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3 Jun 2021
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@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyaaaand we're bridged16:26:30
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4 Jun 2021
@arc:arcn.mxarcyay now I’m actually on the network thanks to the matrix osmosis21:02:16
7 Jun 2021
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyit's kinda weird that joining a matrix room has the potential side-effect of creating an avatar of you in some arbitrary foreign IRC network05:12:20
@emilazy:matrix.orgemily(...but convenient)05:12:26
16 Jun 2021
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2 Jul 2021
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27 Jul 2021
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3 Aug 2021
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6 Sep 2021
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9 Sep 2021
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9 Oct 2021
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11 Oct 2021
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26 Nov 2021
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