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26 May 2020
18:58:17@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anyou mean the r2 setup?
19:00:16@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anoff for a bit
20:42:24@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anin R2 the lens mount was screwed to the mainboard right?
20:43:17@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anwe can do that as well in R3 with screws going through the sensor board and into the mainboard
20:44:11@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anbut I wouldnt say its optimal as this puts all the mechanical stress on the pcb then
20:44:57@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1ana way out would be to make the lens mount also the tripod mount
20:45:46@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anlike with the emount adapter on the beta
20:51:15@freenode_Bertl:matrix.orgBertloff for now ... have fun!
21:24:31@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anwhere exactly is the / are the shields positioned at the front?
21:24:36@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anin the micro r3
21:31:07@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvupse6ast1an: yeah we thought about doing it similar to the the beta
21:31:36@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anso left and right?
21:31:47@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anand the ethernet on the zturn is pointing upwards?
21:32:03@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvupse6ast1an: re shield: not sure, we have one, anywhere it fits is probably ok
21:32:27@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvupmy first answer was about the lens attachment
21:33:35@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvupyeah, currently the etheinet on the zturn is pointing upwards
21:39:08@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anthe c mount to m4/3 adapter metal part, are you happy with that one so far?
21:47:50@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anoff for today
21:47:53@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1anwill continue tomorrow
21:48:00@freenode_se6ast1an:matrix.orgse6ast1angood night
21:58:33@freenode_vup:matrix.orgvup se6ast1an: the c mount to m4/3 works ok'ish, mostly getting to fit tightly to a 3d printed bayonet is a bit difficult, but the part itself is ok

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