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All about getting online, dealing with (W)ISPs, (Wireless) Internet Service Providers, and some about the devices we use, including mobile phones. A tech' general discussion. Some DNS, OpenNIC chat, et cetera is okay. But discuss stuff like custom smartphone ROMS elsewhere. ••• VoIP/VoLTE/Internet Telephony has moved to #VoIP:matrix.org ••• Room History is "World Readable" by anyone. → https://view.matrix.org/alias/%23wISPs:matrix.org ••• Listed: https://matrixstats.org/alias/%23wISPs:matrix.org ••• For sharing: #wISPs:hackerspaces.be ° https://ptt.hackerspaces.be/app/#/room/#wISPs:hackerspaces.be ° https://matrix.to/#/#wISPs:hackerspaces.be ° Markdown: [#wISPs:matrix.org](https://matrix.to/#/#wISPs:matrix.org) § [\(W\)ISPs & Gear/Devices, LAN, Networking, mobile phones. wisps](https://matrix.to/#/#wISPs:hackerspaces.be) ••• Keywords/Tags: #ISP #ISPs #wISP #wISPs #DSL #FIOS #FttX ••••35 Servers

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16 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020
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19 Mar 2020
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20 Mar 2020
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21 Mar 2020
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13:52:08@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxObanned@tojoarigoto:matrix.org@tojoarigoto:matrix.org (Obvious sockpuppet used to promote rival rooms and FUD on the peacable rooms other people maintain.).
22 Mar 2020
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25 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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28 Mar 2020
21:33:30@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxObanned@frauhamsterx:matrix.org@frauhamsterx:matrix.org (Sockpuppeting ban evader who is either deliberately trolling or a dysfunctional and delusional or paranoid person who is in need of counseling. Sad, but not our responsibility.).
29 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
20:44:01@buckwinston:matrix.orgbuckwinstonRedacted or Malformed Event
1 Apr 2020
In reply to @buckwinston:matrix.org
G’day mate
We don't do standalone greetings in this catalogue of rooms. They go within topical messages.
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2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
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