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7 Dec 2018
21:46:58@mattober:matrix.orgmattoberI'm particularly interested in how the filestore stuff works, but I saw a few other things in there that I was curious about as well
21:47:02@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoMost of those are direct from the IPFS Daemon
21:47:18@mattober:matrix.orgmattobereven sharding?
21:47:54@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoYes, it is redirecting the option into the IPFS configuration so you can refer to that documentation
21:48:21@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzobut I will mark it as a clear need for more docs on what the options are doing
21:48:57@mattober:matrix.orgmattoberWill do. I'm familiar with the docs / options on the daemon, I just wanted to make sure orion wasn't doing anything special on top.
21:49:02@mattober:matrix.orgmattoberthanks for the info
21:50:25@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoThe only thing we do we ensure that we have connection to the network with our gateway. (adding the connection) that is it 🙂 The rest is vanilla
21:51:01@mattober:matrix.orgmattobergot it
9 Dec 2018


New Beta Release (v1.0.4-beta) Please upgrade!

Download URL: https://orion.siderus.io

This version introduces:

  • Frameless windows on all platform (not just macOS)
  • Restored right-click on Windows to add a files/directories from Explorer

Please read the full changelog for more: https://matrix.to/#/!bipNHAsClVLLSAGVjt:matrix.org/$15443991561416458mbYoK:matrix.org?via=matrix.org&via=swedneck.xyz

23:52:39@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckdoesn't seem to be the correct link
23:52:56@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckthat takes me to 0.9.1
10 Dec 2018
02:24:06@roscoe:matrix.orgroscoeThx for update. Looks good. Please add minimize the window control. A note on adding files. 13000 files are too many for JavaScript to handle. Folder was some html templates. 266mb
In reply to @swedneck:swedneck.xyz
doesn't seem to be the correct link
Yes, sorry! There is a beta link in the homepage too. If not: https://orion.siderus.io/#/beta
06:59:25@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoRedacted or Malformed Event
17:59:10@noc2:matrix.orgDavidHawig joined the room.
11 Dec 2018
10:38:02@noc2:matrix.orgDavidHawig set a profile picture.
10:38:16@noc2:matrix.orgDavidHawig changed their display name from noc2 to DavidHawig.
10:48:58@noc2:matrix.orgDavidHawigGreat work with the new beta version and the writable gateway! I will definitely share this with people once it’s no longer beta. It seems to work great. Here just (really) quick notes: I cannot simply agree to the firewall once. It asks me for access every time. Maybe use the local host for the “open in browser” option, because it’s faster and people might otherwise distribute content they didn’t want to distribute in the first place. Btw. is the description only for myself or somehow shared with others?
10:49:53@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzo DavidHawig: \o/ \o/ \o/ Glad you like it 😃
10:50:11@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoThe description is only for yourself and it is stored locally (never shared)
10:50:41@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoAbout the firewall, we have an ongoing issue, and it is due to the way Electron packs the binaries in ASAR
10:51:13@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzo basically the go-ipfs.exe is unpacked every time in a read-only and temporary directory, that causes the window firewall to trigger all the time!
10:51:42@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoIn the previous versions we were packing the files with ASAR, but that caused some minor security risk as well as a super slow installation time.
10:52:17@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoI guess the solution would be to sign the binaries for Windows, we will do that at one point 🙂
10:52:56@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzo DavidHawig: The issue reported is this one: https://github.com/Siderus/Orion/issues/214
10:57:19@noc2:matrix.orgDavidHawigCool. I guess the most important point is that it works and early adopters don’t have a problem with this at the moment anyway.
10:58:05@koalalorenzo:matrix.orgkoalalorenzoYep, it can be a minor but annoying thing 😃 sorry

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