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31 Mar 2023
@_discord_606511114087563291:t2bot.ioPRABHS joined the room.16:45:38
@_discord_606511114087563291:t2bot.ioPRABHS hi 16:45:41
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioBasedPotato https://tenor.com/view/feeling-sexy-bob-hoskins-who-framed-roger-rabbit-gif-17108205 18:09:11
@_discord_946651583704358962:t2bot.ioWavePusher Hi 19:11:56
1 Apr 2023
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul No hi 02:02:01
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 bye 02:03:44
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioBasedPotato Ahoy? 02:06:31
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul Chips ahoy 02:39:54
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul Bro 02:39:55
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul What is this weather 02:40:02
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul A day ago it was spring 02:40:09
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul Now were back in winter 02:40:14
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioBasedPotato God is mad at us 02:41:20
@fishandchips:matrix.orgfishandchips joined the room.02:48:53
@fishandchips:matrix.orgfishandchipsTesting, testing, testes, testes02:49:46
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioBasedPotato ^ Whelp, I'm on Matrix. Only have access to this channel though so still channel cucked 😂 😮‍💨
It is not meant to be
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul welp 03:27:52
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul not my fault 03:28:10
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul Yo is anyone here specialized in facial features (eyes, jawline,etc) i wanna try getting deep set eyes 03:50:47
@_discord_592366507531698186:t2bot.ioGhoul I have dark circles around my eyes and idk how to get rid of them 03:51:15
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioBasedPotato Ummm I think you pray to a witch and put cucumber slices with the fresh blood of an innocent on your eyes and sleep while listening to Slayer 05:29:10
@_discord_946651583704358962:t2bot.ioWavePusher I have the same thing 06:00:04
@_discord_946651583704358962:t2bot.ioWavePusher You can wear foundation and coverup like me when I wear contacts 06:00:19
@_discord_946651583704358962:t2bot.ioWavePusher Otherwise everyone thinks Im sick 06:00:24
@_discord_946651583704358962:t2bot.ioWavePusher My glasses hide the bags cuz it looks like shadow from glasses 06:00:39
@_discord_276871320027791360:t2bot.ioItty bitty kitty committee Canada's freedom is disappearing by the day now at an alarmingrate. ..anyone have some solutions 12:31:38
@_discord_935639704727081020:t2bot.ioElizabeth_B joined the room.14:16:52
@_discord_427580826692354059:t2bot.iolazychino2 hows so? 14:44:32
@_discord_85257659694993408:t2bot.ioJake <#1084914147298390048> 18:48:36
@_discord_408845665653751808:t2bot.ioclockwork joined the room.20:23:18

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