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29 Mar 2023
@_xmpp_hellstabber=40404.city:matrix.orghellstabber changed their profile picture.10:57:24
@marquiskurt:one.ems.hostMarquis KurtYou're talking about this, right?13:07:31
@marquiskurt:one.ems.hostMarquis Kurthttps://github.com/Denperidge-Redpencil/Matrix-Bot-Starter13:07:32
@prwalterbulbazor:pascalnet.euWalter, viva l'Auvèrnha, fuck la França changed their display name from Pr.Walter Bulbazor to Walter, viva l'Auvèrnha, fuck la França.14:33:32
@rogueren:matrix.orgRenHey all, got a question. So the Discord bridge can send messages from bot pretty well, but Matrix doesn't have an equivalent to Discord roles. Does anyone know if you have a bot add `@ room` to a message if it will ping the room correctly?15:13:08
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit should bridge at-room ant at-everyone from the Discord side, yes. (assuming it has permissions)15:18:52
In reply to @travis:t2l.io
it should bridge at-room ant at-everyone from the Discord side, yes. (assuming it has permissions)
I'm talking having the bot literally say "at-room" because I don't want to at-everyone on the discord side and instead have a specific role that's pingged there
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRyea, it'll just convert it at the moment16:08:01
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRthere's some permissions logic I think16:08:06
@c0nfused:matrix.orgCon changed their display name from Render to Con.16:22:54
@ner0_sdv1g:matrix.orgner0_sdv1g set a profile picture.16:35:18
@telegram_6150034676:t2bot.iof̴̟̠͍́̐́0̵͇̠̈́͐̈́x̴̼̠̼͆͘͘1̵͖͎͉͊͊͘y̴̢̘͚͌̓̚⟁⃤ ݆݆݆݆݆݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅ /id@matrix_t2bot 17:47:46
@telegram_6150034676:t2bot.iof̴̟̠͍́̐́0̵͇̠̈́͐̈́x̴̼̠̼͆͘͘1̵͖͎͉͊͊͘y̴̢̘͚͌̓̚⟁⃤ ݆݆݆݆݆݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅ https://matrix.to/#/!RtrDubvJxLqnbDFQKd:matrix.org?via=matrix.org 17:52:31
@telegram_6150034676:t2bot.iof̴̟̠͍́̐́0̵͇̠̈́͐̈́x̴̼̠̼͆͘͘1̵͖͎͉͊͊͘y̴̢̘͚͌̓̚⟁⃤ ݆݆݆݆݆݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅ /help 17:52:40
@telegram_6150034676:t2bot.iof̴̟̠͍́̐́0̵͇̠̈́͐̈́x̴̼̠̼͆͘͘1̵͖͎͉͊͊͘y̴̢̘͚͌̓̚⟁⃤ ݆݆݆݆݆݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅ /id@matrix_t2bot 17:52:46
@telegram_6150034676:t2bot.iof̴̟̠͍́̐́0̵͇̠̈́͐̈́x̴̼̠̼͆͘͘1̵͖͎͉͊͊͘y̴̢̘͚͌̓̚⟁⃤ ݆݆݆݆݆݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅݅ /add https://matrix.to/#/!RtrDubvJxLqnbDFQKd:matrix.org?via=matrix.org 17:52:53
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRIn your room.17:55:18
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@dr_frankenstein:drfrankenstein.co.ukDr_FrankensteinHey all - First off thanks for the service been working really well - I have a question I bridged one of my Matrix Rooms to a Discord Room however that room on Discord no longer exists. The bot can't unbridge and I can't create a new one.. What are my options? 19:13:06
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRYou can abandon the room and make a new one, or if that's not an option then send me the room ID and I'll unbridge it manually when I get a chance19:30:07
@dr_frankenstein:drfrankenstein.co.ukDr_FrankensteinOK cool - I don't want to take up your time - I will abandon and create from fresh - thanks! 19:30:55
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30 Mar 2023
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@erkinalp:matrix.orgErkin Alp changed their display name from Erkin Alp to Erkin Alp — chatgpt delete pack — chatrwkw add pack.18:23:25
@erkinalp:matrix.orgErkin Alp changed their display name from Erkin Alp — chatgpt delete pack — chatrwkw add pack to Erkin Alp.18:23:40
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