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24 May 2022
@surakus:matrix.orgSurakus but apparently I'm here Marco Alvarez 16:57:27
@surakus:matrix.orgSurakus * I'm having trouble rejoining this room from my HS 🤔16:57:49
In reply to @surakus:matrix.org
I'm having trouble rejoining this room from my HS 🤔
this room is VERY big so its most likely working on it in the backend
@tu0101:matrix.orgTu Le dang left the room.17:00:50
@surakus:matrix.orgSurakusI know :P it's been a few hours17:00:47
@surakus:matrix.orgSurakusAh well. It should show up eventually.17:01:13
@omg-tre-is-cool:matrix.orgpogers✅u a bot?17:01:38
In reply to @surakus:matrix.org
I know :P it's been a few hours
if your using synapse have you got workers setup?
@omg-tre-is-cool:matrix.orgpogers✅who not a bot?17:02:26
@ninchuka:envs.netninchukanice, hopefully it joins in a few more hours then lmao17:05:44
@spupuz77:matrix.orgAlessandro joined the room.17:12:39
@tonymarsella:matrix.orgtonymarsella left the room.17:12:52
In reply to @praisebe:kde.org
In fact, I think it would be better if we stopped seeing ourselves as human beings. We are the livestock of billionaires, nothing more.
Ah so I see u watched it? :d https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3nWyoQ5CQ
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@x0skr1tch:matrix.orgSKᵣᵢTCH joined the room.17:35:54
@donaloc01:matrix.orgdonaloc changed their display name from Domhnall O'Cobhthaigh to donaloc.17:39:09
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Download AnalSwchab.jpg
@abuse:matrix.orgAdministrator banned @canny-v5:matrix.orgcanny-v5 (spam).18:21:37
@abuse:matrix.orgAdministrator banned @omg-tre-is-cool:matrix.orgpogers✅ (consistently offtopic).18:21:40
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@surak:gnomos.orgMarco Alvarez 18:27:05
@mjanneau:matrix.orgMathieu Janneau joined the room.18:30:16
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In reply to @canny-v5:matrix.org
sent an image.
I will download this
@snowowl78:matrix.orgsnowowl78 set a profile picture.18:47:24

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