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15 Nov 2019
10:17:32@walidkho:matrix.orgKittyCatjust asking, for extreme users? when was the last time it opened trades?
10:18:19@walidkho:matrix.orgKittyCatjust wanna know if my vps is working right
10:33:42@snthomaidis:matrix.orgsnthomaidis Stacey: i am trying to join your invite but I cannot
10:42:53@stacey87:matrix.orgStaceyI have emailed you:)
10:56:17@stacey87:matrix.orgStacey http://www.myfxbook.com/members/pennyrobot/extreme/3620959
10:57:54@walidkho:matrix.orgKittyCatthank u
In reply to @stacey87:matrix.org
I have emailed you:)
is this for me? haha
10:59:06@stacey87:matrix.orgStaceyYou asked for Neels extreme myfxbook no?
11:29:02@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprPENNY ROBOT (@theforexgenius:matrix.org):
11:55:30@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprStacey, I want to buy the Extreme
11:55:38@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarpras soon as possible
12:00:18@smartreynor:matrix.orgReyoscarpr: 👍
In reply to @smartreynor:matrix.org
oscarpr: 👍
How did you buy it?
12:01:36@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprI've already uploade my coinbase wallet
12:01:48@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprand ready to buy Extreme
12:01:50@smartreynor:matrix.orgReyStacey: EURGBP we close manually right?
12:02:18@smartreynor:matrix.orgReyoscarpr: DM Stacey. She will give you bitcoin wallet
12:02:29@smartreynor:matrix.orgReyWallet address
12:02:32@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprjust done
12:03:17@oscarpr:matrix.orgoscarprI've already send a message to the pennyrobot homepage where the extreme is available for buying
In reply to @stacey87:matrix.org
You asked for Neels extreme myfxbook no?
thought it was for sntho haha
13:12:56@walidkho:matrix.orgKittyCatRey: hi rey, did extreme opened a trade today? im just wondering if everythings ok with my vps set up
13:19:03@belantaruk:matrix.orgbelantarukno last opened trade in extreme is AUDCAD from yesterday. But since it has 4 trades still open it makes sense not to open many more
In reply to @belantaruk:matrix.org
no last opened trade in extreme is AUDCAD from yesterday. But since it has 4 trades still open it makes sense not to open many more
ok everything is well with my vps then thank u

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