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13 Nov 2019
10:23:22@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> aha
10:23:32@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> @ctismer: It is in the examples like this, btw
10:23:39@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> (welcome back)
10:24:42@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> you can also import it from QtCore, QtGui or QtWidgets, for compatibility reasons. I added the builtins feature and think it makes most sense.
10:25:07@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> (yes, I'm now really installed :⁠-) )
10:26:59@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <frkleint> @ctismer: while you are in a qApp state of mind, do you have any idea about https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/PYSIDE-1135 (seems to be a regression of sorts)
10:27:34@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> xrogaan: after import of PySide, you can use qApp. It is in builtins.
11:10:01@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> it return a static instance of the one I already created, is it not?
11:15:21@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> Anyhow, I find it weird that the update() method doesn't take care to tell qapp to process the damn events.
11:15:42@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> xrogaan: what do you mean? There is only one Application instance at any time. QApp is that. It is not static. If you delete it, it goes away. If you create it again, it is there.
11:16:19@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> this is not related to qApp, I think.
11:16:34@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> Isn't it the same object but from different wrappers?
11:16:56@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> no, it is a singleton.
11:17:17@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> it was very hard to create one, btw.
11:20:34@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> xrogaan: if it does not behave like a singleton, then you found a bug. But there should be no difference, qApp is Q<whatever>Application.instance()
11:21:44@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> yes
11:21:58@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> I don't have an issue with this :⁠p
11:22:56@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> I just found it weird that I have to manually call qApp.processEvents(), and that the self.update() method doesn't do something similar already.
11:25:10@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> xrogaan: can you try your example with PyQt5? I use it as a reference. If it does not show the same problem, then it is our's :⁠-)
11:25:29@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> Sorry, there is no problem.
11:25:56@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> I have to churn a bunch of data, which may take a while, and want to show a progress window. But not a progress bar, because I have no idea how much stuff I have to process.
11:27:21@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> But changing the content of a widget as the churning is ongoing wouldn't let the dialog window be drawn. After much googling, I found a 8 years old thread saying that it most likely because the churning is stalling the event loop.
11:27:23@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> s/problem/weirdness/ well, looks more like a Qt5 limitation
11:27:53@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> https://forum.qt.io/topic/9105/solved-displaying-progress-messages-with-qtextedit/2
11:29:13@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> Difficult to find, because there is a qProgressBar widget and many entries points that way :⁠P
11:31:33@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> it's weird we have to do that manually since we have repaint() and update() and other stuff available. One would expect that those would take care of it.
11:32:08@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> I mean, why would I call update() if it weren't because the widget's state changed? Maybe I don't understand update() at all.
11:33:08@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> seems to be an event loop problem. Interesting thread!
11:47:20@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> does it?
11:48:05@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> My money is on me being dumb :⁠P

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