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11 Dec 2018
00:36:19@_discord_474842514407292930:t2bot.ioQwoyn | HashKings changed their display name from Qwoyn | HashKings#5021 to Qwoyn | HashKings.
05:41:18@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj https://twitter.com/NearProtocol/status/1072293274163961856?s=19
14:17:46@_discord_354311113330130944:t2bot.io@_discord_354311113330130944:t2bot.io left the room.
14:34:04@_discord_506497615433826305:t2bot.iofRESH_OiL Is there any archived or ongoing discussion about the use and structure of the althea staking token? I found the whitepaper lacking details (in particular I'm most interested in the discussion on the inflation).
15:13:06@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 fRESH_OiL might be one here https://forum.altheamesh.com/c/development if not you can make one
16:22:27@_discord_506497615433826305:t2bot.iofRESH_OiL i'll peruse. thanks.
17:02:25@_discord_333187697139253248:t2bot.ioVirupa changed their display name from Dave to Virupa#2778.
17:02:26@_discord_333187697139253248:t2bot.ioVirupa changed their display name from Virupa#2778 to Virupa.
12 Dec 2018
06:02:59@_discord_408295081313959936:t2bot.iograndest nan as an organizer how would one start a network the cheapest? what equipment would be required?
12:14:35@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 grandest nan the cheapest possible network would be someone selling an existing connection to their neighbor, that's about $90 in equipment if ~20mbps is acceptable and $260 if you want a few hundred mbps
12:17:56@_discord_408295081313959936:t2bot.iograndest nan how much would it cost to start a network in a place that doesnt have any connections?
12:18:14@_discord_408295081313959936:t2bot.iograndest nan i have people near me interested, but i also dont have over $500 to invest
12:18:48@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 that's dependent on how you want to get a connection there and what's nearby
12:19:03@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 are we talking about 10-20 miles from 'civilization' or hundreds?
12:19:29@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 the former can be done with off the shelf stuff, the latter starts becoming an engineering project.
13:47:10@_discord_230856161803501569:t2bot.ioTH0Ryn joined the room.
13:47:11@_discord_230856161803501569:t2bot.ioTH0Ryn changed their profile picture.
13:47:17@_discord_230856161803501569:t2bot.ioTH0Ryn Hi guys, Auryn from Colony here.
13:48:29@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj Welcome TH0Ryn :)
14:12:28@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Welcome.
15:23:52@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier grandest nan Thats great that you have people interested! A subnet organizer can help encourage gateways and intermediaries to invest in their own hardware and make money to build and grow the network. And, subnet organizers can charge folks a recurring monthly fee to be part of the network to fund that work or maybe even collect funds for bootstraping.
The system itself is very flexible and encourages individual nodes to own and purchase their own hardware. So, you can set up your subnet organization with very little upfront cost, and work together with other community members to build the necessary gateway and intermediary nodes.
15:31:43@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier If you are wanting to set up a gateway node, the biggest difficulty there is obtaining a backhaul connection that is dedicated, resaleable bandwidth, as often they require a few year lease and a larger monthly commitment. You could, however, see if there was a WISP that was a small business in your area that might be interested in collaboration - we have seen a few that are. Or, I've also seen entities that are nonprofit get much better and more flexible pricing. Or, another idea is to work with a university, library, or other municipal structure. Many cities are willing to help out if you have alot of under served people in your community. I probably have more ideas, but this is getting to be a wall of text. :)
13 Dec 2018
01:40:32@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Another user is connected in Clatskanie! This home is in a good position to broadcast to the farmland along the river.
01:43:56@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 wonder if the USPS truck will disrupt the connection for a few minutes a day
02:04:41@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier It's Clatskanie, we have a dude in a beat up station wagon that delivers mail.
02:10:18@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier This was actually just as much elevation of roof mounting and much easier. When we put in the other antennas we will probably move this one as well.
02:10:53@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 cool, sounds like it will work just fine
02:34:30@_discord_451402537480880148:t2bot.iojehan-classic Theres some kind of email pun in there Neeraj
04:21:59@_discord_390798449152622592:t2bot.ioNeeraj https://twitter.com/AltheaOrg/status/1073070264706052097

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