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23 Jun 2021
@redstrate:matrix.orgredstrate It should be duly noted that encryption in this context is optional, and most public chats you join (including this one!) is not end to end encrypted 03:45:50
@rudywolf:matrix.orgRudyWolf joined the room.03:46:13
@redstrate:matrix.orgredstrateIf you’re using element for example, it will tell you if you are sending a message in an unencrypted room (check your text box!)03:46:47
@khushi45:matrix.orgKhushi Gupta joined the room.04:00:38
@khushi45:matrix.orgKhushi GuptaHi guys trying matrix for the first time and I need to compare the explore communities feature in discord and matrix? What are your thoughts on this?04:02:32
@dameten:matrix.orgDrakie changed their profile picture.04:02:42
@befuzq:matrix.orgbefuzqfirst you have to explore by homeserver 04:11:36
@befuzq:matrix.orgbefuzqthen you search by keyword or part of the name04:11:56
@befuzq:matrix.orgbefuzqare there any thematic searches ? like all the gaming spaces, and such04:12:45
@onionfarmer:matrix.orgonionfarmerdoes anyone know why the privacytoolsio (chat.privacytools.io) instance is down ?04:23:55
@onionfarmer:matrix.orgonionfarmerits been down for almost 24hrs04:24:03
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@cos:hacklab.ficos befuzq: matrix is completely decentralized so there is no central directory. there is a space that contains "all known" public spaces, lemme find the link.. 04:37:33
@coherent_bit:matrix.orgcoherent_bit joined the room.04:46:08
@erkinalp:matrix.orgErkin Alp
In reply to @cat:feline.support
Its about the only thing in Matrix that has finality
Room creation attributes also are final
@erkinalp:matrix.orgErkin AlpNothing else than those two are, though04:47:30
@erkinalp:matrix.orgErkin AlpFun thing about this room is joining this room automatically warrarts a medium scale server, for an otherwise small userbase served by that server04:51:11
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