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25 Jul 2020
In reply to @where_left_is_best:matrix.org
well shit. how do we get this place to critical mass?
* There's a discord server which ended up with a lot more refugees. (https://discord.gg/CxfcaRg)
@porkrollposadist:matrix.orgPorkrollPosadistIt is still a little rough around the edges, but we've fixed some permissions issues, added some moderation / admin features, and made some tweaks to help limit the exposure of private information.18:40:21
@porkrollposadist:matrix.orgPorkrollPosadistFor the record, I'm not a huge fan of discord, but that's where the bulk of the community ended up.18:43:33
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26 Jul 2020
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In reply to @porkrollposadist:matrix.org
We've had a team of about ten people working on it and managed to make 770 commits in the past three weeks.
nice work, on my way!
27 Jul 2020
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29 Jul 2020
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7 Aug 2020
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9 Aug 2020
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14 Aug 2020
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16 Aug 2020
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21 Aug 2020
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5 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
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24 Sep 2020
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@waffenss88:matrix.org@waffenss88:matrix.orghello 19:09:33
@fuschia:privacytools.io .🄯Heyo.19:13:43
@fuschia:privacytools.io .🄯

Our presence isnt on matrix. It moved to discord and chapo.chat

https://discord.gg/chapotraphouse https://chapo.chat

@waffenss88:matrix.org@waffenss88:matrix.orgah wait19:15:24
@waffenss88:matrix.org@waffenss88:matrix.orgyou´re commies19:15:28
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@fuschia:privacytools.io .🄯LOL19:16:55
26 Sep 2020
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