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15 Jul 2019
17:50:41@bazurk:librem.oneBaZurk.com joined the room.
20 Jul 2019
20:11:22@hoxaen:librem.onehoxaen joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
05:20:46@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org joined the room.
05:20:57@gesatualvou3:matrix.org@gesatualvou3:matrix.org left the room.
3 Sep 2019
13:10:23@jannis1:matrix.org@jannis1:matrix.org joined the room.
13:12:31@jannis1:matrix.org@jannis1:matrix.org left the room.
13:43:10@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeise joined the room.
13:43:18@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseBoo
13:43:42@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovBooback
13:43:57@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris Krisjanis eidleweise: hey, what kind of people flying in here
13:43:58@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseI blame @Pecisk:matrix.org for making me look at riot
13:44:04@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseOr tj...
13:44:18@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris KrisjanisI would go with TJ
13:44:29@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseit's the safe bet...
13:44:28@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovTJ?
13:44:46@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeisebut I do have photographic evidice of it being pecisk
13:45:08@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseimage.png
13:46:44@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris Krisjanissee, you think you saw that post, but did you, really? Or TJ made you see that? :D
13:47:09@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris Krisjanisanyway, welcome to silent place :)
13:47:30@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseWell if we're going down that line of reasoning... it's probably Kay's fault!
13:48:17@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris Krisjanis🤷‍♂️
13:49:03@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeise changed their display name from eidleweise to Eid LeWeise.
13:51:10@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris Krisjanis changed their display name from Pecisk to Peteris Krisjanis.
4 Sep 2019
04:10:34@aiyarree:librem.oneRobin left the room.
9 Sep 2019
13:36:37@theakstons:matrix.org@theakstons:matrix.org joined the room.
13:38:21@theakstons:matrix.org@theakstons:matrix.org left the room.
13 Sep 2019
17:44:48@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku joined the room.
19:40:03@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku changed their display name from kūhaku to kuhaku.
21:03:20@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku changed their profile picture.
14 Sep 2019
00:36:53@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku changed their profile picture.

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