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24 Jan 2022
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25 Jan 2022
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26 Jan 2022
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In reply to @klugmathias:matrix.klugmathias.me
My cat routinely pisses next to my bed
my dog took a piss on me once while i slept xd
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@oddlydizturbed:matrix.orgoddlydizturbedhes potty trained now but i was livid, i had a dream while it was happeneing and i thought someone put a hot pan on me01:29:51
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my dog took a piss on me once while i slept xd
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@max:matrix.coderonline.de5ku1dMods! Pls ^^20:45:59
27 Jan 2022
@klugmathias:matrix.klugmathias.mematyklugOh fuck it's starting00:25:01
In reply to @max:matrix.coderonline.de
Mods! Pls ^^
There are no mods, you just have to block the user

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