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22 Sep 2023
@_discord_524288464422830095:t2bot.iochronos.vitaqua Modernized as in using methods instead of StreamObj and making a ref of it? 17:53:57
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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_733059160924749855:t2bot.ioraynei486 the way it currently does inheritance makes it a pain to rewrite with destructors 01:15:17
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@_discord_524288464422830095:t2bot.iochronos.vitaqua So I'd assume methods could help? Or am I mistaken 11:39:15
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@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 Is there an easy conversion from openArray[byte] to openArray[char]? The checksums package uses openArray[char] which is pretty inconvenient when dealing with binary data because from what I understand seq[byte] should be preferred over string for that 14:43:36
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 I assume there isn't an acceptable way like for toOpenArrayByte so I'd like to ask if that should be added in that case 14:46:44
@_discord_150345911057252352:t2bot.iovindaar just cast it, no? They are identical memory wise after all 14:48:09
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 It's a magic type so can't cast it 14:49:37
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 I guess you can by turning it into ptr openArray though 14:50:07
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 Nope causes an internal errror 14:51:03
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 * Nope causes an internal error 14:51:06
@_discord_150345911057252352:t2bot.iovindaar Ah, you're right. I blanked out about you asking for openArray. In that case just go via a ptr UncheckedArray[char] middle step 14:53:29
let s = "hello"
let b = cast[ptr UncheckedArray[byte]](s[0].addr)

proc foo(x: openArray[char]) =

template toOpenArrayChar(x: openArray[byte]): untyped =
  let b = cast[ptr UncheckedArray[char]](x[0].addr)
  toOpenArray(b, 0, x.len)

foo(toOpenArrayChar(toOpenArray(b, 0, s.len)))

is what I mean. If you already have an openArray[byte] the inner toOpenArray of course is not needed
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 That works for now, thanks 👍 14:56:44
@_discord_138988491240505345:t2bot.iosirolaf#0 Still think something like that should be in stdlib though, very offputting to have to cast this "safe" construct around 14:57:40
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24 Sep 2023
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