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25 Nov 2022
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@_discord_449019668296892420:t2bot.ioarnetheduck#9853 strictly, this has nothing to do with exceptions but rather dynamic typing in general - a "weakness" of most exception systems (including nim) is that they imply dynamic typing is used for the exception - this is a natural consequence of the fact that designs that use exceptions tend to break abstractions and let random exception types from lower levels bubble up through the layers - ie it's hard to build realistic code that uses exceptions and static typing (it's then nearly equivalent to using nim-results indeed) 14:10:02
@_discord_523555920265871380:t2bot.ionocturn9x#1801 heh 14:10:25
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@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 Araq i just looked up cursor inference and i don't understand how it's an issue when sharing memory the way i proposed. it seems copy elision is exactly what we want when objects are not modified. 15:58:26
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26 Nov 2022
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@_discord_413679055897100289:t2bot.ioAraq#0647 Yepoleb the copy elision assumes there is no other thread that works on the involved data structure. as far as I can remember 06:36:58
@_discord_413679055897100289:t2bot.ioAraq#0647 nocturn9x why is "zero RTTI" important? just make it really small and it'll be fine. Arguably any VTable is also RTTI, nobody cares 06:41:09
@_discord_658563905425244160:t2bot.ioringabout https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/pull/20918 is ready for review 06:43:44
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@_discord_523555920265871380:t2bot.ionocturn9x#1801 thanks for the advice :) 08:34:48
@_discord_658563905425244160:t2bot.ioringabout Regarding https://github.com/nim-lang/Nim/issues/20877, how could allocator know the existence of align attributes? At least -d:useMalloc never works. I don't understand why the program in that issue works with arc in 1.6.8. It doesn't work with refc in every version. See also https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19251360/attribute-alignedx-doesnt-work-on-dynamic-allocations 09:16:15
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 But isn't that only an issue when data is written while the threads run, which even I think should not be done? 12:43:34
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