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19 Sep 2017
19:52:30@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobelLucas, I thought you might find these interesting: https://hackernoon.com/6-reasons-why-javascripts-async-await-blows-promises-away-tutorial-c7ec10518dd9 https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/13209 https://twitter.com/umaar/status/897408737694109697

Note that I don't think lines like the following will work:

let a = await some_promise(...)


Once we switch to Python 3.5, there is equivalent support for async/await there:


21:01:30@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobelHere is the error log from when I tried to build nodejs: https://gist.github.com/cfobel/c8c2788ee166b607e55db3fea303d13f

It looks like it should work if the last line of the bld.bat is changed to:

%LIBRARY_BIN%\node.exe deps\npm\bin\npm-cli.js install npm -gf


%LIBRARY_BIN%\node.exe deps\npm\cli.js install npm -gf
21:58:42@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobelI will try building this tomorrow morning when I get it
21:58:49@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobel*get in
26 Sep 2017
19:24:24@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobelThis looks cool: https://github.com/nteract/hydrogen
2 Oct 2017
15:06:04@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobel We might want to consider using npm distribution tags to denote release channels.
29 Jan 2018
21:21:24@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobelRedacted or Malformed Event
21:22:13@christian.fobel:matrix.orgchristian.fobel lucaszw: Here is an example of a threadsafe decorator. It is for GTK, but you could easily port it to asyncio.

You can use it as a decorator, or you can also use it to call something threadsafe inline, e.g.:

gtk_threadsafe(my_function)(arg1, arg2, kwarg1='something')

Here's an example decorator using a self argument:


15 Oct 2018
06:41:43@voyager:t2bot.ioMatrix Traveler (bot) joined the room.
08:28:51@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah joined the room.
25 Oct 2018
09:32:46@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah is this the web interface we were talking about at GOSH ryan.fobel:
In reply to @kasbah:matrix.org
Yes, we're putting together some better docs for setting up a dev environment/installing. Will ping you next week hopefully with an update, or you can try installing and let us know if you run into problems
29 Oct 2018
09:09:22@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbah ryan.fobel: wasn't a problem since I am familiar with js/yarn/lerna
13:59:07@ryanfobel:matrix.orgryan.fobelCool. Are you on Linux/Windows/Mac?
14:45:41@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahI'm on Ubuntu Linux
14:56:28@ryanfobel:matrix.orgryan.fobel Great! christian.fobel came up against an issue installing on the Linux subsystem for Windows, so I'm glad it worked for you
15:14:05@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahso yeah, it runs, i guess it can't do much without a machine?
15:14:58@ryanfobel:matrix.orgryan.fobelYeah, if you plug in a webcam you can play around with some of the video overlay stuff...
15:16:34@ryanfobel:matrix.orgryan.fobelIt's pretty basic at this point. Mostly a way to test out a new software architecture (browser based frontend and MQTT messaging between different plugin modules)
15:22:48@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahi have a webcam in my laptop
15:25:07@ryanfobel:matrix.orgryan.fobelOur current development efforts are mainly focused on trying to push most of the logic from our current python/GTK software down into the hardware driver layer (python on the host/c++ on the microcontroller) so that the GUI becomes much simpler... Eventually, we'd like to re-imagine the user interface (currently, "protocols" are a linear sequence of steps, but we'd like to support conditional logic and different control flows to make "protocols" more like a true programming language). Once we have some spare bandwitdh, the plan is to develop our next gen user interface using this javascript/MQTT framework
15:27:01@kasbah:matrix.orgkasbahmakes sense

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