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21 Apr 2024
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@kbity:matrix.orgmawris it expected behavior for a session to get "unable to decrypt message" for every encrypted message prior to the creation of that session, even after verifying it with another session? and another user in the same room complained of being able to decrypt others' messages in the new session, but not their own02:34:24
@valynor:matrix.orgValynor mawr yes, if you had no other active session you can't decrypt msgs from that time 02:35:59
@kbity:matrix.orgmawrwhat would active mean in this case? i have many other clients open and logged into the same account02:37:27
@valynor:matrix.orgValynorif one of those sessions was properly backing up your keys you should be able to read older msgs once you verified your new session02:38:42
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@kbity:matrix.orgmawri see this in the session i used to verify the newest session02:40:26
@kbity:matrix.orgmawrScreenshot from 2024-04-20 22-43-30.png
Download Screenshot from 2024-04-20 22-43-30.png
@kbity:matrix.orgmawrmore specifically02:43:55
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In reply to @babeler:matrix.org
** Unable to decrypt: The sender's session has not sent us the keys for this message. **
Re-request encryption keys from your other sessions.
What steps should I take to deal with this? We’re both in the same chat on matrix, but we’re don’t have other means of communications. Also how can I prevent this in the future? Hope this is the right place to ask.
We run at the first time using Matrix also in this issue. You can try several things. 1) Check, if you're settings have autosync activated, 2) ask the one which can't see the chat to login with the client/device the chat was initially started, 3) Kick the person from the chat and reinvite. (Even a one to one chat can be treated as room.
@broesel:nope.chatbroesel 08:36:09

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