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4 Dec 2023
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 goodluck guys out there 12:39:09
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 i had to call in for work, bus never showed up and no uber/lyft drivers were there for me..endless loop of connecting to driver 12:39:44
@_discord_324018498231861249:t2bot.ioasvpcurtis How to move back in with parents step 1 have parents that live remotely close to your job 17:55:43
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 i can save up for a car without stress of food, bills, and rent 17:56:11
@_discord_324018498231861249:t2bot.ioasvpcurtis Step 2 hope they have enough space in their home to take you 17:56:13
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 same with other stuff im saving up for 17:56:18
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 i just never moved out post high school, im in universtiy so i just stayed in my room lmao 17:56:45
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker Spent 4 years after high-school working from my parents place saving up money while also looking for an affordable apartment
Skipped college/uni cause I figured money would be more important than a diploma
I was right, moved out in the nick of time , literally a month before covid I found an apt with a decent rent and thank god
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker Only hitch in my plans is covid fucked up the part of my plan where I go back to school but whatever no plan is perfect 22:25:15
@_discord_506585583913795595:t2bot.ioJonka Kerrek III I'd change it, maybe get like 10-20 pics you think might be good, then squint and see what ones still pop through squinted eyes?
What is the inspiration for your pic?

The only reason I say new pic is that the top pic looks like an imgflip pepe meme, and the bottom one looks like the pic for your Christian apologetics street epistemology youtube channel where you show people the light on the street. 😂
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0&ab_channel=RockstarGames 23:28:57
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 LETS GOOO 23:29:00
5 Dec 2023
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker too busy with job now
also lazy too lol
@_discord_324018498231861249:t2bot.ioasvpcurtis But you can always sign up for OSAP no??? 00:07:43
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker true
initially it was because I didnt want to be stuck with online classes
now im just too busy
Download GAik49dW8AAnS1X.jpeg.jpg
@_discord_1141811781623365733:t2bot.ioprincevegeta_99 That is my fav part 00:28:41
@_discord_1141811781623365733:t2bot.ioprincevegeta_99 Going to the strip club for free 00:32:15
@_discord_1141811781623365733:t2bot.ioprincevegeta_99 00:32:21
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker yeah but thats where the lazy part comes in
sounds like too much work to me lol 😅
@_discord_233751875357376512:t2bot.ioanswer_talker ambition and motivation just aint there for me anymore.. 00:34:52
@_discord_324018498231861249:t2bot.ioasvpcurtis Dude I feel you must be all the social isolation 00:49:38
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 cars went like 40km/h lmao 01:39:32
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 i saw in the trailer a speed limit that was posted which was 70 but idk if its mph or kmh 01:39:43
@_discord_1141811781623365733:t2bot.ioprincevegeta_99 Mph 01:42:48
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 damn!!! 01:48:04
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 realistic highways 01:48:19
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 i wonder if there's a time dynamic in the game. Like 7am rushhour = busy highway 01:48:42
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 12pm = not busy 01:48:46
@_discord_695030666970136646:t2bot.iosacred_storm21 and i wonder if you can manipulate time to whatever you want 01:49:04

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