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26 Jun 2022
@_discord_288061190884687892:t2bot.ioDobbelbob#5675 Thats nice! Gonna buy it then 14:25:56
@_discord_352134286545125379:t2bot.ioBar0lg joined the room.14:42:32
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 I never had that slowmotion bug 14:50:31
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 It seems with settings set to "original" and FSR to ultra it maintains a solid 50fps here (50hz setting) it can get 60, but not stable 14:53:45
@_discord_297806783714689024:t2bot.ioHooly#2748 It persisted for some time 14:53:47
@_discord_297806783714689024:t2bot.ioHooly#2748 I think 6.3 was still affected 14:54:04
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 Seems in some area's it can maintain 50fps either, it does do 40 though 15:21:43
@_discord_163364879581839360:t2bot.ioSpl-it#0116 at 40hz it's still a lot smoother than 30fps/60hz 15:21:58
@_discord_140232616912748544:t2bot.ioMoistGoat even if its not, at least you can use it for other things like turning it into a desk pc 16:45:57
@_discord_140232616912748544:t2bot.ioMoistGoat when i have a deck and it becomes obsolete (id imagine either in 5-10 years time or if steam deck 2 is worth), id either sell it, or sell the parts and keep the board for a little computer tbh 16:46:53
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ My steam sale purchases are done! Yakuza kiwami, dark forces, dishonored and tetris effect 16:47:31
@_discord_140232616912748544:t2bot.ioMoistGoat still wishing i could buy the motherboard... 16:47:44
@_discord_268897677402570762:t2bot.ioCatKiller | Kubuntu PC gaming doesn't work like that, where there's a discrete next-gen that renders the previous gen obsolete. It'll age out like any other gaming PC: eventually you won't be able to play all the newest hotness with all the shinies, but you're still going to be able to play all those indies (which is the vast vast majority of Steam's catalogue) and the games made with scalability in mind (which is most PC games, because this is how the PC market works). 16:54:35
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ the deck getting obsolete is at least three batteries away minimum 16:59:44
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ basically obsolete means potato in pc gaming 16:59:45
@_discord_268897677402570762:t2bot.ioCatKiller | Kubuntu There's plenty of games released every day that only need a potato, though. 17:01:47
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ but like potato today is probably 10 year old gaming pc:s 17:01:50
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ more than plenty 17:01:50
@_discord_268897677402570762:t2bot.ioCatKiller | Kubuntu New & cheap or good but old both end up at potato. And the market caters to that. 17:02:10
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ but likely when my deck starts collecting dust my kids will be dating 17:02:30
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ but like i own a sega master system and i don't consider it obsolete like I would say an old printer 17:03:44
@_discord_251158015472959488:t2bot.ioc0ffee Most popular GPU is the GTX 1060 17:07:01
@_discord_251158015472959488:t2bot.ioc0ffee As of this month 17:07:09
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ 2017 stuff 17:07:12
@_discord_778651003674165328:t2bot.ioSebastian_ oops 2016 17:07:13
@_discord_130898105032769537:t2bot.io₿Maxi Never underestimate MMO players. They will run the same PC into the ground for a decade. Considering the thing will play WoW and FFXIV, it’s gonna have quite a lifespan 19:16:42
@_discord_297806783714689024:t2bot.ioHooly#2748 The SteamDeck also has a lower target resolution 19:44:25
@_discord_154653911540563968:t2bot.ioRakanishu#4930 changed their display name from Lugi to Rakanishu#4930.19:48:39
@_discord_154653911540563968:t2bot.ioRakanishu#4930 changed their profile picture.19:48:46
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