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19 Jun 2020
@gergoe:matrix.bgsoft.huGergő(bgsoft) changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".13:49:15
@grin:grin.hugrinthe lord hath spoken!19:44:56
@grin:grin.hugringuests are now blessed to be speaketh here19:45:15
@grin:grin.hugrinezt kellene most károli magyarra fordítani ;-)19:45:29
@gergoe:matrix.bgsoft.huGergő(bgsoft)etherpadra dobd fel, valaki biztos ráharap :D19:59:59
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid joined the room.20:19:44
* @psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid is just a beginner learning Hungarian20:21:49
@gergoe:matrix.bgsoft.huGergő(bgsoft)üdv psydroid20:22:46
In reply to @psydroid:matrix.org
Szép napot, psydroid ! (Először érdemes köszönni! :-))
21 Jun 2020
@crafterix:systemtest.tkcrafterix changed their profile picture.18:59:35
22 Jun 2020
@crafterix:systemtest.tkcrafterix changed their display name from crafterix to Gergő.13:16:45
@crafterix:systemtest.tkcrafterix changed their display name from Gergő to crafterix.13:17:15
3 Jul 2020
@uplex:privacytools.iouplex joined the room.03:41:16
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