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31 Mar 2020
07:42:25@smolchibi:matrix.org@smolchibi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
07:43:16@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaPretty good, poking at work stuff
07:46:26@smolchibi:matrix.org@smolchibi:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
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2 Apr 2020
00:03:14@koishi:matrix.orgleoboti dunno if this belongs here but i just found it and its kinda cute
06:09:31@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdy5.2.8 Be Social Next, you should print out your business card and be social. Find a friend, help them install GNUnet and exchange business cards with them. Or, if you’re a desperate loner, you might try the next step with your own card. Still, it’ll be hard to have a conversation with yourself later, so it would be better if you could find a friend. You might also want a camera attached to your computer, so you might need a trip to the store together. I like GNUnet's manual
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3 Apr 2020
06:55:56@helpmyself:halogen.cityhEl[p,m0mey changed their profile picture.
21:03:18@eaterjolly:matrix.orgeaterjollygnunet, stable yet?
21:28:54@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyfar from it
21:30:00@eaterjolly:matrix.orgeaterjolly sadface
21:30:42@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyit works, to some extent. arch package is broken tho
21:30:58@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyand no one seems to care to fix it
21:31:37@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdythey haven't even change the license to agpl yet
21:32:39@eaterjolly:matrix.orgeaterjollyWhy such disrepair for such conceptually important software?
21:38:20@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyyeah, I think it's like most GNU projects, the need to sign away your copyright and various other factors created a slightly higher barrier to entry than similar projects so people moved to elsewhere. also projects like ipfs have many people from companies that are paid to work on it (partly because they're lax license)
21:39:01@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdysigning away copyright I think is essential, but there's definitely things to improve
21:40:53@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyanother thing is just marketing, I don't know why but gnu projects are bad at marketing these days
21:45:52@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdy* another thing is just marketing, I don't know why but gnu projects are bad at marketing these days
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22:26:38@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdylook what I found
4 Apr 2020
02:52:33@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgray invited @spoofandoff:matrix.org@spoofandoff:matrix.org.
02:53:56@vilhelmgray:matrix.orgvilhelmgray invited @spoofandoof:matrix.orgspoofandoof.
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15:05:14@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaZelda in the style of Paper Mario: https://youtu.be/KIoqNG9bSn4 :)
15:05:20@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia * Zelda in the style of Paper Mario: https://youtu.be/KIoqNG9bSn4 :)

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