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18 Sep 2020
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter)ah yeah that could be it18:52:08
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) they're in the browser console 18:52:17
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) 18:52:40
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) 18:52:48
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) yea i've been seeing those randomly in sentry console, but never able to reproduce them 20:52:20
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) i still think all the parts we have in it to server static content (azure+nginx+fastly) something is caching when it shouldn't be 20:52:52
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter)the static query is a json file, so if you can see what it errored on we can check fastly rules20:53:26
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) though I think we specifically made 404 not cache, and static queries should have unique filename based on content/build so it shouldn't stay cached 20:53:48
19 Sep 2020
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) the only value that was cached was this @halkeye 12:05:37
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) 12:05:39
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter) https://plugins.jenkins.io/page-data/sq/d/475252407.json 12:06:01
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) Yea that would be the static query data. If it loaded I don't know why Gatsby would complain 17:14:05
@gitter_timja:matrix.orgTim Jacomb (Gitter)If i force my cache cleared it does work...18:23:53
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter)so its something todo with caching still19:23:24
@gitter_markewaite:matrix.orgMark Waite (Gitter) @halkeye I just received a report in the git plugin channel that the Google search results for the git plugin include unexpected text in the heading shown by Google. 19:35:11
@gitter_markewaite:matrix.orgMark Waite (Gitter) 19:35:19
@gitter_markewaite:matrix.orgMark Waite (Gitter) The "2.204.1" and "ID" are correctly inside a <span>, but somehow the Google search results show them instead of the page title 19:36:05
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter)maybe the title is too short so google is looking for more?19:37:02
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter)og:title and title are both right19:37:04
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) 20:29:12
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) for me it looks OK: 20:29:15
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) I can see now that my screenshot is identical with Mark's, but not Rishabh's 20:31:25
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) (edited) ... not Rishabh's => ... not Rishabh's (from the git-plugin channel) 20:31:55
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) @MarkEWaite I think the problem is that the <span> is inside the <h1>. There is already a related PR: https://github.com/jenkins-infra/plugin-site/pull/363#discussion_r491480207 20:35:50
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35624?hl=en 22:58:59
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter)Maybe it should be Jenkins Plugin: Git22:59:12
@gitter_markewaite:matrix.orgMark Waite (Gitter)That would be a fine choice for a title.23:00:42
@gitter_halkeye:matrix.orgGavin Mogan (Gitter) https://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag says pipe brand last. So maybe "Git Plugin | Jenkins" 23:01:53
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) I think if we just remove all the clutter from the <h1> it will be fine 23:02:37
@gitter_zbynek:matrix.orgZbynek Konecny (Gitter) google can decide whether it likes <h1> or <title> more, both will have meaningful content 23:03:24

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