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16 Sep 2019
13:41:48@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <marimeireles> hey! do someone uses dash/zeal & pyside here?
14:34:27@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> i use dash
14:35:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> uses bash...
14:35:18@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> lol
14:46:32@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> marimeireles: here you have, I head alcroito has a lot of spare time, so maybe he can help you
14:46:35@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) * crmaurei ducks
14:46:38@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> lol
14:46:41@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> if it's under 14 minutes
14:46:52@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <marimeireles> hahaah
14:47:54@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <marimeireles> it's not, but it should be simple :⁠p
14:48:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <marimeireles> I'm going to add pyside to these things
14:49:52@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> i'm not really knowledgeable on the process of how to create docs for them
17:02:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <openBrain> Hi all, when I run 'xxx.style().pixelMetric(QtGui.QStyle.PM_TitleBarHeight)' (xxx being any QWidget), I get error 'RuntimeError: Internal C++ object (PySide2.QtWidgets.QStyle) already deleted.'. Does one know the correct way to get this metric with PySide ? Thx
17 Sep 2019
12:03:06@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: ping
12:05:54@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: pong
12:13:15@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: for some of the overview topics, shiboken warns: Unknown QtDoc tag
12:14:07@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: some of these warnings are for <WebXML> which is the root element in the webxml document. Any idea what could be wrong?
12:56:32@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: Nope
18 Sep 2019
07:53:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> is there a way to detect which mouse button has been used with the itemClicked signal of QListWidget? > https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qlistwidget.html#signals
07:53:22@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> I want to display a menu on right click.
07:54:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> The whole signal thing is still weird to me, as it doesn't look like the "event" itself is made available.
07:57:38@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> alright, apparently I have to change context menu
07:59:59@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> so not linked to clicks event at all, I guess.
13:49:28@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: ping
13:52:31@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> venug[m]: pong
14:03:40@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: does my change to the SQL\books example make sense?
14:03:53@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <venug[m]> frkleint: if not, I'll abandon it.
14:34:19@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> venug[m]: makes sense for me
14:34:26@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> I understood your point
19 Sep 2019
08:55:42@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <crmaurei> venug[m]: I was unable to build 5.14, so I'm installing a preview from the online installer to check the failed tests you mentioned a couple of days ago

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