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Troubleshooting docker installs for Audiobookshelf18 Servers

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27 Nov 2023
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas The main issue would be if someone was running multiple instances of ABS, but if they're doing that they probably know docker well enough to remember to set mount points 23:29:51
@_discord_479770583534665732:t2bot.ioacromion_ changed their display name from flipperrs21 to acromion_.23:59:38
28 Nov 2023
@_discord_554031428484988928:t2bot.ioucepto changed their display name from Ucepto to ucepto.02:02:48
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas Depends on your metadata preferences (in the library settings). If you matched it against an online provider, they may have inconsistent series capitalizion. 20:49:42
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas Did you rescan and then it split? What is in the book metadata? Did you run a match? 20:54:36
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas What are your scanner settings? 20:57:13
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas And what server version 20:57:27
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas * And what server version 20:57:46
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr This is the same issue here. I haven't been able to reproduce it yet https://github.com/advplyr/audiobookshelf/issues/2332 21:21:15
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr I recommend using the default precedence. It looks like you reversed it 21:21:50
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr I guess if you have the metadata file as number 2 that'll be okay. I thought it was disabled at first 21:22:33
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr It does mean though that the folder names will override any edits you make in the UI 21:22:56
29 Nov 2023
@_discord_604595099157921792:t2bot.iosherlockholmez changed their profile picture.21:51:16
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr I may be coming across the random socket disconnects issue mentioned a few days ago 23:01:31
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr Let me know if anyone gets these while surfing the website 23:01:49
30 Nov 2023
@_discord_183373033522724866:t2bot.iopursuantyapper changed their display name from PursuantYapper to pursuantyapper.06:08:59
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1 Dec 2023
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr I'm not sure if you mean you are now using Docker but if you are then you just need to have the container path match exactly what you had in your other install 18:09:01

Now, I've changed the ABS installed to normal install

What does this mean?
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech If you using docker you can just make it look like your old path inside the container 18:30:16
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech Changing paths don't matter when your using docker 18:34:21
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech Just tell docker to use the old path inside the container 18:34:29
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech I still don't get what your trying to say 18:34:37
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas Do you have websockets enabled? 19:39:28
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech The VPN might be stripping them out 19:50:05
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech Are you using a reverse proxy? 19:50:11
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech It's probably doing something crazy with the connection 19:53:51
@_discord_476196266183884800:t2bot.ionyxholas Quick googling says Nord having issues with websockets was pretty common (a few years ago). Not sure if it's still the case 20:00:56
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech And ABS natively supports / uses websockets directly from the server 20:27:54
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.iodieseltech So if they are disconnecting or not making the connection in the first place then some kind of middleware is messing with them 20:28:27

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