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26 Sep 2022
@_discord_919816167248494613:t2bot.ioMichael LOA Labs#9677 I believe you can “flash” most units. 21:33:19
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkohttps://github.com/althea-net/althea-firmware#supported-device-targets this still valid?21:33:28
@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iojkilpatr (althea) yup that's valid and up to date. 22:09:19
@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iojkilpatr (althea) erx still works, we also support a few newer models 22:09:34
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoi assum to configure wan i have to do it via configs not via ui right? 22:09:54
@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iojkilpatr (althea) This is possible the LTE software we've got is pretty flexible as far as letting you run a lan like setup (in the very near future) or the sort of althea protocol 22:10:18
@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iojkilpatr (althea) * This is possible the LTE software we've got is pretty flexible as far as letting you run a lan like setup (in the very near future) or the alteha sort of paid for network to the internet. 22:10:28
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurko * \o hi there. Once i build a reference implementation of a althea node to figure out how to do things, i think we may want to setup a call with justin or someone like that to talk about the potential project. 22:49:11
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkois there a dev exit node or something i can use to test ?23:01:13
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoor a way to setup an exit node23:49:06
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoor can a regular althea node act as exit?23:49:20
27 Sep 2022
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_865275698024808489:t2bot.ioDon Cryptonium#8245.04:01:41
@_discord_865275698024808489:t2bot.ioDon Cryptonium#8245 joined the room.04:01:43
@_discord_865275698024808489:t2bot.ioDon Cryptonium#8245 Hey guys! 04:01:44
@_discord_865275698024808489:t2bot.ioDon Cryptonium#8245 Going live with Deb. Join us! 04:01:46
@_discord_865275698024808489:t2bot.ioDon Cryptonium#8245 https://youtu.be/DXwls8BzUcs 04:01:47
@_discord_477146895068823554:t2bot.ioDebSimpier | Althea Thanks for the conversation Don Cryptonium
This was a really fun podcast!
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoSo if i understand Althea's incentives routing MESH: This is the extension of the Althea incentivized network. Nodes on this network pay/collect for their own transit. This runs the babeld+rita+WG stack13:00:53
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoWAN: Similar to MESH except WG over public internet instead of local. Running babeld+rita+WG stack 13:02:32
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoLAN + WIFI: Just a lan that is NATTED against althea. The node that routes the LAN is responsible for all the transactions on behalf of the devices on the LAN/WIFI. 13:03:25
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoLTE,PHONE, ETC: I can only assume this is some sort of middle ground between MESH and LAN that allows end point to pay their pay into the network?13:04:17
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoSo if the above is true then consider a topology like this13:11:39
Download image.png
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurkoFor USER 1 and USER 2 to reach the CONTENT server. I think the Content Server would have to be a BABELD+RITA+WG node. Is that correct?13:12:47
28 Sep 2022
@_discord_919816167248494613:t2bot.ioMichael LOA Labs#9677 https://twitter.com/gravity_bridge/status/1574947379840688128?s=12&t=Y-uC0yhjC2aLt0nDHsJ7uA 02:22:44
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurko Jtremback: Sent you an invite on discord, Can we chat out of band? 12:37:39
@yurko:networkedserver.netYurko * Jtremback: Sent you an msg on discord, Can we chat out of band? 12:37:50
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_914946543684038760:t2bot.ioYurko#2527.12:40:45
@_discord_914946543684038760:t2bot.ioYurko#2527 joined the room.12:40:48
@_discord_914946543684038760:t2bot.ioYurko#2527 Aww edits dont come through the bridge i guess 😦 s/invite/msg/ 12:40:48

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