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23 Nov 2019
@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17zen_monkey - It is better to just ask, than to ask if it is okay to ask. But yes, you can ask here.09:45:53
@mdt:emdete.demdtzen_monkey: there are rooms for riot-web, riot-android and riotx09:45:53
In reply to@trilobite17:matrix.org
zen_monkey - It is better to just ask, than to ask if it is okay to ask. But yes, you can ask here.
Okay. Thanks.
In reply to@mdt:emdete.de
zen_monkey: there are rooms for riot-web, riot-android and riotx

I usually jump to first unread message to go through the messages. If there is a question posted by a user, which I find interesting, is there a way to quickly understand if it has been answered? If it has been answered immediately there is no problem. Sometimes when the room is busy it might have got missed or got answered after a while. So during these scenarios I find it difficult to see if it has been already answered. Thanks. I'll try my luck here first. If it doesn't click that should be really helpful.

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In reply to@frandavid100:matrix.org
I asked for exactly that some time ago: https://github.com/vector-im/riotX-android/issues/661#issue-515980280
imo it would be nicer to jump to them in the timeline, instead of putting them under the message
@f0x:pixie.townFoksbecause they might have other semantic replies that aren't matrix replies after them10:22:29
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@dravidan:matrix.orgzen_monkeyDavid Prieto: thank you. Very lucidly explained with pictorial depiction. Thanks10:23:46
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