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2 Mar 2020
21:30:40@adahbumbon:matrix.orgadahbumbonyss, so interest
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Good. Looking forward to start playing more with small electronics
Wana to build something?

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4 Mar 2020
15:19:54@blacksmith:junta.plblacksmithfor now in work Im fixing.. or rather, upgrading security, of simple laptops https://wiki.peerfreedom.org/w/Main_Page#Hardware
7 Mar 2020
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9 Mar 2020
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11 Mar 2020
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13 Mar 2020
01:07:00@wwinfo:junta.plwwinfohmm people can build easy air/surfaces purification with UV-C lamp
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14 Mar 2020
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15 Mar 2020
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16 Mar 2020
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17 Mar 2020
09:25:05@this-is-me:matrix.orgAndreas WeinzierlSo any DIY ideas given the circumstances?
In reply to @this-is-me:matrix.org
So any DIY ideas given the circumstances?
well, bread in bread maker is one
12:09:49@wwinfo:junta.plwwinfoyou can make sanitization gel from alcohol + gliceryn + aloes. final concentration of alcohol should be 70%
12:09:58@wwinfo:junta.plwwinfo70% is better than 95%
19 Mar 2020
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07:13:34@wiml:matrix.orgwimlHmmm, I could make an ozone generator out of my old jacob's-ladder.
W odpowiedzi do @wiml:matrix.org
Hmmm, I could make an ozone generator out of my old jacob's-ladder.
Oh cool :) you need mostly two metal rods, and very high voltage transformer?
21 Mar 2020
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24 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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27 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
2 Apr 2020
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