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5 Aug 2018
05:11:40@jasonzhouu:matrix.org@jasonzhouu:matrix.org joined the room.
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8 Aug 2018
02:35:10@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho joined the room.
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04:30:17@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe CamachoHello, I ran the tests of in the master branch and this is the result: === 229 passed, 9 skipped, 49 error in 10.34 seconds ============== On the other hand on branch fea/sprite-eth we have ================ 320 passed, 11 skipped in 25.03 seconds ===============
04:30:49@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe CamachoWhy not update the master branch?
04:32:05@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe CamachoAlso when I rerun the test on the fea branch I get some errors: ================= 318 passed, 11 skipped, 2 error in 24.12 seconds ===============
04:41:05@mathis:matrix.orgmathis Thanks for trying it out. I think there shouldn't be any failures on the master branch so will check. The branch fea/sprite-eth is something sunnycyk worked on for another project, basically removing the tokens and just using ether as currency for the payment channels. I haven't looked at it in detail but think we can merge it into master eventually.
04:43:47@mathis:matrix.orgmathis If you remove the PisaChannel.sol the tests on master pass so I think it's related to the failing compiliation of that file. I will try to find some time this week to set up continuous integration so at least we know about the build status.
04:44:09@sunnycyk:matrix.orgsunnycykWhich tests failed?
04:45:08@mathis:matrix.orgmathisRedacted or Malformed Event
04:45:16@mathis:matrix.orgmathis I also have the tests passing on fea/sprite-eth.
04:49:00@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho mathis: I just sent you the trace of execution of the tests by email.
04:52:52@mathis:matrix.orgmathisOk I'll have a look, please also feel free to open issues on github.
05:04:15@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho@sun
05:04:27@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho sunnycyk: I created ticket https://github.com/enumatech/sprites-python/issues/6
05:04:47@sunnycyk:matrix.orgsunnycykok thanks. i will take a look.
05:08:35@mathis:matrix.orgmathisThanks. Based on a quick look I think it's related to some contracts not being compiled.
05:08:43@mathis:matrix.orgmathisThe trace in the email I mean.
05:08:51@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho mathis: after removing contract PisaChannel.sol, all tests pass for me as well
05:08:55@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camacho(on master)
05:08:56@mathis:matrix.orgmathisok thanks!
05:09:02@leloup:matrix.orgPhilippe Camachoyw
09:48:09@mathis:matrix.orgmathisI updated the nixpkgs tarball and increased the minimum solidity version to 0.4.24 on master. All tests should pass now. We were just using a solidity version that didn't support some of the features the PisaChannel contract used.
20 Aug 2018
03:20:24@sunnycyk:matrix.orgsunnycyk David Leung: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Hashed_Timelock_Contracts
27 Aug 2018
09:36:24@lionello:matrix.orgLio Lunesuchanged room power levels.
2 Sep 2018
08:14:51@lionello:matrix.orgLio LunesuRedacted or Malformed Event
14 Nov 2018
08:31:25@lionello:matrix.orgLio Lunesu Tamas Herman: Let's keep this group alive with updates
11 Jan 2019
05:11:21@jasonzhouu:matrix.org@jasonzhouu:matrix.org left the room.

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