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3 Jul 2020
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistI mean, I see lots about Rose City Justice, but what leftist doesn't hate them?02:30:11
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrwell, it's just what I saw that turned me off02:30:48
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistSorry you had a bad experience, but the project is working for a few hundred people using it as a private communication channel for their small affinities. 02:31:30
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrIf you can vouch for it, who am I to criticize02:32:03
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistI think the common misconception is that it isn't a public space. All public rooms are public spaces and discussions and content in those rooms should be treated like anything you'll see on public spaces anywhere else. The main purpose is of the project is providing private communications alternatives away from the Signal/Wire apps that are typically used. Brick Shop is simply a push in the right direction and our resources are to help others setup their own sites and matrix services. 02:34:33
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrkind of work that's needed these days02:35:39
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrAnyway I don't need to use the rooms in order to use the homeserver, right?02:36:21
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrI just want a small homeserver so I can bridge stuff quickly02:36:34
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrI'll give it another try then02:38:47
In reply to @beastofwinter:matrix.org
Anyway I don't need to use the rooms in order to use the homeserver, right?
Exactly, no need to use the public rooms, 100% an option there.
@beastofwinter:matrix.orgFampyrhopefully the scary stuff that I saw isn't there anymore02:39:07
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistMy whole affinity is on Brickshop and none of them are in the public rooms. That makes their username anonymous to the server until they join a public room.02:39:30
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistFeel free to message me about it, if it is in the +portland:brickshop.io community or any Brick Shop room, I can administrate there. 02:40:00
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistNo logs, no masters :)02:40:39
@anarchist:brickshop.ioAnarchistOur homeserver won't allow you to register email/phone number. So make sure to get your recovery key down.02:41:04
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4 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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