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11 Aug 2020
@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org I think the red is not official, but I've seen a bunch of them 13:14:40
@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org@freenode_Bertl:matrix.orgsimilar to the yellow ones for charging/always on13:14:54
@freenode_BAndiT1983:matrix.orgBAndiT1983 ah, ok, someone mentioned it also -> https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-red-colored-USB-port-of-a-motherboard 13:15:00
@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org@freenode_Bertl:matrix.orgah, yes, USB 3.1 Gen 2 is what I meant13:16:15
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmann hum, weird. found a red port and this doesn't seem to work at all. using the official lib stalls, and the rust codes asserts on src/ft60x.rs:103:33 15:04:01
@freenode_BAndiT1983:matrix.orgBAndiT1983failing handshake?15:06:10
@freenode_BAndiT1983:matrix.orgBAndiT1983either check dmesg or for more hardcore version try wireshark USB sniffing15:06:45
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmannthanks, will try wireshark15:07:04
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmann[594689.174328] usb 8-1: usbfs: process 610734 (stream_checker) did not claim interface 1 before use15:07:18
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmannnot sure what that means.. but it shows up when running.15:07:30
@freenode_BAndiT1983:matrix.orgBAndiT1983you can google last part, found several entries which can help15:08:00
@freenode_BAndiT1983:matrix.orgBAndiT1983am not that deep in USB yet, still trying to understand the low-level CDC protocol15:08:16
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmann true. i'll see if i can find what it is 15:08:21
@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvupI think the claim interface message also occurs when it is working15:42:18
@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvup that assert means the chip didn't send the amount of data requested, interesting 15:42:38
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmannoh weird. my code that was using the proprietary lib stalled in the reconfiguration step. if i comment that out and go straight to streaming data it works, and i get 190 MB/s (compared to 180 through a hub)15:48:27
@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org well, that's something, isn't it? 15:50:12
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmanntracking it down now, seems to be the hacky way of waiting for the device to re-enumerate that was broken.15:50:55
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmannbut yeah, 190 instead of 180 is nice. this might not scale linearly, but perhaps you may get past 360 if you also skip the hub (unless you already did that)15:52:32
@freenode_kbeckmann:matrix.orgkbeckmann urgh, seems that the proprietary lib has some internal state that gets messed up when you re-enumerate even though I close the driver handle. anyway, won't be using that in the future anyway :). 16:13:03
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12 Aug 2020
@freenode_Bertl:matrix.org@freenode_Bertl:matrix.orgoff to bed now ... have a good one everyone!03:26:34
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