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29 Oct 2018
21:37:14@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis joined the room.
21:39:11@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis Does the update come to all PC users tomorrow or do I have to be a 'beta' user?
30 Oct 2018
07:24:11@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskjannis this beta seems to be open for everybody
07:24:22@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskfor all PC users that is
07:24:46@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskanybody tried ED under Wine already? :)
In reply to @Pecisk:matrix.org
jannis this beta seems to be open for everybody
08:26:06@morceauxman:matrix.orgmorceauxman Pecisk: I saw a post on reddit about that, seems to run like a charm
08:30:31@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskI am currently playing it on Fedora
09:15:26@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisHow did you intalled it? Im failing to start the launcher :(
09:25:06@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskjannis which distro you have and how you install/compile wine?
09:25:29@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskmost of our discussions and resources are here https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/366894-How-to-install-ED-on-Linux-using-Wine-EXPERIMENTAL-NOT-OFFICIALLY-SUPPORTED
09:25:35@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskI am keeping OP up to date
09:38:21@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisQuestion: at step four i have to run the installer. There are two ibstallers on the website: one with abd the other without directx
09:39:37@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskjannis without directx, Wine does it's own conversation anyway, or in our case, dxvk
10:05:20@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannis Thank you, Launcher works
This aftenoon i will try if also the game does it
10:33:42@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskjannis what's your wine version?
20:30:57@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisI think 3.x
20:33:44@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisIs the beta version a sandbox world? Because its the state from two weeks ago
20:49:04@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskit is separate
22:13:34@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskand nothing of what you will do in beta will be transfered to live
31 Oct 2018
11:54:39@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisI managed to start it but the colors are a bit different than expected
11:55:14@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisThe menu is renderd normal
12:46:56@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskyou need winetricks dxvk
12:47:11@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeciskOpenGL translator have issues
24 Nov 2018
18:37:01@itex:matrix.orgitex joined the room.
7 Jan 2019
21:00:37@opaoma13:matrix.orgjannisAnybody joined the DW2 expedition?

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