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16 Dec 2019
In reply to@0-:matrix.org
Idk, it's because the XS says 34" which seems really large lol
XS means eXtraSmall, 34 is the small(east) size for adult females, iinm
02:39:20@brt:g24.atbrt Matthew: thx! i'll have a look, i have some rooms with some rssbots (newsfeeds and so on), and i think setting the lifetime a bit lower on those rooms could be a good thing
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03:04:40@brt:g24.atbrti tried:
03:04:47@brt:g24.atbrtBildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 04-01-07.png
Bildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 04-01-07.png
03:04:53@brt:g24.atbrtbut get:
03:05:00@brt:g24.atbrtBildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 03-59-50.png
Bildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 03-59-50.png
03:06:39@brt:g24.atbrti set the min_lifetime to 1d in the configuration
03:08:16@brt:g24.atbrtBildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 04-05-40.png
Bildschirmfoto von 2019-12-16 04-05-40.png
03:10:58@brt:g24.atbrtahh, changed the value to seconds in the config, restarted the server now it worked! :D
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