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27 Aug 2017
11:28:36@trevorb:matrix.orgTrevor B joined the room.
28 Aug 2017
14:37:39@trevorb:matrix.orgTrevor B set a profile picture.
9 Sep 2017
17:17:47@swimstar:matrix.org@swimstar:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Dec 2017
22:14:22@raker:matrix.orgraker changed the room name to "SDF.org | Public Access UNIX System" from "SDF.org | Super Dimension Fortress".
22:14:22@raker:matrix.orgraker changed the room topic to "admin of sdf.org: smj@sdf.org" from "smj@sdf.org".
23 Dec 2017
07:26:16@hiway:matrix.orghiway joined the room.
30 Dec 2017
05:18:31@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur joined the room.
3 Jan 2018
16:54:14@aledomu:matrix.org@aledomu:matrix.org joined the room.
16:56:45@aledomu:matrix.org@aledomu:matrix.org left the room.
28 Jan 2018
10:22:41@tleuc:matrix.org@tleuc:matrix.org joined the room.
10:24:11@tleuc:matrix.org@tleuc:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jan 2018
09:27:17@thn:matrix.orgthn joined the room.
11 May 2018
21:37:05@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.
11 Jun 2018
05:51:44@avrak:matrix.org@avrak:matrix.org joined the room.
14 Sep 2018
02:27:39@nitronils:matrix.orgnitronils joined the room.
5 Oct 2018
20:15:00@amar:matrix.orgamar joined the room.
4 Nov 2018
16:23:45@bradfonseca:matrix.orgbradfonseca joined the room.
30 Nov 2018
02:54:41@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.
1 Jan 2019
17:55:53@michael:productionservers.netK0HAX joined the room.
29 Jan 2019
02:41:37@adamd1704:matrix.org@adamd1704:matrix.org joined the room.
18:27:59@adamd1704:matrix.org@adamd1704:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jan 2019
01:39:41@adam_dawson:matrix.orgadam_dawson joined the room.
01:44:41@g_love:matrix.orgG_Love joined the room.
01:45:12@dokuja:cybre.ninjadokuja joined the room.
31 Jan 2019
20:46:35@michael:productionservers.netK0HAX changed their profile picture.
13 Feb 2019
07:15:55@avrak:matrix.org@avrak:matrix.org left the room.
22:44:57@tshdw:matrix.orgtshdw joined the room.
17 Feb 2019
18:03:07@g_love:chat.weho.stg_love joined the room.
18 Feb 2019
06:00:55@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.
06:03:24@arthurreeder:matrix.orgArthur changed their profile picture.

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