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11 Sep 2021
@specter_-_:matrix.orgSpectersorry, I only use emacs 😎06:26:51
@mtvare6:matrix.orgmTvarevery true words06:33:04
@mtvare6:matrix.orgmTvareScreen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.31.54 PM.png
Download Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.31.54 PM.png
@mtvare6:matrix.orgmTvareRedacted or Malformed Event06:33:46
@specter_-_:matrix.orgSpecterwait so I'm just a crappy programmer08:51:05
@mtvare6:matrix.orgmTvareAt least you aren't one of those devs who can't write any code without rust( 🚀🚀🚀🚀 ) vim( 😎😎 ) and arch linux( 😎😎😎 )09:21:43
@mtvare6:matrix.orgmTvareeven the packer.nvim guy starred, maybe those lua people are circulating it?13:33:07
13 Sep 2021
@matrixtune:matrix.orgmatrixtunewe partake in a little tailwind00:18:59
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@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiracles changed their display name from lom.nix to legendofmiracles.23:49:03
@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiracles changed their profile picture.23:52:11
14 Sep 2021
@specter_-_:matrix.orgSpecterDamn why didn't I use kmonad earlier?04:47:02
@specter_-_:matrix.orgSpecterIt's great04:47:14
@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiracleswhat can you do with it?14:46:17
@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiraclesor what are you doing with it.. i know that you can do a ton14:46:31
@specter_-_:matrix.orgSpecterColemak layer, qwerty layer, navigation layer, script runner layer, app launcher layer, shift lock layer15:42:19
15 Sep 2021
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@snakedye:matrix.orgsnakedye Nice doggo @legendofmiracles 17:05:56
@snakedye:matrix.orgsnakedye 17:06:06
In reply to @snakedye:matrix.org
Nice doggo @legendofmiracles
ty ty
@legendofmiracles:matrix.orglegendofmiraclesWeird emoji 🤔18:33:05
16 Sep 2021
@snakedye:matrix.orgsnakedye 10:53:09
17 Sep 2021
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19 Sep 2021
@wooosh:matrix.orgwooosh changed their profile picture.20:52:09
20 Sep 2021
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21 Sep 2021
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22 Sep 2021
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23 Sep 2021
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