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31 Aug 2020
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@investblog:matrix.orginvestblogHello. Do you discuss mining here? 15:42:55
1 Sep 2020
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_mwdy mean by mining04:18:02
@ak-ru:matrix.orgakruvsatyanaveen: most interesting is DoS load average, that means how many transaction the system can handle04:25:12
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5 Sep 2020
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_mhello, i started my nodes with the old command which doesnt have the '--validator' flag. is this okay?23:42:06
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_mi just noticed when it restarts it says 'is collating: no'23:43:18
@ak-ru:matrix.orgakrudion_wong_m: hello, it’s not required23:55:16
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_moh so i can still get rewarded right?23:56:02
@ak-ru:matrix.orgakrudion_wong_m: sure, when your node uptime high you will be rewarded23:56:38
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_mokay, thanks, really😅23:57:32
7 Sep 2020
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8 Sep 2020
@julio01:matrix.orgjulio01Hello, I am very interested in supporting the network with the creation of a node, where could I see a tutorial? Is there any wood to bet my XRT?00:07:53
@ak-ru:matrix.orgakrujulio01: hello, thank you for interest, please look into https://wiki.robonomics.network/docs/ and community events https://www.robonomics.events/02:09:56
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_mjust got cpu performance limited on vultr while syncing lol10:59:55
@dion_wong_m:matrix.orgdion_wong_m1 core is kind of not enough i think11:00:13
@ak-ru:matrix.orgakrudion_wong_m: yes, recommended spec is 2vCPU, 4G RAM and 50G SSD15:56:13
13 Sep 2020
@investblog:matrix.orginvestblogwhen will new period with rewards for new collators? I mean I want to join but someone from core team say that now it's impossible to get rewards, but maybe next period22:02:54
14 Sep 2020
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15 Sep 2020
@khassanov:matrix.orgkhassanovCurrent period ends September 21st.05:45:30
19 Sep 2020
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@qryptic:matrix.orgqrypticcould i get some mito tokens to stake 4CRtbCvrANVFAPF4DR3VtbGj8jHFEaQwYwVTNAC3BMJ3gb6921:34:34
24 Sep 2020
@andromeda__:matrix.orgAndromedaSorry if it has been asked already, but I would like to setup a DAO IPCI collator. Any documents about it?11:51:37

Hi JimmyTudeski | Stakenode.dev, unfortunately IPCI Network nodes isn’t have a lot of docs yet, but installation is pretty similar to Robonomics collator: download latest release of Robonomics node and launch with “—chain ipci” key, to become validator standard kusama tutorial works: https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/en/maintain-guides-how-to-validate-kusama

Got it!

28 Sep 2020
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