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23 Sep 2020
@gitter_milos-korenciak:matrix.orgMiloššš Korenčiak (Gitter) @altendky Yes - merely for obfuscation. But it does it's job perfectly.
Jupiii - can you share the link?
24 Sep 2020
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) Hello folks, I'm back with my link issue on Windows: Creating library QtCore.cp37-win_amd64.lib and object QtCore.cp37-win_amd64.exp qbasicmutex_wrapper.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: _cdecl QBasicMutex::QBasicMutex(void)" (imp??0QBasicMutex@@QEAA@XZ) referenced in function Sbk_QBasicMutex_Init (see https://pastebin.com/8CHewi6W for the full error). 08:33:20
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) Looking at the code of QBasicMutex, it seems the constructor that is not found is declared constexpr if Q_COMPILER_CONSTEXPR is defined. Would it be possible that my Qt was built with this define correctly set but PySide parses (or compiles, I'm not sure exactly how PySide is built) the file without it, resulting in different mangled names and thereby unresolved symbol errors? 08:35:13
@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> ctismer, seems like the IRC-Gitter bot is down still, who was in charge of that one? 08:57:30
@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> ah no, it's working 08:59:57
@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> strange...time to time I don't get messages from here on Gitter 09:00:06
@gitter_cmaureir:matrix.orgCristián Maureira-Fredes (Gitter) @stilllman couple of things to check, is the msvc version the same for the Qt you have and the one you are using to build pyside? and on the idea, what about libclang? I have seen the __declspec errors from mistmatch versioning 09:04:57
@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> z41nt: me too 10:02:56
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) @cmaureir Doh I'm so dumb, I was building pyside with VS 2017 while my Qt was built with 2015 :facepalm:. About libclang, I would still be interested to know if it is a requirement to use the same when building Qt and when building pyside? As far as I understand, libclang is only used for qdoc in Qt, so would there be any conflicts if I were to use libclang-60 when building Qt and libclang-80 or -100 when building pyside? 13:36:16
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) I'm asking because we have trouble building qdoc with newer libclang: we use QDOC_USE_STATIC_LIBCLANG to avoid the dynamic dependency but it seems the static version of libclang is not present in newer prebuilt binaries (I looked both in https://download.qt.io/development_releases/prebuilt/libclang/ and https://download.qt.io/development_releases/prebuilt/libclang/qt, even though it is unclear to me which ones should be used when) 13:38:40
@gitter_cmaureir:matrix.orgCristián Maureira-Fredes (Gitter) we did have a problem with libcland...as you mentioned both links provide libclang, only the qtcreator clang includes the .so file, IIRC the libclang/qt one only includes the static .a file, and for pyside we need the shared library. 13:50:48
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) I'm currently downloading 12 libclang packages (mac+rhel7 x 60+80+100 x libclang/+libclang/qt/) to check what they contain :sweat_smile: 18:51:13
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter)Side question, what branch should I use for building against a given version of Qt? If I have Qt 5.12.4 for instance, should I build the 5.12.4 branch of pyside-setup, the v5.12.4 tag, the tip of the 5.12 branch, or the latest 5.12.x tag? I assume it is best to take a tagged version, but should I take the one that matches the patch version of Qt or the latest?18:57:11
@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <alcroito> tag is safest, but using pyside 5.12 branch with Qt 5.12.x should work as well 19:48:18
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25 Sep 2020
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter)Ok thanks!09:10:20
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) So for the record, it seems there is a libclang_static.a in the libclang/qt/*60* packages, a libclang.a in the libclang/qt/*100*packages, but none in libclang/qt/*80*(which is the one we were using) 12:10:33
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) There is a libclang.dylib in libclang/qt/*60* and *80*, but not in *100* 12:12:36
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) But it is available in all three libclang/*60* *80 and *100 12:13:37
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter) No static libs in libclang/*60* *80* *100 12:14:23
@gitter_stilllman:matrix.orgLuc Touraille (Gitter)This is really hard to follow :sweat_smile: 12:14:35
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28 Sep 2020
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter) I want to implement a QAbstractTableModel. Basically I now what to do, but I can't find any hints about .setData(...). It seems that all tutorials are only set the data in the constructor. I what if the data will change? 10:14:56
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter) (edited) ... constructor. I what ... => ... constructor. But what ... 10:15:21
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter)Am I right, if I say, that I have to override .setData(...)? What I read so far is, that the method must resturn True, if the data has change.10:16:42
@gitter_altendky:matrix.orgKyle Altendorf (Gitter) @Doev that is where you would store your data into whatever structure you hold it in, yes. https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qabstractitemmodel.html#setData 13:38:11
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter) @altendky Hello. So far I investigate it until now, I think .setData() is only useable for editing the currently stored data. If you like to insert new data, you have to implement a .append() method. 13:40:54
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter)As underlying structure, I will use pandas-dataframe in most situations .... I think.13:41:27
@gitter_altendky:matrix.orgKyle Altendorf (Gitter) @Doev looks like it's 'insert' not 'append', but that seems right. 13:42:38
@gitter_doev:matrix.orgDoev (Gitter) @altendky hmm, its [].append() so I choose this term. But yes, I mean insert at the end of the structure. 13:43:42

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