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4 Aug 2021
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@nigoji8338:matrix.orgnigoji8338yes its absolutely terrible. took me hours to get the cpu usage down after joining here on my hs.18:29:00

I'm watching : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD8xbci4wAY


What is it mean to "federate"?


Is it a graph theory or computer science concept?

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What is it mean to "federate"?

federate means you can talk to people on matrix.org HS and on KDE.org easily in the same rooms
@ninchuka:matrix.orgninchukaor any other server that is able to federate18:34:18

ninchuka, so it's a bridge between matrixHS and KDE_HS...those two home servers should have set up bridge


So it doesn't have anything to do with user

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@dngray:polarbear.armydngray 18:40:56
@Nickli:libera.chatNickli it's similar to e-mail 18:41:44
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ninchuka, so it's a bridge between matrixHS and KDE_HS...those two home servers should have set up bridge

Bridges in matrix mean you are able to connect and talk to people on other platforms like IRC or discord, with matrix its designed to talk to other HS
@ninchuka:matrix.orgninchuka Yeah you can look at it like email18:43:19

puppeted bridges are better than Bridgebot right?

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@schuelermine:matrix.orgAnselm Schüler
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What is it mean to "federate"?

it just means distributed—there’s no central authority
it’s somewhat analogous to the concept of a federation consisting of multiple states (but Matrix is also not that)
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@kingskid1776:matrix.orgkingskid1776 I believe that is a gaslight term. It is exactly the opposite. CONfederation mean no central authority. Making the united States “unite” in 1871, we became a dictatorship. 19:27:21
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@timo:conduit.rsTimo on Conduit ⚡️ 19:29:56
@akisblack_:matrix.orgakisblack_Hello! i got a question. I deactivated my old matrix account some months ago and would like it to be reactivated now (i am doing this just to have my old id). Is there a way for me to do it?19:30:42

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