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4 Apr 2020
14:07:47@pltrz:matrix.orgpltrzawesome, thanks so much
14:14:43@lurkki:privacytools.ioLurkki set a profile picture.
14:20:08@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)
In reply to@ace:kittenface.studio
There's currently a client-specific design for tagging rooms, but also the server-specific system for communities is being reworked and properly specced
Room tags are specced
14:28:17@ace:kittenface.studioAnanaceRight, what I meant with client-specific was that it's a thing that's up to the client/user to handle, while communities are something that the server handles.
14:28:55@ace:kittenface.studioAnanaceAnd yes, the room tagging is available and done, it's just not implemented fully in clients yet
14:30:02@ace:kittenface.studioAnanace tulir: My bot implementation now ignores all non m.text messages, if you want to unmute it again
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14:46:00@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) Ananace: I mean, server still stores your tags and such, similar to communities, for both the client has to implement them for them to be visible
14:49:27@ace:kittenface.studioAnanaceYeah, my phrasing isn't the best. I meant that the tags are per-client, as in every user/client has their own tags that they use for managing their rooms, while communities/groups are something that's server-wide. (federation-wide)
14:49:46@tulir:maunium.nettulirtags are per-user, not per-client
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In reply to@ace:kittenface.studio
tulir: My bot implementation now ignores all non m.text messages, if you want to unmute it again
riotx hasn't implemented that yet, will unmute when on pc
14:51:21@ace:kittenface.studioAnanaceYeah, that "per-client" was supposed to the same "client-specific" word that I used for the other messages, clearly need to get myself some more sleep
14:52:57@ace:kittenface.studioAnanaceMatrix comes with some interesting phrasing difficulties compared to other protocols, not many other systems have simultaneous multi-device support, with feature-rich servers, and a protocol-wide full-mesh federation
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16:38:08@gaetan:matrix.gcaillaut.frGaëtanHi ! I host a synapse server and I want to allow registration for my friends. To that end, I'd like to validate each account manually, is it possible ?
16:38:56@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) Gaëtan: best to ask #synapse:matrix.org
16:39:27@gaetan:matrix.gcaillaut.frGaëtanThanks, I'll ask there. Sorry!
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