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4 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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@bcdr:chat.weho.stBCDRPig poop balls.jpg
Download Pig poop balls.jpg
@bcdr:chat.weho.stBCDR changed their display name from bcdr to BCDR.15:32:46
9 Jul 2020
@consumption_boi:matrix.orgconsumption_boiFellow larps, check this shit out: https://encyclopedia.zone/mayhemupdate1/mayhemtitle.html23:26:47
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11 Jul 2020
@zip:brickshop.ioziplol 12:32:27
@zip:brickshop.iozip i like #casualWT:brickshop.io and #leftypolchat:matrix.org 12:32:48
14 Jul 2020
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15 Jul 2020
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18 Jul 2020
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20 Jul 2020
@extrinsic:matrix.orgextrinsicit's a shame that this is underutilized02:40:43
21 Jul 2020
@where_left_is_best:matrix.orgwhere_left_is_best joined the room.23:57:49
22 Jul 2020
@where_left_is_best:matrix.orgwhere_left_is_bestwell shit. how do we get this place to critical mass? 00:06:08
23 Jul 2020
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@corpoworld3000:matrix.orgPepe Julian Ozimahi04:53:04
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25 Jul 2020
@porkrollposadist:matrix.orgPorkrollPosadist There's a discord server which ended up with a lot more refugees. (https://discord.gg/CxfcaRg) 18:30:27
@porkrollposadist:matrix.orgPorkrollPosadistI think in the middle/longer term we're planning on setting up a Matrix homeserver, but for the time being we have been focused on preparing to launch a customized Lemmy instance at chapo.chat. It should be going live today.18:32:54
@porkrollposadist:matrix.orgPorkrollPosadistWe've had a team of about ten people working on it and managed to make 770 commits in the past three weeks.18:34:55

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