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18 Feb 2024
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19 Feb 2024
@quazaromega:matrix.orgQuazarOmegaDude really went out of his mind huh?12:47:49
@stardust-kyun:matrix.orgStardust-kyunSeems so14:48:04
20 Feb 2024
@phisch:matrix.orgphischLMAO that's the guy that went on discord to insult everyone17:12:37
@phisch:matrix.orgphisch Stardust-kyun: he went apeshit crazy on discord before that as well, and got banned there, then went here to let it out again 17:19:06
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@lineararray:matrix.orgLinearArrayIDK why I couldn't find the room by searching on matrix directly20:39:23
@lineararray:matrix.orgLinearArraycan anyone send me a link to the unixporn space? thanks!20:45:47
@lineararray:matrix.orgLinearArray *

can anyone send me a link to the unixporn space? thanks!

got it nvm

@lineararray:matrix.orgLinearArray * can anyone give me the link to the space of r/unixporn?
got it nvm
23 Feb 2024
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@explosion-mental:matrix.orgexplosion-mentalHello, I need ricers help for a cli showcase to present in the readme, hope you can give me a hand 🐈 (and maybe improve your rice experience as well) https://codeberg.org/explosion-mental/wallust/issues/3917:31:53
In reply to @unrealapex:matrix.org
would i include dwm for example in my dotfiles repository or a separate one
Usually a separate repo because of patches (meaning changes in the source code) so it's easier to track. If you are using flexipatch tho maybe just the header files.
@quazaromega:matrix.orgQuazarOmegaLooks seriously cool! Hope someone comes up for it, unfortunately I'm riceless :')17:50:14
25 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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3 Mar 2024
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4 Mar 2024
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