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18 Sep 2019
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21:40:29@freenode_namibj:matrix.orgnamibj se6ast1an: sooo.... unfortunately yesterday some surprisingly unexpected problems came up that got me busy until around now, and in the meantime I got some responses I need to reply to this evening. WHile I'm as of yet still able to concentrate on something like the CAD issue/task, I think the webgl support on this temporary computer setup is broken, and fixing that wouldn't be possible today anymore.
21:40:35@freenode_namibj:matrix.orgnamibj Even handling the complexity of the cad setup without getting confused and drawing the wrong thing because of erraneous presumptions/understanding of the model will probably be a stretch I'd not try to push, mostly because I need to adjust/fix my sleep cycle _again_.
21:42:50@freenode_namibj:matrix.orgnamibj TL;DR: won't happen today, not unlikely that there will not be a time window again until sunday. I would like some pointers, if possible, to the specific structure(s) in this webview of the CAD model we are talking about replacing/chainging. I want to prevent a missunderstanding due to version differences or even just confusing related, similar parts.
21:43:22@freenode_namibj:matrix.orgnamibj I'm sorry for that delay...
21:50:25@freenode_namibj:matrix.orgnamibj Yes, I just confirmed, webgl isn't working, which makes it even more unlikely that I'd get to it before sunday.
19 Sep 2019
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06:55:02@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1annamibj: understood, I will export some screenshots for you
08:51:34@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1ansee pm
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