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17 Nov 2019
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19 Nov 2019
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19:16:12@pierros:matrix.orgpierros drid: https://github.com/openscopeproject/InteractiveHtmlBom/wiki/Tips-and-Tricks
20 Nov 2019
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03:49:45@freenode_librehash:matrix.orglibrehash Hello Libre community! If you have seen this message in another IRC, please ignore it - this is not spam. As you can probably tell by my name, I identify with the 'libre' movement. I am currently looking for assistance hosting a 'lobste.rs' instance so that I can host over 4,000+ links/resources I've aggregated and/or written devoted to providing
03:49:46@freenode_librehash:matrix.orglibrehash transparency/education/resources/guides/dev help/direction for the blockchain space. Currently, I am the only 'libre' representative in blockchain, but I am a strong presence. If you would like to know more about me, please visit: https://telegra.ph/Response-1-11-18
10:00:54@freenode_thardin:matrix.orgthardin why don't you post that to #lobsters instead?
10:01:05@freenode_thardin:matrix.orgthardinoh they left
10:01:43@freenode_thardin:matrix.orgthardinheading off to uni in a bit to check on the ongoing vacuum test
10:02:25@freenode_thardin:matrix.orgthardinbeen running for close to 3 months now
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18:14:07@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluhey! who's coming to Madrid in December? :)
18:56:30@elkos:matrix.orgelkosfredy and aris
21 Nov 2019
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08:36:54@freenode_fredy:matrix.orgfredy astrojuanlu: o/ will be there on 10-13 December
08:51:54@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ fredy I am considering joining the workshop :) (trying to conceal other commitments) in any case, if you have a spare afternoon would love to show you around!
08:54:48@freenode_fredy[m]:matrix.orgfredy[m] joined the room.
08:54:49@freenode_fredy[m]:matrix.orgfredy[m]that would be great... for now all afternoons will be spent on the workshop. But I guess we can find some time :)
08:56:55@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroOh right - I said afternoon without thinking, but in fact mornings also work :)
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