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26 Jan 2022
@_discord_414108999122681859:t2bot.ioUnitedFederation * gonna be a dumb marketing joke:
Much like Half-Life 3, everyone is eagerly awaiting our [PRODUCT]. Unlike Half-Life 3, our [PRODUCT] will actually come out!
insert monies plz
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic I think the biggest deciding factor on how the reviews turn out is how people view the range of games available at launch. Valve are thankfully going to be smart and have the 'Deck Verified' system to ensure people know which games to run, but will the Deck allow you to play unsupported games anyway? Will reviewers declare 'The Steam Deck is DOA!' just because <insert anti cheat protected game> isn't available on day 1? 23:00:23
@_discord_155794755966599168:t2bot.ioLiamD | EndeavourOS Deck Verified better ramp up quickly then 23:11:50
@_discord_155794755966599168:t2bot.ioLiamD | EndeavourOS Less than a month to release and less than 50 verified 23:12:06
@_discord_155794755966599168:t2bot.ioLiamD | EndeavourOS 😬 23:12:16
@_discord_167890305880686592:t2bot.ioartek | EndeavourOS KDE joined the room.23:17:17
@_discord_123913633414512644:t2bot.iokon14 | Silverblue (Wayland) Lutris Flatpak is not unofficial, but it's not going to be leaving beta any time soon 23:39:23
@_discord_156135932620308480:t2bot.ioserebit | solus budgie yeah they need to get some more dick verifiers 23:39:39
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic https://tenor.com/view/harry-styles-tape-measure-gif-8071078 23:45:36
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic I think the way I'd 'pitch this' from Valve's perspective is, there's going to be a 'launch lineup' of games, and more will be added over time. 23:47:11
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic If they pitch it that way, and then have say, a thousand games verified at launch? That looks/sounds good as a 'launch lineup'. 23:47:46
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic Especially if it's a thousand good / popular games. 23:47:56
@_discord_161923023996190721:t2bot.ioEvening Newbs We have no idea how many have been tested and not added publicly yet. 23:49:54
27 Jan 2022
@gabriel:libresolutions.networkGabriel changed their display name from Gabe to Gabriel.00:40:18
@gabriel:libresolutions.networkGabriel changed their profile picture.00:41:50
@_discord_634408373852438572:t2bot.ioKatsuEnya changed their display name from KatsuEnya to KatsuEnya#1114.01:05:23
@_discord_634408373852438572:t2bot.ioKatsuEnya changed their display name from KatsuEnya#1114 to KatsuEnya.01:05:27
@_discord_450473021208002561:t2bot.ioTypijay#9284 If they ship me one I can help verify 01:59:32
@_discord_450473021208002561:t2bot.ioTypijay#9284 Or even if they had some sort of emulator thingy I'd still help out that way 02:01:35
@_discord_551379180902940682:t2bot.ioinstability Feb 28, lol, is it last day of feb? 02:01:59
@_discord_450473021208002561:t2bot.ioTypijay#9284 Yeah I don't think it's a leap year 02:03:28
@_discord_551379180902940682:t2bot.ioinstability Seems valve really really dont want to delay again 02:06:06
@_discord_268897677402570762:t2bot.ioCatKiller | Kubuntu If a year is divisible by 4, it's a leap year, unless it's divisible by 100, which isn't, unless it's divisible by 400, in which case it is. 02:07:46
@_discord_450473021208002561:t2bot.ioTypijay#9284 So... 2024? 02:08:57
@_discord_268897677402570762:t2bot.ioCatKiller | Kubuntu 2024 is a leap year, yes. 02:10:58
@_discord_272811963728396289:t2bot.iogamin' i can see them doing everything at the last minute 02:55:40
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic I imagine right now it's a balancing act between wanting to get more games listed as verified, while not only listing verified games, and not wanting to announce a game as either verified or playable or unsupported yet if they want to give the developers a chance to fix up any small issues before launch, etc. 02:56:36
@_discord_272811963728396289:t2bot.iogamin' I can understand that 02:56:54
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic Valve is probably trying to give the devs as much time as they can to get their games running well, probably right up to the last minute if they can. 02:58:10
@_discord_344381845712142336:t2bot.ioGrady Vuckovic And I bet Valve is absolutely pleading with some devs of big games to squeeze as much cooperation out of them as they can before launch, especially the games busted due to anticheat. 02:59:15

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