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6 Jan 2024
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie or hell even if you didn't have export in front 18:12:07
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie the only reason to use export is to make it available to sub-processes 18:12:30
function bar() {
  export foo=5

function baz() (
  echo $foo

@_discord_1174247883814486048:t2bot.iovigress7 Then why, when I edit the pacscript to export mod_dir in package(), does post_install() not inherit mod_dir? 18:13:02
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie that would workj 18:13:03
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie * that would work 18:13:05
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie hm 18:14:49
~> ll /usr/bin/prettier
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 Jan  6 21:58 /usr/bin/prettier -> //bin/prettier.cjs
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie OH 18:15:35
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie I know why 18:15:40
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie ok so how we handle postscripts is like this: 18:15:59
<pacscript pasted here>

<postscript function call here>
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie even though it's "exported", this is a new run of the script so it won't call it 18:16:32
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie like this 18:16:39
@_discord_1174247883814486048:t2bot.iovigress7 I'll define it outside of the functions then 18:17:23
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie yeah that would work 18:17:28
@_discord_1174247883814486048:t2bot.iovigress7 Aight, it works 18:25:20
@_discord_1174247883814486048:t2bot.iovigress7 Thanks for the lecture, that filled in some gaps in my knowledge 18:26:11
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie yeah most of the time you'll use:

foo() {}
local foo=bar
7 Jan 2024
@_discord_788875075847454742:t2bot.ioElsie godbolt.org 02:51:06
@_discord_723508718381039636:t2bot.ioalwindoss How do you generate this? 02:51:08
@_discord_1174247883814486048:t2bot.iovigress7 I'm going through the Rust book and having a ton of fun 15:42:08
@_discord_272835246272020481:t2bot.ioBrox of D Rust is fun 16:12:57
9 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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31 Jan 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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12 Feb 2024
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Rust is fun

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