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2 Jul 2020
@mafu:matrix.orgmafuI just lurk01:10:15
@mafu:matrix.orgmafuIm here tho01:11:24
@mafu:matrix.orgmafu There is another unixporn room on here btw01:13:34
@mafu:matrix.orgmafuIts not that active, but certainly less dead than here01:13:59
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* @frostranger:matrix.orgFrostRanger lurks as well02:36:41
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@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceif everyone lurks there would be nothing to lurk for07:02:56
@keemstarkek:matrix.orgkeemstarkek set a profile picture.07:03:03
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricefriggin lmao @ all of you07:03:06
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceok where's that other Matrix room07:03:22
@mafu:matrix.orgmafu It's #unixporn:privacytools.io 11:56:44
@ra-s_al_ghul:matrix.orgra-s_al_ghulRiot/Matrix needs channels. I think it would be pretty easy to get folks over from discord after implementing those.18:06:47
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceno18:25:38
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricethe equivalent of a "channel" is a room18:25:53
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceand then, rooms can be grouped in communities18:26:04
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricecommunities are the equivalent of servers18:26:16
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricebut communities are quite broken and half baked, they will be reworked18:26:43
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricewhat's good about this is that rooms can be independent from communities or not18:27:12
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricewhat's bad is that this platform is clearly still immature18:28:18
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceand don't worry about having this client and/or protocol copying Discord, they already seem to be hell bent on doing so.18:28:47
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricefor example, reactions18:29:05
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Ricethe layout is similar18:29:49
@shineyrice:matrix.orgShiny Riceetc.18:29:50
@joey:tomesh.netjoey 19:05:51
In reply to @shineyrice:matrix.org
the layout is similar
I hope this attracts people.
3 Jul 2020
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4 Jul 2020
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