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20 Oct 2020
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22 Oct 2020
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10 Dec 2020
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3 Jan 2021
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18 Jan 2021
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21 Jan 2021
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28 Jan 2021
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2 Feb 2021
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5 Mar 2021
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12 Mar 2021
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10 Apr 2021
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25 Apr 2021
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27 May 2021
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyI don't know if anyone pays any attention to this dead channel for a dormant piece of vapourware ... but I'm probably going to move the IRC side of this off freenode at some point in the near future due to its network meltdown.04:07:58
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyor just cut it out, but I'd like to think it will become relevant again in the future!04:08:09
@freenode_V:matrix.orgVor, I suppose, I was surprised at there being activity here, and looked04:39:20
@freenode_V:matrix.orgV I don't find Matrix particularly usable, so I'm limited to IRC-only things :) 04:40:20
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyhey, this is at least hypothetically a future going concern until I stop using Nix or stop getting frustrated with it, neither of which show any signs of abating >_>04:57:55
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyI like to think the time I spend wrangling Nix into doing what I want instead of replacing it makes me better-equipped to redesign it04:58:17
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyI'll probably just start a channel on ...that one network you're not allowed to talk about... and bridge it over to the existing Matrix room sometime in the next few days. seems like the IRC logger I was using for backup died while I wasn't looking too04:59:01
@emilazy:matrix.orgemilyfwiw, if you want an authentically IRC-feeling Matrix experience, weechat-matrix and gomuks are both pretty good options (although both also have their limitations)04:59:33

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