:29:41
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikThanks actually I have signed the policy because they said its just to be reachable in case of emergency but in fact my connection broke and after restart realized this message I posted above... I'll try the factory reset first then follow next steps exactly like you wrote 19:54:18
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikIts very much appreciated.19:54:48
13 May 2020
@anony_mous:matrix.organony_mouse changed their display name from @anony_mous:matrix.org to anony_mouse.10:06:38
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO "Reachable in case of emergency"; LMFAO, it's a PHONE with the functionality of a PHONE, and SMS! Btw if they were smart they'd have VoIP, but that seems to be asking a lot. 10:28:04
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15 May 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO banned @sauloj:matrix.org@sauloj:matrix.org (YOU are what is a BULLSHIT JOKE, and NOT our rooms. Your Kindergarten teacher did you a big disservice as the world will dump a giant crap upon you for not knowing how to behave, and thinking you are ENTITLED to be treated as SPECIAL, you little snowflake. Here's a clue: You're NOT.).03:27:17
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17 May 2020
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18 May 2020
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25 May 2020
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@givvym:matrix.orggivvymHi Guys I'm Given based in South Africa, I want to start a wisp but I need someone who has more information about the setup and the equipment, I will really do appreciate your help23:33:11
26 May 2020
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO You're in the wrong room, givvym . This is for, more or less, end-users/consumers. You want #startyourownisp:matrix.org . 20:55:13
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxOYou're welcome/No problem./🍻21:30:14
31 May 2020
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