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6 May 2022
@telegram_1790553593:t2bot.ioGiant Kin
In reply to Grace Pfluger
I changed my handle, it is an impersonator
well, they used your nick, not your .. handle. dont even know if they were in server, no idea how to track here. discord has userid's not sure in tg yet.
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@telegram_1997779465:t2bot.ioRyan Jung joined the room.04:53:24
@telegram_5348034865:t2bot.ioLoges Mahes joined the room.04:58:06
@telegram_1878051311:t2bot.ioDeli Balta m-g 60 joined the room.05:41:20
@telegram_1600059900:t2bot.io3xpl01tThis is so dead it seems.. how are we getting volume back06:52:59
@telegram_1145899983:t2bot.ioDanova[Never dm first]GM09:37:05
@telegram_1600059900:t2bot.io3xpl01tRedacted or Malformed Event11:31:29
@telegram_1600059900:t2bot.io3xpl01tRedacted or Malformed Event11:32:03
@telegram_1145899983:t2bot.ioDanova[Never dm first]Hello ICHI family11:42:28
@telegram_967356686:t2bot.ioThảo Thỏ joined the room.12:05:12
@telegram_967356686:t2bot.ioThảo Thỏ I've found out that the new projects are perfect to put money into.
Have you got something on your mind? The only project I know is the
UNSEA with its live IDO sale and integrative platform for the NFT
@telegram_5248919020:t2bot.ioFelix Max joined the room.12:44:06
@telegram_5076152656:t2bot.ioMikel Dept. 6 | A R L O Developers ® joined the room.13:11:37
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In reply to Danova[Never dm first]
sent a sticker
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@telegram_1111259066:t2bot.ioGEN. SADDAM HUSSEIN joined the room.14:17:05
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@telegram_764344029:t2bot.ioMilko Čolović joined the room.17:49:53
@telegram_764344029:t2bot.ioMilko Čolovićhey guys, I have question for you, do you know who is founder / ceo of ICHI?17:50:24
@telegram_1145899983:t2bot.ioDanova[Never dm first]
In reply to Milko Čolović
hey guys, I have question for you, do you know who is founder / ceo of ICHI?
Hello, how can we help you?
@telegram_764344029:t2bot.ioMilko Čolovićhey, I need to know who is founder/CEO of ICHI if its possible,17:52:25
@telegram_764344029:t2bot.ioMilko Čolovićthanks17:52:28
@_discord_158621980084404224:t2bot.ioGiantkin#8403 ichi is a DAO. so no CEO. 17:53:47

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