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26 Nov 2021
@_discord_831142224871817236:t2bot.iosugarufc#8033 joined the room.09:36:37
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27 Nov 2021
@_discord_474842514407292930:t2bot.ioDan | Regen Network#5021 changed their profile picture.01:17:59
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@_discord_664558089458155523:t2bot.ioMorgan set a profile picture.11:21:34
@_discord_664558089458155523:t2bot.ioMorgan Hi 11:21:34
@_discord_664558089458155523:t2bot.ioMorgan changed their display name from Morgan#9970 to Morgan.11:21:34
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@_discord_831972028214673468:t2bot.ioalexKa#6690 hello 16:02:37
@_discord_762816452083843082:t2bot.iotimsmith#2774 changed their display name from timsmith to timsmith#2774.19:09:52
28 Nov 2021
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Hi! Welcome! 01:09:07
@_discord_531399950764867594:t2bot.ioWilbo#0794 Coud Could you please join the Gravity Bridge discord server and then ping me? Thank you. Invite link: https://discord.gg/d3DshmHpXA 03:16:52
@_discord_448287828821016587:t2bot.ioastromahdi#5451 Not sure where to post this
I know a perfect deployment target for althea where the people desperately need it
@_discord_448287828821016587:t2bot.ioastromahdi#5451 Who do i talk to about details and hopefully pushing the idea closer to reality ? 06:05:04
@cosmoslight-lotus-spirit-freedom:matrix.orgCosmos Lotus changed their profile picture.22:53:59
@_discord_531399950764867594:t2bot.ioWilbo#0794 You can start with me, and go from there. 23:06:25
@_discord_448287828821016587:t2bot.ioastromahdi#5451 As in via dm? Or here 23:06:53
@_discord_531399950764867594:t2bot.ioWilbo#0794 Whatever you’d prefer 🙂 23:07:10
29 Nov 2021
@_discord_399599021158563850:t2bot.iocmalize#8352 changed their display name from cmalize to cmalize#8352.01:59:11
@_discord_876908960563724288:t2bot.iosatchel#7393 Hi I read the white paper but I didn’t quite see either the tokenomics or the blockchain design considerations there. Is this the only source or is there another doc? 02:32:08
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_329289016237096974:t2bot.ioC B (〖〗,〖〗)#6560.12:52:29
@_discord_329289016237096974:t2bot.ioC B (〖〗,〖〗)#6560 joined the room.12:52:31
@_discord_329289016237096974:t2bot.ioC B (〖〗,〖〗)#6560 Super happy to be here. 12:52:31
@_discord_329289016237096974:t2bot.ioC B (〖〗,〖〗)#6560 Boost time ❤️ 12:52:32
@_discord_226120601562120193:t2bot.ioElvisNuno Curious, with the ease of integrating handshake (HNS) nodes into unbound now, what’s the thought to migrating Althea router DNS servers to a set of servers that can resolve web3.0 TLD’s/domain names? 16:46:21
@_discord_226120601562120193:t2bot.ioElvisNuno I think it would be a good next step to educate and encourage the adoption of web3.0 standards. 16:46:55
@_discord_531399950764867594:t2bot.ioWilbo#0794 Interesting question, ElvisNuno - I'll get back to you on that. 18:35:35

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