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30 Jun 2020
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1 Jul 2020
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@freenode_ar3itrary:matrix.orgar3itrary Weird situtation that just came up: Seems like I'm going to quit my current job at the end of october, but I have 45-50 days of paid vacation left over. I'll probably stop working in the middle of september but can't really start a new job until november since I'm technically still working fulltime for the old company. So if you need a hand for any librespace/satnogs related projects, I might be alble to work almost fulltime on some task 12:11:03
@freenode_ar3itrary:matrix.orgar3itraryduring that period.12:11:04
@pierros:matrix.orgpierrosar3itrary: excellent ! We do have a lot of things around12:12:07
@pierros:matrix.orgpierrosWhat are you thinking you like most?12:12:18
@freenode_ar3itrary:matrix.orgar3itrary Good question. Most of my experience is in embedded hardware and software stuff. I've been basically building software for an embedded linux plaform for the last two years, while also taking care of most of the hardware and kernel issues that came up. I have quite some experience with the whole gnuradio ecosystem. I'd be hesitant touch anything with web-related. Backends and REST-APIs are okay, but defitinitively nothing frontend-y. 12:19:08
@freenode_ar3itrary:matrix.orgar3itrary Also there is a slim chance that I'll be able to just move to a different research institute within Fraunhofer, in that case I can probably keep the vacation days and use them up next year (or when ever the virus thing allows for it) for some actual vacation. 12:23:30
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@pierros:matrix.orgpierros ar3itrary: then it sounds like either satnogs-client work, or directly on satnogs-flowgraphs (there are simply too many modulations we havent' touched yet!) 16:41:42
@pierros:matrix.orgpierros For anyone interested here is the Picobus Deployer manual (as delivered to Firefly for the Qualification model). props to drid and Manthos . 16:42:42
@pierros:matrix.orgpierrosDownload PicoBus Manual v1.1.pdf16:42:47
@freenode_fredy[m]:matrix.orgfredy[m]:/ again I don't see any file... that's very strange... anyway I can see it in irc...17:00:38
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2 Jul 2020
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