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28 Nov 2020
@freenode_Kryptron:matrix.orgKryptron joined the room.03:52:39
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@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultDaily reminder that matrix.org does mass-banning of accounts using travelling bots.04:21:04
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultMake sure to configure your moderation bots to auto-ban these bots or else your users are gonna get screwed04:22:17
@freenode_K0HAX-3:matrix.org@freenode_K0HAX-3:matrix.org left the room.04:26:30
@proudxdaotian:matrix.orgproudxdaotian joined the room.04:26:35
@freenode_K0HAX-2:matrix.orgK0HAX-2 joined the room.04:26:53
@freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.orgauscompgeek hausevult: do you have any evidence of this? 04:29:45
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultMatrix traveller bot appears and suddenly 6+ people have their accounts deleted04:30:36
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultLooking for screenshot04:30:49
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultThey likely look for users who use language they view as distasteful04:31:09
Download image.png
@freenode_Nickli:matrix.orgNicklithat could be any room with people leaving04:32:43
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultAll of their accounts were deactivated04:33:28
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultThose people made accounts on different homeservers which I recommended afterward04:33:49
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevult * Those people made accounts on different homeservers which I recommended afterward04:33:52
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevult(I know all of them)04:34:02
@freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.orgauscompgeekhow do you know they were deactivated?04:34:03
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultThey weren't able to log in?04:34:18
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultMighty coincidence if they all continuously failed to log in04:34:35
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultJust letting people know to be on the lookout to ban these matrix.org bots on sight04:35:00
@freenode_Nickli:matrix.orgNickliwere they all registered on matrix.org?04:35:36
@freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.orgauscompgeek you also still haven't told us what these matrix.org bots are though 04:35:57
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultStuff like the Matrix Traveller (bot)04:36:13
@tluvesuah:iddqd.socialhausevultThe ones that comb through room history04:36:41
@freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.orgauscompgeek are you referring to @voyager:t2bot.io? that's unaffiliated with matrix.org 04:37:15
@freenode_auscompgeek:matrix.orgauscompgeek and it doesn't comb through room history either 04:37:45
@freenode_nickodd:matrix.orgnickodd joined the room.04:52:28

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