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29 Dec 2019
21:47:06@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113 joined the room.
21:49:25@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovHey.
21:49:56@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113nice to see E:D has a Matrix presence :)
21:51:11@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovIt’s a... very token presence.
21:52:06@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113based on the backscroll and timestamps... i'd call it at the very least a worthy attempt to exist
22:27:29@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113 changed their display name from cw to mistaken113.
22:27:38@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113 set a profile picture.
30 Dec 2019
22:57:25@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113so... any active players still here? I just hit Dangerous in Combat πŸ™‚ almost to trips-elite
22:57:46@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113the grind is real
22:57:58@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovActive players yes, active posters not so much :)
22:58:07@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113still stuck on Discord I bet
22:58:37@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovWell, Discord is the norm for gaming communities nowadays.
22:58:41@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113I know
22:58:47@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113i'm a member of Radio Sidewinder squad
22:59:16@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113I just don't like Discord as a platform re: privacy
23:07:23@intelfx:intelfx.nameIvan ShapovalovOther than it's an yet another proprietary cloud-based silo, what's so bad about it?
23:24:08@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113pretty much that, and there's no assurance that your chats aren't being shared with someone who shouldn't
23:59:51@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseI usually work on the assumption that anything said on the internet is sold to someone
31 Dec 2019
00:00:06@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeiseOr at least not private
00:06:11@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113that's a good assumption
00:07:45@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113but that doesn't mean you have to agree with it
00:08:19@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113that's like accepting that there's someone in the window outside your home right now watching you play with yourself...and that's acceptable...
00:08:23@cw:matrix.cw.doesntexist.commistaken113...unless you're into that kind of thing
09:43:55@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeise Not really since I don't play with myself whilst relying on numerous 3rd parties to keep my secrets. I just have to hope that the curtains don't fall lol
09:49:17@eidleweise:matrix.orgEid LeWeise

So yes I don't trust my ISP to not let anyone know even in generalised terms what I've been up to
Neither to I really 100% trust VPN companies to not be able to peek at where I'm going.
I certainly don't trust Google chrome not to sing home to mummy
The same goes for extensions that I've allowed to run

And then you have crazy shit like Van Eck Phreaking!

12 Jan 2020
01:50:30@alphonso3171:matrix.orgalphonso3171 joined the room.
13 Jan 2020
12:06:42@Pecisk:matrix.orgPeteris KrisjanisπŸ‘‹
25 Jan 2020
13:23:38@goteguru:matrix.orggoteguru joined the room.

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