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27 Mar 2020
07:51:36@shadowrun:matrix.orgShadowRunhey guys, trying to build up rooms and communities for gamers on matrix, here is a community for first person shooters: +fps:matrix.org
07:52:07@shadowrun:matrix.orgShadowRun swedneck:matrix.org: feel free to add the flair to this room for that community if you like 👍️
07:53:06@swedneck:hielle.comswedneck i'll add it to #linuxgaming-gaming:permaweb.io
07:53:49@shadowrun:matrix.orgShadowRunnice 😁
07:54:01@swedneck:hielle.comswedneckoh bollocks that room is lost to the void
07:54:30@shadowrun:matrix.orgShadowRunuh oh!
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28 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
05:04:51@newuser928:matrix.org@newuser928:matrix.org joined the room.
06:34:45@joshuasommer.net:matrix.orgjoshuasommer.net joined the room.
06:35:06@joshuasommer.net:matrix.orgjoshuasommer.netif you were writing a book on video games, what chapters would you include in it?
06:48:53@newuser928:matrix.org@newuser928:matrix.org left the room.
07:53:52@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechDepends on the goal of the book. Is it history, technology, trends focussed?
08:01:37@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechBedroom programmers in the late 70s and 80s. Speed runners Industry changing games (doom, quake, command & conquer, wow?)
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30 Mar 2020
02:42:00@joshuasommer.net:matrix.orgjoshuasommer.netI'm writing a tome on video games. I want it to bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers. Plan to cover the art, culture, history. Want to cover neurobiology and what video games do to the human brain, addiction, excessive play, why people play games, etc.
02:42:48@joshuasommer.net:matrix.orgjoshuasommer.netI have a bias but I'd like to paint two pictures, why some people love games and also some stuff that gamers would appreciate reading
02:43:13@joshuasommer.net:matrix.orgjoshuasommer.net(my bias being that I no longer play)
03:13:42@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechMaybe compare the neurology of video game addiction to other addictions like youtube, facebook, smoking and gambling. Then investigate the industry's approach to exploiting this and any approach to help the situation.
03:17:51@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechInvestigate some cases where gaming helps certain people. Keeps them off the streets, guides them into a more technical carear, or just reduces depression.
03:19:30@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechDoes it help or hinder the mental development of neuroatypical people such as ASD, ADHD.

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