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15 Dec 2019
22:36:25@julie123:matrix.orgjulie123 invited @texashrv:matrix.orgTexasHRV.
22:46:20@life4me:matrix.orglife4meThanks for the update Fleming
22:47:07@sunnylite:matrix.orgsunnylite11:11 Thank you for the update Mr. Fleming
22:47:10@helencunno1957:matrix.orghelencunno1957 Feeling sad
22:48:50@texashrv:matrix.orgTexasHRV joined the room.
23:32:02@animalangels17:matrix.organimalangels17Julie123 thanks so much for helping me out. I have no arrow under the People box on the left There is an arrow for Rooms but not People. Yes, on computer. At least I'm here in Chat and the Intel Room!! Thank you again for the help!! Sorry I couldn't receive your message.
16 Dec 2019
00:00:03@gladys21:matrix.orgMujer de fe left the room.
00:11:59@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman animalangels17: I think Julie is logged off. What are you trying to do?
00:14:15@animalangels17:matrix.organimalangels17Dwisewoman - I was trying to retrieve a PM that Julie123 sent me.
00:14:58@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman animalangels17: OK - are you on a computer, tablet or phone?
00:15:54@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanOK. So are you using the white background or the black?
00:17:14@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanOK - So, on your left you should see a list of rooms and any messages that have been sent to you. Usually they will appear in bold text. If you scroll - you should see Julie123's name. If you click on her name - you will see the message.
00:17:35@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanIt may appear below the room names
00:18:08@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanDo you see it?
00:21:06@animalangels17:matrix.organimalangels17I see the 2 rooms but no message indications. Sorry!
00:22:31@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewomanOK. I am going to try and send you one. You should see an invite pop up on your screen. Accept it. That will put you into the dm room with me.
00:25:44@ibzp12:matrix.orgibzp12dwisewoman can I also be invited
00:26:53@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman ibzp12: The other person was invited to a private conversation with me.
00:28:08@ibzp12:matrix.orgibzp12Ohh ok sorry
00:28:31@eagle4:matrix.orgeagle4Number 2 update today was GREAT NEWS!
00:31:17@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman ibzp12: No worries. We private chatted the other day.
00:31:21@dwisewoman:matrix.orgDwisewoman eagle4: Yes it was!
02:06:15@ireneb0684:matrix.orgireneb0684 Good night
02:14:26@julie123:matrix.orgjulie123Good Night Beautiful People! Catch you in the morning.... UNLESS we have another update yet tonight!
02:22:04@texashrv:matrix.orgTexasHRVNite All
In reply to @texashrv:matrix.org
Nite All
Goodnight everyone. Putting out in the universe this will be our week.
03:31:07@flyboyifr:matrix.orgflyboyifr Goodnight

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