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9 Apr 2021
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@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kSo out of curiosity for you guys have to deal with things like general liability insurance .. do land owners even ask for stuff like.that16:54:03
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Yep - local operators should have liability insurance and a legal entity. 16:55:33
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier We have partners at Unitel Insurance that understand WISPs and we can also help with the forming a cooperative. In many cases, we can also partner with local operators, instead of them working independently, to roll out Althea in an area. 16:57:54
@blazeyt2504:matrix.orgBlazeYT2504how it goin21:53:08
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@hazel_38:matrix.orghazel16Redacted or Malformed Event22:51:26
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10 Apr 2021
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@_discord_226120601562120193:t2bot.ioillbeinmylab Unitel is a solid insurance provider. We use them. 03:23:23
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@_discord_795165114503790602:t2bot.io咕噜 hello 14:25:45
@_discord_226120601562120193:t2bot.ioillbeinmylab DSimpier thanks for RT my blog post about the relays! 😊 14:53:45
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11 Apr 2021
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Resources to share with 5G health concerned people- @network organizer

@_discord_448287828821016587:t2bot.ioastromahdiDownload BTS_Seallte_talk.9-11-2018.Final.pdf04:08:06
@_discord_448287828821016587:t2bot.ioastromahdi I went to an IEEE presentation at Microsoft about 5G/RF exposure and the extensive testing that needs to be done for biological safety

maybe contains helpful resources/points to share with concerned folks?
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDSimpier Thanks astromahdi 04:09:12
In reply to @_discord_226120601562120193:t2bot.io
Here’s an interesting mesh networking project for broadcasting bitcoin / monero transactions: https://locha.io/
I was going to actually ask if this project is considering supporting bitcoin txns, so it's cool to see this project being shared in here. Reason why I'm wondering is because I know there is demand for a decentralized ipv6 mesh network that can support btc txns, but that project is losing credibility in the bitcoin community by not following through on promises they made.
@KryptoKidz:matrix.orgKryptoKidzI like the DIY blockstream satellite node you shared in here as well, but it's certainly not affordable hardware or user-friendly to set up for most people.06:15:04
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