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15 Jul 2019
In reply to @mydoto:matrix.org
Shanghai ,china
You can add this Peer as a Known Peer /ip4/
07:45:40@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoRedacted or Malformed Event
07:45:49@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoand then use http://ap.siderus.io/ipfs/QmVpKEEtJJdDB4XBHRhWMn1bkEeTKTRZT2vtoSru3GGF58
In reply to @mydoto:matrix.org
Shanghai ,china
sorry is this one /ip4/
08:04:40@mydoto:matrix.orgmydotomaybe it is my problem because of Chinese GFW
08:06:47@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoit should not be 😲
09:37:47@mydoto:matrix.orgmydotoI find the problem, I can connect the gateway on computer with reticle and i can not connect it on my laptop with wifi
19:35:31@colel:matrix.org@colel:matrix.org left the room.
24 Jul 2019
13:08:22@aeroplain:matrix.orgColin G joined the room.
27 Jul 2019
20:33:17@danaos:matrix.orgdanaosI think that everytime i run ipfs companion some sites load faster is it normal ? I don't think they use ipfs
20:33:57@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoMaybe that is why 😁 or maybe it is coincidences! What websites if I may ask?
20:34:50@danaos:matrix.orgdanaosAs we speak minds social network
20:46:13@danaos:matrix.orgdanaoshave you tried ?
20:46:43@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoOh yes, but most of the time is it normal browser caching
30 Jul 2019
15:17:30@aeroplain:matrix.orgColin G changed their display name from aeroplain to Colin G.
8 Aug 2019
21:24:19@chris:permaweb.iocatman joined the room.
20 Aug 2019
08:55:21@aha:matrix.orgaha joined the room.
1 Sep 2019
16:00:06@slackbot:matrix.org@slackbot:matrix.org joined the room.
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17 Sep 2019
14:43:39@ubuntupunk:matrix.orgubuntupunk joined the room.
14:45:05@ubuntupunk:matrix.orgubuntupunkwhere do I change the settings to corect this: Error: serveHTTPGateway: manet.Listen(/ip4/ failed: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use
14:46:28@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoYou need to keep 8080 port available to IPFS
14:47:04@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoI will mark this as a feature request to change the port.
14:48:52@ubuntupunk:matrix.orgubuntupunkI think utorrent is using it by default
14:49:08@ubuntupunk:matrix.orgubuntupunkguess I can change utorrent port
14:49:41@ubuntupunk:matrix.orgubuntupunkor not
17:16:23@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.io8080 is a generic port unfortunately
17:16:56@swedneck:permaweb.ioswedneck:permaweb.iobasically anything that serves http to be viewed in the browser, and isn't a normal web server, uses that by default it seems

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