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20 Oct 2021
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42* Why the Hell do I need bloatware and the system spying on me and misusIng my resources badly, nof to mention not running the titles I need correctly? No thanks. End.06:30:44
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Eat your cactus oneself, that's all.06:30:56
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCD that's all just so wrong I can barely even form words 06:31:02
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42If Wine wasn't that buggy, I would be using it.06:31:22
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Listen, let me be direct. Not only we are radically different in the culture, language and mindset, what you think is wrong to you, totally not wrong to me and vice versa.06:34:04
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42So do your thing and don't bother me.06:34:28
@Tsynk:libera.chat@Tsynk:libera.chat left the room.06:35:31
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDfirst people start using the wine06:38:38
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDthen the wine starts using them06:38:42
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCD Alcohol; Just say "Sometimes". 06:38:59
@hell_fire:libera.chat@hell_fire:libera.chat left the room.06:39:43
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Hah, the "Boomerang X" is so reminding me of the boomerangish knife from "Postal 2," not bad06:50:42
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDPostal 2; achieving previously unknown feats of human shitness, on purpose06:52:27
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42This game is banned in so many countries06:53:13
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Either way, the mechanics in non-banned "Boomerang X" is infinitely better06:53:45
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDit is silly yeah lol06:54:02
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Probably 'cause it's the only weapon06:54:17
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCD there's nothing even that bad in it compared to a lot of more 'realistic' games 06:54:18
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42* Probably 'cause it's the only weapon06:54:22
@freakazoid12345:libera.chatfreakazoid12345 joined the room.06:54:45
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Setting rating is one thing, like to help parents, but banning any game for adults is not smart, it's one's choice to play or not and what for own money not harming anybody really06:56:54
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDyeah exactly06:57:39
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDin au we had to literally protest to get an R18 rating at all06:57:54
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCD before that anything like that was just "banned" 06:58:04
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDso postal 2 actually helped the good fight06:58:11
@MJCD:libera.chatMJCDin the dumbest way possible :D06:58:16
@freakazoid343:libera.chat@freakazoid343:libera.chat left the room.06:58:58
@liara42:matrix.orgliara42Shiftly flying up to the direction of the boomerang, teleporting, etc, well, more than I expected (no expectations except the pure weapon)07:09:44

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