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8 Apr 2021
@lorddelquad:matrix.orgSeñor del Quad left the room.03:00:59
@sivang-55d10ad90fc9f982bead9722:gitter.imsivang (Sivan Grünberg) hey all again, is there any news on this? - https://forum.qt.io/topic/122166/problem-with-pyside6-and-qtwebenginewidgets-module/2 12:59:39
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <The-Compiler> @sivang, what news would there be? 13:07:11
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <The-Compiler> QtWebEngine is going to come back with Qt 6.2, which is planned for September 13:07:52
@sivang-55d10ad90fc9f982bead9722:gitter.imsivang (Sivan Grünberg) ah ok cool , thank you <The-Compiler> . Do you happen to know where I can find a runnable Browser example with curretn PySide6 ? 14:07:58
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <The-Compiler> if there's no browser engine, there's no runnable browser example 14:08:31
@sivang-55d10ad90fc9f982bead9722:gitter.imsivang (Sivan Grünberg) @cmaureir I was looking for a more OS specific (as in using what pkg manager the underlying OS provides) instruction . I discovered eventually than I can do brew install qt and this installs qt 6.0.3 with this single command 14:11:22
@sivang-55d10ad90fc9f982bead9722:gitter.imsivang (Sivan Grünberg) also, @cmaureir can you share the github repo to your web browser example from the first webinar btw? 14:18:14
@sivang-55d10ad90fc9f982bead9722:gitter.imsivang (Sivan Grünberg) are both channels #qt-python and #pyside on freenode the same? 14:28:27
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> @ctismer__, do we have progress about "inline" documentation? like populate tp_doc? 17:36:12
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <ctismer__> @renatu: no sorry. I forgot much over my eye problem. Do we have an issue? 17:39:37
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> would be very nice if we could use console help(QObject.setParent) to display the help about this function 17:40:34
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> the trick part here is that the docgenerator is a different plugin 17:41:01
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> to do that we need populate tp_doc in the PyObject structure which need to be done during the code generation 17:41:36
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> unless python has some kind of doc lazy load that could load doc from a external file 17:42:15
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> do not think that exits, I already google about it 17:42:33
@markoshiva-5993167ad73408ce4f71796d:gitter.imMarkoShiva (Marko Shiva Pavlovic) joined the room.20:58:54
@markoshiva-5993167ad73408ce4f71796d:gitter.imMarkoShiva (Marko Shiva Pavlovic) @cmaureir is there somewhere some comparasing document of new functions and what are differences between Pyside6 and Pyside2? 20:58:55
@cmaureir-53061de45e986b0712ef86b4:gitter.imcmaureir (Cristián Maureira-Fredes) @MarkoShiva https://doc.qt.io/qtforpython/porting_from2.html not much to share, besides the Qt5 -> Qt6 changes 21:26:34
@cmaureir-53061de45e986b0712ef86b4:gitter.imcmaureir (Cristián Maureira-Fredes) @sivang mmm all the examples I share are often on the 'examples/' directory inside the pyside-setup repo https://code.qt.io/cgit/pyside/pyside-setup.git/tree/examples 21:27:58
@cmaureir-53061de45e986b0712ef86b4:gitter.imcmaureir (Cristián Maureira-Fredes) and also @sivang We don't have instructions for OS specific stuff, the recommended installation process is on a virtual environment, as you can see in the docs, pyside.org and qt.io/qt-for-python 21:28:48
@markoshiva-5993167ad73408ce4f71796d:gitter.imMarkoShiva (Marko Shiva Pavlovic) Thanks @cmaureir 23:07:11
9 Apr 2021
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> @ctismer__, any thoughts about what I said? 13:36:35
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <renatu> maybe generate a dictonary file with shibokendoc generator that could be used by shiboken code generator 13:37:03
10 Apr 2021
@kayhayen-565c4abe16b6c7089cbcb3b7:gitter.imkayhayen (Kay Hayen)Redacted or Malformed Event09:03:23
@kayhayen-565c4abe16b6c7089cbcb3b7:gitter.imkayhayen (Kay Hayen)Redacted or Malformed Event09:03:33
@kayhayen-565c4abe16b6c7089cbcb3b7:gitter.imkayhayen (Kay Hayen) That goes into a registry to get a C function that does the conversion. I guess, plain function types are registered somewhere in that container, but my C++ is leaving me here, I cannot find how where that lives. 09:04:16
@kayhayen-565c4abe16b6c7089cbcb3b7:gitter.imkayhayen (Kay Hayen) Forget about it sorry, this gets an object passed, and the issue is purely about plugin presence of Qt (deleted it) 09:17:30
@kayhayen-565c4abe16b6c7089cbcb3b7:gitter.imkayhayen (Kay Hayen) * Forget about it sorry, this gets an object passed, and the issue is purely about plugin presence of Qt (deleted it) 09:17:42
11 Apr 2021
@fromirc-575b2987c2f0db084a1d3da1:gitter.imFromIRC (From IRC (bridge bot)) <ctismer> @renatu I remember. 09:50:17

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