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18 Feb 2019
02:24:06@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Small mount like that simply isn't. Bigger towers you add a grounding rod and drive it into the ground.
02:24:10@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Deeper the better.
02:24:25@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Talked to one dude at a wisp conference that was obsessive about grounding.
02:25:44@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Actually DSimpier that's screwed into shake roofing tile? I guess if you don't penetrate the waterproofing layer below there's no leak risk.
02:30:04@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Yeah, ttk2 you can screw the direct to the roof, we used the same holes as the previous satellite dish.
02:32:11@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier @DarkDrgn2k#0000 we use shielded cable for grounding the equipment.
02:32:54@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Oh you found a version of that which isn't crap?
02:33:40@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Yeah, I thought you knew I love Shireen brand shielded cable. Just harder to get in Colombia.
02:34:04@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 I do remember hearing that. Just didn't know you ended up using it all the time.
02:34:34@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 It goes to the grounding ring on the provided cpe which goes to plug ground. Which is house ground. Which is hopefully connected to a grounding rod.
02:34:55@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Yep. And properly shielded ends too. Have to use the right cable ends.
02:35:30@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Yup yup. Not enough there to really stop a dead on strike but it will keep a nearby one from causing issues.
02:36:08@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Right, and it extends the life of the equipment as well.
03:24:57@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier My gateway tower - thought it looked nice with a rare bit of sunshine.
19 Feb 2019
13:52:59@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj Welcome ferologics :)
17:02:30@_discord_506497615433826305:t2bot.iofRESH_OiL DSimpier "Yeah, ttk2 you can screw the direct to the roof, we used the same holes as the previous satellite dish." Yes and no. I've seen plenty of these types of installs leak. If all you do is go through the same holes it will leak - it will leak at the eave and the owner won't know until years have passed and he sees the rot or the roof is replaced and the rot is revealed. This can cost a decent chunk of change to fix. At the very least seal the holes and around the base (mastic or similar, meant for asphalt/roofing/exterior). Those mounts really should only be used on walls or preferably trim wood such as the fascia. For a roof system you want a mount that meets the same weatherproofing standards as the roof system. That is, properly shingled in, decent flange, sealed screws, and enough curb/drip edge to prevent wind blown rain from getting in. CommDeck makes a product just for this. Its not my favorite and its not cheap. Again, best to put these on the fascia.
17:47:14@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 thanks for the warning, I think this is the first one I've seen off the fascia, wonder what the original dish installer was thinking?
18:48:06@_discord_506497615433826305:t2bot.iofRESH_OiL np. even when attaching to fascia best to keep a caulk grade exterior sealant and set the mount in that, give it a smooth bead over the top edge of the mount. Otherwise water could eventually get into the screw holes and rot out the wood.
21:44:06@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier We used the original padding/sealed screws as the dish installer and set the mount in the same exact spot, then caulked throughly. These mounts are quite common directly on the roof for satellite dishes in my area. Do satellite installers normally have lots of problems with them? We normally do fascia mounts, but this was not viable for this house, and we were able to take advantage of existing infrastructure and not make any new holes.
20 Feb 2019
06:36:43@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj "Cryptonetwork Governance as Capital."

14:13:13@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj https://twitter.com/AltheaOrg/status/1098223913073590277
22:17:28@makeworld:tomesh.netmakeworld #general-mesh:tomesh.net <-- Discuss mesh networking!
21 Feb 2019
00:18:13@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Another Clatskanie Althea user and soon to be relay!
00:32:16@_discord_368629042271748098:t2bot.io₿alls of $teel™#1875 changed their display name from Balls of Steel 🎱 to ₿alls of $teel 🎱#1875.
00:34:10@_discord_368629042271748098:t2bot.io₿alls of $teel™#1875 changed their display name from ₿alls of $teel 🎱#1875 to ₿alls of $teel™#1875.
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