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8 Jun 2018
01:15:45@drew-kun:matrix.orgdrew-kunHi guys, does anyone know how to completely disable the ssh-agent in MacOS High Sierra?
01:18:48@drew-kun:matrix.orgdrew-kunOr does anyone know the working method of setting the environment variable globally (for GUI programs) in MacOS High Sierra?
20 Jun 2018
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27 Jun 2018
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29 Jun 2018
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1 Jul 2018
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3 Jul 2018
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5 Jul 2018
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19 Jul 2018
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21 Jul 2018
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13 Aug 2018
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20 Sep 2018
22:32:27@anjannath:matrix.organjannath joined the room.
22:34:19@anjannath:matrix.organjannathDoes anyone know how to run a command in terminal/iterm..
22:35:02@anjannath:matrix.organjannath i am looking for an equivalent of xterm -e in macOS
10 Oct 2018
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10 Nov 2018
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09:39:17@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.orghello may somebody here can give me some advice i have a old macbook that install linux a couple years ago, but saved the old hard drive, and now got the opurtunity to sell the computer. And I'm trying to reinstall MacOS for the sale can I with dd comand extract the image from the first partition and then make a bootable usb drive with that iso any thoughts ideas, would be apreciated thank you in advance
09:39:59@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.org@alexissampaiokokorelis:matrix.orgonto the new ssd drive
14 Nov 2018
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22 Nov 2018
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4 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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