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19 Jan 2023
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20 Jan 2023
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21 Jan 2023
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23 Jan 2023
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24 Jan 2023
@soulfire:cuteworld.spacesoulfire 15:35:16
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25 Jan 2023
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26 Jan 2023
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27 Jan 2023
@homeburger:matrix.orgAdam@admins plz 01:02:15
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In reply to @homeburger:matrix.org
@admins plz
just ping them
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentoocan someone help me build a looper pedal for a software like guitarrix that accepts vst pluggins?14:09:41
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooI thought about some arduino and usb, and a box made out of anything, idk wood or cardboard and putting a big switch like kailh big switch inside of it14:10:47
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentoothen making a vst pluggin , a fork of some looper pedal14:11:06
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28 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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2 Feb 2023
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