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7 Apr 2020
16:18:03@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> i tried the "usual" stuff, like copying the qtwebengineprocess and the resources
16:18:14@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> both into my app folder and into the root python folder
16:18:18@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> but no dice
16:18:38@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> any ideas?
16:18:46@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> i'm on windows 10, 64bit
16:18:56@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <catmando> if i use pyqt5, it works just fine
18:22:43@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <atayul> hi
18:22:53@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <atayul> can i use pyside on android
18:22:56@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <atayul> pyside2
21:16:50@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <LionsMane> Can you use python on android?
21:17:17@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <LionsMane> I can't say I have ever thought to try to run a python based application on android.
8 Apr 2020
12:20:07@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <ctismer> crmaurei: PYSIDE-813 is solved 8^)
13:18:10@gitter_skaupe_gitlab:matrix.orgSebastian Nicolai (Gitter) Hello everyone, I've got another question for you fantastic folks: Has anyone tried to compiler Shiboken/PySide for Raspbery Pi? Does the RasPi fall under the non-supported embedded devices?
13:19:40@gitter_skaupe_gitlab:matrix.orgSebastian Nicolai (Gitter) (edited) ... to compiler Shiboken/PySide ... => ... to compile Shiboken/PySide ...
9 Apr 2020
00:07:37@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <xrogaan> This doesn't smell good https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-community/2020q2/006098.html
11:44:45@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <blubbelchen> Hello, I am trying to build Python bindings for QScintilla using the shiboken2-generator. Unfortunately, there are some caveats with the shiboken generator which bring me down. To be more specific: Whenever I include a file in the global bindings.h via #include <Qsci/something.h> shiboken2 cannot find any classes defined in this header. The classes
11:44:47@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <blubbelchen> are only found when including via #include <something.h>
13:42:29@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <helo23> Hello people, quick question. I am often in the situation where I'd like to inspect the implementation of certain methods found in the qtdocs. (for example https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qabstractitemview.html#keyboardSearch) Is there any way to do this?)
13:44:49@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> I'd say just trying to dive into the repo itself, I have not seen platforms that show the implementation of Qt classes/methods.
13:45:20@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> The problem is...if you are interested into the Python implementation, you will not find it on the repo (just a couple of cases has them) since everything is automatically generated from C++, and wrapped around.
13:46:51@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <helo23> Ok, I'll try my luck understanding cpp code then. Where to I find the repository? (sorry for asking)
13:52:17@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <helo23> NNevermind, I guess it's the conglomerate found under https://github.com/qtmore general question, how does the wrapping around cpp work? I am sure you run the compiled binary
13:52:48@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <helo23> but these produce cpp objects
13:54:38@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> code.qt.io has the repos for Qt/C++ and Qt/Python
13:54:45@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> qt5 being the meta repo of Qt/C++
13:54:55@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> qtbase contains the core,gui,network, widgets, etc...
13:55:05@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> Qt for Python is in pyside/pyside-setup/
13:55:28@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> but there you will find typesystems (xml files) that define the class/method to expose, no information about the implementation
13:55:39@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <z41nt> the only way to know how that looks like, is to build pyside from source
13:58:36@gitter_fromirc:matrix.orgFrom IRC (bridge bot) (Gitter) <helo23> Thanks :⁠)

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