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30 Jul 2021
In reply to @travis:t2l.io
looks like the bot server was running low on resources for some reason. It should be a bit better now
Thank you
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@pine:cascadia.chatpineThank you again for the excellent services you provide 👏 so many of my friends have been encouraged to finally ditch unfree communication platforms because they won't have to lose their chatrooms17:18:27
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@farribeiro:matrix.org@farribeiro:matrix.org TravisR: i receiving that error trying bridge a room... Failed to get info of telegram chat. You are logged in, are you in that chat? 21:21:19
@farribeiro:matrix.org@farribeiro:matrix.orgthe bot already in telegram and matrix21:21:38
@farribeiro:matrix.org@farribeiro:matrix.org * the bot already in telegram and matrix21:25:17
@farribeiro:matrix.org@farribeiro:matrix.orgresolved, maybe another admin in telegram done21:40:34
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@dor:archie.partyMartin 🥷Hi i'm having an issue with the discord bridge trying to make it connect to my server. 22:38:10
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31 Jul 2021
@peterx:matrix.orgpeterx changed their display name from Peterx to peterx.00:46:01
@ace:kittenface.studioAnanace 02:29:55
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai ( backup account ) changed their display name from Chagai (backup account) to Chagai (backup account ).08:20:05
@chagai95:matrix.orgChagai ( backup account ) changed their display name from Chagai (backup account ) to Chagai ( backup account ).08:41:56
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1 Aug 2021
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@luis0831:matrix.orgluis0831How are you?21:49:40
@luis0831:matrix.orgluis0831Could you help me?21:50:30
@luis0831:matrix.orgluis0831I have disconnect discord bridge on element room, but i want to connect another discord server to my element room21:51:00
@luis0831:matrix.orgluis0831Could you let me know how to do it?, thanks21:51:15
@flopsy:matrix.orgflopsy!tg login22:08:03
@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

login is a restricted command: you may only run it in management rooms.

@luis0831:matrix.orgluis0831It doesn't work now22:10:57

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