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22 Jan 2020
09:07:46@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> crmaurei: pong
09:07:54@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> so...about this issue with pre on the docs :⁠P
09:08:04@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> I have the fix, should I submit it? or you already have something?
09:09:01@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> also I wanted to have line-height: 1.3 for the whole documentation page, it's a bit easier to read like that. Maybe Icould sneak that modification too :⁠P
09:10:07@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> crmaurei: cool! I was About to make a patch based on Topi's comment...but if you have a better solution to fix it, go ahead. I'll assign the bug to you.
10:38:53@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: Why do we list the qtglobal, qtalgorithms, and a few more under overviews instead of the QtCore module?
10:39:08@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> crmaurei: ^ Any idea?
11:55:13@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: Do we have them in PySide2?
12:00:50@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: they are listed in the additionaldocs.lst
12:01:39@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: Were they missing earlier?
12:38:30@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: I don't even think we have bindings for them, must have added them under influence..
12:45:18@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: In that case. additionaldocs is probably the right place.
12:48:21@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: are they visible in the docs..if there no binding, they should be removed
12:55:08@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: lemme check!
12:57:19@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: They seem to be in the docs but not linked from anywhere. https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qtforpython-5.14/overviews/qtglobal.html
13:01:41@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: ok, so we have a few of them https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VHzZzjRDYk/
13:02:03@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: that means we need a big \ifdeferey and they should go under QtCore indeed
13:02:12@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: if possible
23 Jan 2020
04:33:37@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> is there a way to interface with gettext at all, or are we forced to use lupdate and the qt tools for translation?
09:00:37@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> ctismer: Meeeeeeting!!!!
09:01:01@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> yes yes
14:45:09@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <kushal> How can I profile a multi-threaded application? I want to know where all the other QThreads are taking time than the main thread.
15:34:00@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <roussinm> kushal: you can use lttng.
15:42:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <kushal> roussinm: thanks, let me check
15:48:20@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <kushal> roussinm: do you have any tutorial to explain it easily?
16:34:34@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <kushal> found something
19:42:02@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <roussinm> kushal: You probably gonna have to use something like Trace Compass to visualize the traces
24 Jan 2020
18:44:32@gitter_smeben:matrix.orgsmeben (Gitter) joined the room.
18:44:37@gitter_smeben:matrix.orgsmeben (Gitter) Hi, I am trying to follow this video that is linked from the docs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7omei2RCtDI but it is quite old and references some bits that don't seem to be there anymore.
Specifically uic.loadUiType("Tutorial06_Properties.ui")
What should I do instead to load in another ui file into a running app as a subpanel
18:44:44@gitter_smeben:matrix.orgsmeben (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_smeben to smeben (Gitter).

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