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14 Nov 2018
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15 Nov 2018
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24 Nov 2018
16:19:39@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehan kyby64: Are you there? Do you still have problems with the new shell-pipe implementation? If so can you send me an example command you were using to reproduce the problem?
25 Nov 2018
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26 Nov 2018
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28 Nov 2018
18:03:13@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64 joined the room.
18:04:25@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64hi.i still have the problem that i reported a few days ago.
18:04:26@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64 when i start lf i see this symbol ">" in staus line and nothing works until i press ctrl-c
18:13:24@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehan kyby64: That symbol is shown when a command keeps running. Do you run any commands in your lfrc file maybe? Can you try to run without a lfrc file to see if you still have a problem?
18:17:01@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64yes without lfrc i dont see that symbol.after latest commit(about shell-pipe) i get this symbol.i have shell-pipe in my lfrc
18:17:56@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehan kyby64: What command do you run in your lfrc if I may ask?
18:20:46@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64this is what i added in lfrc anything else is default https://pastecode.xyz/view/e3961d62
18:25:42@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64btw this is my lfrc as i said all other things is default https://pastecode.xyz/view/c7bf53a6
18:46:10@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehankyby64: There does not seem anything wrong with this. I will try to reproduce it using your configuration when I get back to my linux machine
18:47:45@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64thanks.keep up the good work.i really like lf :)
18:49:31@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehankyby64: Thanks. And thank you for reporting :) I may need to disturb you again later on :p
18:50:31@freenode_kyby64:matrix.orgkyby64ok.no problem
3 Dec 2018
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12:52:27@gokcehan:matrix.orggokcehankyby64: So it turned out that shell pipe commands in the configuration file was not working properly with the latest commit and I didn't have any such commands in my configuration file. That commit was just meant to be a performance improvement so I just reverted it. Maybe I can try to see what the problem was later on. Thanks again for reporting.
10 Dec 2018
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15 Dec 2018
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