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5 Jun 2020
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisA good thing17:48:38
11 Jun 2020
@david:matrix.davidanastasio.comPotterScholar joined the room.12:50:42
@david:matrix.davidanastasio.comPotterScholarSo what is everyone using their fleet carriers for?12:58:34
22 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisNot enough credits to buy one10:31:14
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisI find it's funny how fc influence the economics, looking at Tritium10:32:11
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis changed their profile picture.10:37:33
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis* I find it's funny how they influence the economics, see Tritium10:41:05
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis* I find it's funny how fc influence the economics, looking at Tritium17:30:08
@david:matrix.davidanastasio.comPotterScholarI've been pretty happy with tritium trading actually. Just gotta make sure you undock when you log out so they don't yeet you into deep space haha20:59:18
@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisTrue 😆21:13:19
28 Jun 2020
@unifex:chat.usr.nzGoldExploration at the moment. I'm currently about 50kLy from the Bubble and have met up with @MissionFarsight already. :) Thinking of pushing on to Beagle point before returning to Colonia via the western rim.20:20:35
@unifex:chat.usr.nzGoldThat last one includes my prefered paint job. There's a glitch at the moment where the paint job is removed after each jump.20:27:03
@david:matrix.davidanastasio.comPotterScholar changed their display name from david to PotterScholar.20:46:31
29 Jun 2020
@david:matrix.davidanastasio.comPotterScholarNice. I like the fleet carrier ship kit14:40:33
30 Jun 2020
@danastasio:matrix.davidanastasio.comDavid joined the room.03:06:25
1 Jul 2020
@tomasekeli:matrix.orgTomasEkeli joined the room.13:36:00
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2 Jul 2020
Download meme.jpg
7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020
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