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Troubleshooting docker installs for Audiobookshelf11 Servers

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27 May 2023
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 docker is the translation layer 21:59:43
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997Redacted or Malformed Event22:00:16
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 That is how I have my NPM setup 22:00:24
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@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Is there a reason your going about this "the hard way"? 22:04:31
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Rather than just using the IP of the host machine? 22:04:45
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Also to use the container name as DNS, did you setup a user created custom network? 22:05:05
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Because DNS resolution doesn't work with the default created docker networks 22:05:16
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Let me guess, fritzbox? 22:05:51
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 So the problem is your running docker on your modem / CPE interface 22:06:45
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 And by using the IP it's defaulting to the routers page 22:07:06
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 You could try using the internal network IP that is created for the container 22:07:25
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Docker still gives it a internal address 22:07:38
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 You'd be getting deep into the docker configs but you could set it to static and address 22:08:05
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Yeah that is defaut 22:09:38
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 * Yeah that is default 22:09:41
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 The other option (and better one IMO) is to use cloudflare tunnels and let it handle the connections so you can operate on port 80/443 without caring about the ISP blocking it 22:10:39
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 You run a small CF container in docker and it handles the connection back to CF for you 22:11:39
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 So you can run your site on 80/443 and not worry about port forwarding at all 22:11:54
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-apps/ 22:13:31
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Nice. I found it to be much easier than dealing with the headache of port forwarding 23:36:44
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Especially since not ever ISP lets you use 80/443 23:36:52
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 * Especially since not every ISP lets you use 80/443 23:37:50
28 May 2023
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29 May 2023
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30 May 2023
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31 May 2023
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