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20 Jan 2020
00:09:52@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller Watch "SpaceX Explodes A Rocket To Show That It's Safe" on YouTube
00:10:56@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI watched it live earlier, but that video has some footage from other people and explains some things that weren't mentioned on the stream
00:11:33@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerthe stream itself is only about half an hour if people want to watch it
11:04:55@masehh:matrix.orgMase joined the room.
11:05:40@masehh:matrix.orgMaseinteresting vid about the spacex rocket
11:35:23@masehh:matrix.orgMase set a profile picture.
13:04:32@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI don't know how many space geeks there are here. He's a pretty good channel to follow
13:05:00@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerThere's also a bunch of meteor echo streams on youtube too
13:06:47@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerto overly simplify it, they bounce a radio signal off the atmosphere and pick it up elsewhere, it's mostly white noise which is kind of relaxing to listen to, but occaisionally a meteor or something will pass and make a tone
13:06:53@masehh:matrix.orgMaseI actually subscribed to his channel already lol
13:07:14@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullernice lol
13:07:39@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerthere used to be a girl that would talk about space history and build models and stuff but she hasn't uploaded in a long time
13:10:14@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw95T_TgbGHhTml4xZ9yIqg
13:10:35@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI stand corrected, she uploaded a few weeks ago
13:11:03@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmulleryoutube being youtube I didn't see any of her recent stuff, so I guess I have something to do later
13:15:33@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerI'm a bit bummed out because I was playing destiny 2 earlier and finished a thing to get an exotic weapon quest but I messed up I think because I didn't have some of the pre requisites and the quest disappeared
13:16:10@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerHopefully I can get it back
13:17:22@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerFor more space stuff though, there's a minor meteor shower happening and they're currently doing a spacewalk on the ISS
13:51:29@masehh:matrix.orgMase ecmuller: Another nice channel, thanks. The production quality seems to be pretty nice, another subscription hehe. Can I see the Meteor Shower on a live/video somewhere?
13:52:38@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller Watch "Meteor Echoes Live Stream: livemeteors.com" on YouTube
13:53:01@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller That's the radio detection thing I was talking about
13:53:55@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller There's a few others like it if you look
13:54:25@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerThe graph at the top is live
13:55:57@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerThe bottom graph is kind of the same graph as the top but spread over time which makes it easier to see the echoes
14:06:52@masehh:matrix.orgMaseInteresting. Only listened/watched for a few minutes, I don't really get it but seeing the red/yellow stuff on the bottom graph is kinda cool. Not sure what that even means though
14:27:06@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerThe red/yellow lines are the signal bouncing off something
14:27:43@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerMaybe a plane, maybe clouds, maybe a meteor
14:30:59@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerYou can find articles on it, different patterns indicate different things, maybe
14:31:47@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmuller It's not exactly definite
14:32:33@ecmuller:matrix.orgecmullerApparently it has a really long history though

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