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13 Jun 2018
13:12:33@crmaurei:matrix.orgcrmaurei changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
14 Jun 2018
08:32:06Room Avatar Renderer.
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17 Jun 2018
00:47:54@pybokeh:matrix.orgpybokeh joined the room.
16 Oct 2018
18:32:38@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy joined the room.
18:33:21@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyis this the PySide2 room?
18:33:37@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyseems awfully empty :)
18:34:05@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzyGuess i'll try the gitter room
3 Dec 2018
17:44:20@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy changed their display name from hazzy to hazzy-l.
17:44:41@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy changed their display name from hazzy-l to hazzy.
18 Dec 2018
18:49:35@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy changed their profile picture.
18:56:20@kcjengr:matrix.orghazzy changed their profile picture.
29 Jan 2019
10:22:16@crmaurei:matrix.orgcrmaurei set a profile picture.

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