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We do not discriminate. Unless you're a Nazi stan or homophobe. Or... You know who... Do not send images that people may be uncomfortable with. Ask for consent before sending potentially disturbing or sensitive images. Politics are a controversial topic, and as such, please don't bring them here. They'll most likely cause an argument. Do not start drama in this room, as a lot of us are sensitive to such topics. Those who violate this rule will be muted. How long shall depend on the level of distress caused. Do not use possibly offensive words, such as retard or the N-word. The first time you use one of these words, you get the message removed and a warning, and the second time, you will get the message removed, a warning, and a mute for two hours. Leaving during your mute will end up in a ban Using an alt counts as avoiding your ban10 Servers

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19 Nov 2023
@luckycat:yuri.im@luckycat:yuri.im changed their display name from luckycat [19m/bi] (dms open) to luckycat [19m] (no dms).12:33:10
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20 Nov 2023
@sombrio_007:matrix.orglittle cute (Dm open) joined the room.02:03:23
23 Nov 2023
@waterdraak:matrix.org@waterdraak:matrix.org joined the room.19:59:20
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24 Nov 2023
@pittpatt:matrix.org@pittpatt:matrix.org joined the room.15:35:22
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27 Nov 2023
@pribo123:matrix.org@pribo123:matrix.org joined the room.08:59:24
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28 Nov 2023
@976655j:matrix.orgKev Zom joined the room.02:24:12
30 Nov 2023
@wolfy040:matrix.org@wolfy040:matrix.org joined the room.08:47:54
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2 Dec 2023
@annominous:sibnsk.net@annominous:sibnsk.net 12:45:29
@annominous:sibnsk.net@annominous:sibnsk.net left the room.12:49:21
3 Dec 2023
@ronjik:matrix.org@ronjik:matrix.org joined the room.03:43:03
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4 Dec 2023
@lolol12321:matrix.orglolol12321 joined the room.15:38:34
6 Dec 2023
@franky92:matrix.org@franky92:matrix.org joined the room.03:52:33
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8 Dec 2023
@kloverrr:matrix.org@kloverrr:matrix.org joined the room.00:28:17
@luchosurf2:matrix.orgLuis Alfredo Panchana Guaman joined the room.06:23:28
11 Dec 2023
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14 Dec 2023
@cal_:matrix.orgcal [∅] changed their display name from Cal del Oceano ♡ to cal [∅].02:17:27
@cal_:matrix.orgcal [∅] changed their profile picture.02:18:03
15 Dec 2023
@sombrio_007:matrix.orglittle cute (Dm open) changed their display name from little cute to little cute (Dm open).09:22:31
19 Jan 2024
@kloverrr:matrix.org@kloverrr:matrix.org joined the room.00:13:20
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22 Jan 2024
@cal_:matrix.orgcal [∅] changed their profile picture.02:29:34

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