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11 Dec 2023
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15 Dec 2023
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17 Dec 2023
@_discord_297656178358616064:t2bot.ioAngelofdollars 22:49:36
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith 23:07:09
18 Dec 2023
@_discord_244233599849725963:t2bot.ioandreasbackx 15:56:45
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@_discord_297656178358616064:t2bot.ioAngelofdollars the perils of not knowing how to make a parser at the time and making a parser anyways 😭 16:56:12
19 Dec 2023
@_discord_1148317595552993430:t2bot.iokolunmi 03:06:47
@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro you plan to rewrite the swhkd porser? 09:01:20
@_discord_886588197562363944:t2bot.ioPerigord changed their display name from Kenough to Perigord.12:10:08
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@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. 15:06:46
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. oh look it's my issue 15:06:46
@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro hi 16:14:41
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith hi, Angelo wrote the parser and I honestly have never used the syntax you're presenting so I don't knwo what the solution is 16:33:21
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith I'll let Angelofdollars answer your doubt 16:33:27
@_discord_801240007511507024:t2bot.iofishyfishfish 16:37:00
@_discord_801240007511507024:t2bot.iofishyfishfish 16:38:54
@_discord_297712396795904000:t2bot.io0x42697262 based on sxhkd's manpage, it uses this syntax:
General syntax:


           HOTKEY      := CHORD_1 ; CHORD_2 ; ... ; CHORD_n
           CHORD_i     := [MODIFIERS_i +] [~][@]KEYSYM_i
           MODIFIERS_i := MODIFIER_i1 + MODIFIER_i2 + ... + MODIFIER_ik

would it not be easy to implement the issue based on this EBNF?
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. I rewrote my rc file to get rid of the underscores, and now when I launch it tells me "ERROR swhkd] Could not open evdev device at /dev/input/mouse4: Inappropriate ioctl for device (os error 25) 22:38:37
@_discord_362039402047733760:t2bot.io.eater. I'm also running keyd which I guess is the problem https://github.com/waycrate/swhkd/issues/227 22:39:20
20 Dec 2023
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22 Dec 2023
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23 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
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29 Dec 2023
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