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17 May 2019
17:30:31@techlos:matrix.orgpolyp joined the room.
17:31:39@techlos:matrix.orgpolyphi it's me your friendly neighbourhood chapo, ready to trap all those chapo houses with my trappist chaps and trouser snaps.
19:15:09@techlos:matrix.orgpolypso, i've been working with a startup doing some cool medical work with machine learning, and recently they completely backed out of all the previous verbal agreements and they're trying to shaft me on payments. Jokes on them though, they don't have any of the code (idiots decided to hire me as an independant contractor, so the IP is still in my hands), and people with expertise in my field usually come in at 250k a year salary. Without my code, the startup will fail immediately. All the bargaining power is in the hands of the worker for once, and damn it feels good.
19:16:09@techlos:matrix.orgpolypthere's no way they can hire someone at that rate 😆
19:20:45@techlos:matrix.orgpolyp... kind of considering releasing it free with an unliscence, better than seeing yet another greebo profiting off peoples health.
19:54:07@glacialturtle:matrix.orgGlacialTurtlewait for the news of them going bankrup and release it under GPLv3
19:55:32@techlos:matrix.orgpolypGPL is a bit weak for my liking, i'd rather go with something like the BSD license
19:55:59@techlos:matrix.orgpolypseen way too many "open source" projects under GPL where the code is paywalled
19:58:01@glacialturtle:matrix.orgGlacialTurtleI'm not sure what you mean, you can do that with BSD too. GPL makes it explicit requirement for source code to be shared if passed on to anyone
20:00:48@techlos:matrix.orgpolyphmm, might be thinking of a different one then. But with the GPL, there's a clause that basically goes along the lines of "financial compensation for distribution is acceptable" - the reasoning was to allow for reimbursement for CD-ROM costs back in the early internet days, but i've seen that exploited. Perfect example is the blender FLIP fluid plugin, they only release source code if you pay for the compiled binaries.
20:02:39@techlos:matrix.orgpolypin fact, pretty much any paid blender addon uses that loophole - everything using the blender API has to be under the GPL due to the license blender uses, but that loophole makes it ineffective
20:03:51@glacialturtle:matrix.orgGlacialTurtleI see what you mean now, you want a non-commercial use type of license or a "source must *always* be public" thing
20:04:29@techlos:matrix.orgpolypexactly, i don't want to see shenannigans.
21:09:11@showmetheorbs:chat.weho.stshowmetheorbshaha looks like any matrix room inevitably becomes technical :D the financial compensation thing is whatever… just one person could buy the code and republish it for free, 100% legally if the license is actually just GPL
21:10:37@techlos:matrix.orgpolypmy experience with the blender market crap is that it's rare. Tried asking around for copies of the source, got called a thief 🤷
21:10:55@techlos:matrix.orgpolypbut i guess for what i'm doing, doesn't matter too much
18 May 2019
19:58:41@godman666:matrix.orgGOdman666 joined the room.
21 May 2019
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7 Jun 2019
18:35:12@anna:librem.oneannaanyone own any libs recently
29 Jun 2019
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6 Jul 2019
16:22:15@finnia20:chat.weho.stfinnia20 joined the room.
11 Jul 2019
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16 Jul 2019
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3 Aug 2019
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6 Aug 2019
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7 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
20:58:47@th_newfront:matrix.orgcryptolake changed their display name from th_newfront to cryptolake.
25 Aug 2019
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