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17 May 2019
20:04:29@techlos:matrix.orgpolypexactly, i don't want to see shenannigans.
21:09:11@showmetheorbs:chat.weho.stshowmetheorbshaha looks like any matrix room inevitably becomes technical :D the financial compensation thing is whatever… just one person could buy the code and republish it for free, 100% legally if the license is actually just GPL
21:10:37@techlos:matrix.orgpolypmy experience with the blender market crap is that it's rare. Tried asking around for copies of the source, got called a thief 🤷
21:10:55@techlos:matrix.orgpolypbut i guess for what i'm doing, doesn't matter too much
18 May 2019
19:58:41@godman666:matrix.orgGOdman666 joined the room.
21 May 2019
20:57:30@diseret:matrix.org@diseret:matrix.org left the room.
7 Jun 2019
18:35:12@anna:librem.oneannaanyone own any libs recently
29 Jun 2019
12:59:27@ziq:matrix.org@ziq:matrix.org left the room.
6 Jul 2019
16:22:15@finnia20:chat.weho.stfinnia20 joined the room.
11 Jul 2019
21:44:33@heckthepolice2:matrix.org@heckthepolice2:matrix.org joined the room.
16 Jul 2019
02:39:27@devspoopy:chat.weho.stdevspoopy joined the room.
3 Aug 2019
21:04:18@railgay:matrix.org@railgay:matrix.org left the room.
6 Aug 2019
09:21:13@th_newfront:matrix.orgcryptolake joined the room.
7 Aug 2019
20:17:23@perdu:chat.weho.st@perdu:chat.weho.st joined the room.
20:18:13@perdu:chat.weho.st@perdu:chat.weho.st left the room.
22 Aug 2019
20:58:47@th_newfront:matrix.orgcryptolake changed their display name from th_newfront to cryptolake.
25 Aug 2019
10:27:52@excoseher7:matrix.org@excoseher7:matrix.org joined the room.
10:28:01@excoseher7:matrix.org@excoseher7:matrix.org left the room.
3 Dec 2019
15:24:45@makhnos_blackflag:matrix.orgEl_Sabate joined the room.
16:26:12@makhnos_blackflag:matrix.orgEl_Sabate changed their display name from makhnos_blackflag to El_Sabate.
16:27:29@makhnos_blackflag:matrix.orgEl_Sabate set a profile picture.
15 Dec 2019
03:36:14@iwanttokillthepresident:matrix.orgiwanttokillthepresident1488 joined the room.
03:36:23@iwanttokillthepresident:matrix.orgiwanttokillthepresident1488whats up my chapos
06:58:10@iwanttokillthepresident:matrix.orgiwanttokillthepresident1488 set a profile picture.
06:58:40@iwanttokillthepresident:matrix.orgiwanttokillthepresident1488 changed their display name from iwanttokillthepresident to iwanttokillthepresident1488.
16 Dec 2019
14:22:47@makhnos_blackflag:matrix.orgEl_Sabatejust waiting for the next dollop of pig slop from the dry boys
17 Dec 2019
00:17:24@heckthepolice2:matrix.org@heckthepolice2:matrix.org left the room.
27 Dec 2019
22:56:59@moscfet:matrix.orgmoscfet joined the room.
4 Jan 2020
23:10:28@pslk555:chat.weho.stpslk555 joined the room.
9 Jan 2020
16:56:38@consuloftheplebs:matrix.orgconsuloftheplebs joined the room.

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