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24 May 2023
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea TIPIN AMA with Althea coming up!
26 May 2023
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_750014595409641512:t2bot.ioNode&Validator#8707.08:31:07
@_discord_750014595409641512:t2bot.ioNode&Validator#8707 joined the room.08:31:08
@_discord_750014595409641512:t2bot.ioNode&Validator#8707 Is there any deadline to register for genesis validator? Thank. 08:31:08
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea https://www.linkedin.com/posts/deborah-simpier-a88063169_over-20-families-sign-up-for-free-broadband-activity-7067968887073484801-V9Zh?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android 22:04:47
27 May 2023
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea20230526_201121.jpg
Download 20230526_201121.jpg
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Altheasignal-2023-05-27-07-48-32-021.jpg
Download signal-2023-05-27-07-48-32-021.jpg
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Altheasignal-2023-05-27-07-49-39-331.jpg
Download signal-2023-05-27-07-49-39-331.jpg
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Pics from UW event yesterday- thanks to all who came out to talk decentralized internet! 16:36:33
@praeluceo:matrix.orgpraeluceoThat's awesome! 17:17:14
In reply to @_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.io
Pics from UW event yesterday- thanks to all who came out to talk decentralized internet!
College age?
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Age is a construct: we all exist as the amalgamation of the decentralized ethos. 😉 18:57:44
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_418180763201044491:t2bot.iopaul121#2593.19:08:14
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@_discord_418180763201044491:t2bot.iopaul121#2593 Forgot to ask yesterday DebSimpier | Althea , but curious about genesis validator spots as well 19:08:15
@_discord_928575843641479198:t2bot.ioWhyme | NodeX CapitalRedacted or Malformed Event21:53:54
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea NodeX Emperor we are an open community. You can share your thoughts here. 22:07:21
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea This test net is open - all are welcome 22:07:42
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea paul121 ^ 22:08:03
@_discord_928575843641479198:t2bot.ioWhyme | NodeX CapitalRedacted or Malformed Event23:21:30
@_discord_993932140418965745:t2bot.ioMercadoMaestro Hey DebSimpier | Althea was there an official media kit for people to use assets from for promotional and marketing purposes? I wanted to include some sort of banner graphic (not just a logo pic) at the bottom of my articles for each of the projects I like, and was wanting to include Althea Net with the ones I have for Hive, 3Speak, and Alter Network 23:58:52
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Yep! carrotcypher or JR @ Althea what do you think is the best way to make these assets public? 23:59:50
28 May 2023
@_discord_925942751357435944:t2bot.iocarrotcypher#9252 For the moment we could use github to upload any assets for others, but long term we should probably have a page on the website with the branding guide 00:21:53
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Hmmm. What do you think Justin | Althea ? 01:31:24
@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.ioJustin | Althea Agree on branding page. But GitHub assets page will last a long time. 01:34:26
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Hey All - going to be in central/southern Oregon (Eugene/Salem/Grant's Pass) area over the next couple days - happy to grab coffee or meet up! ☕️ 22:17:49
29 May 2023
@_discord_932064374812708895:t2bot.ioNodeist | nodeist.net changed their display name from Nodeist | nodeist.net to Nodeist | nodeist.net#3299.00:52:52
@_discord_932064374812708895:t2bot.ioNodeist | nodeist.net changed their display name from Nodeist | nodeist.net#3299 to Nodeist | nodeist.net.00:52:54
@_discord_389824062358159361:t2bot.iopetar#7394 changed their display name from metallionaire#7394 to petar#7394.19:14:53
30 May 2023
@_discord_323885157356404756:t2bot.iorollinson We can store everything in github, but there should be a branding assets page on the main website, that's where folks expect to find it. 14:24:40

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