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28 Sep 2022
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani but the reporter is right, remote isn't ready instantly after clicking 🧌 06:05:39
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj not sure why but remote is connecting instantly and green appears only after user interaction 06:06:19
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj like when I just click somewhere in ui 06:06:33
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani maybe a request_paint is missing somewhere? 06:07:00
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj but it works so I didn't care enough to check why 06:07:04
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani * maybe a request_paint/request_layout is missing somewhere? 06:07:08
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani haha 06:07:13
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani I don't use remote so I pass on this, too 06:07:46
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj ssh connecting should be much more reliable now 06:09:38
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj I think there is still problem of proxies running after disconnect 06:09:39
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj didn't had much time to do anything in lapce, quite a lot of brain activity quota goes on k8s :x 06:09:40
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj * didn't had much time to do anything in lapce, quite a lot of brain activity quota goes on k8s :x 06:09:40
@_discord_487817739805786112:t2bot.io0xSterben are u still working as devops engineer? pj like full time? 06:57:30
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj "still" is a very good keyword here 06:57:56
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj yeah, I just got prolonged contract a bit to finish tasks and once that's done I'm most likely hired completely 06:58:31
@_discord_487817739805786112:t2bot.io0xSterben ohh ok 06:59:12
@_discord_487817739805786112:t2bot.io0xSterben what versioning is used in lapce? 07:06:43
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix I don't seem to be getting any hover box on master, weird 07:06:50
@_discord_508964149875834880:t2bot.iocclark i've got a pr to fix it https://github.com/lapce/lapce/pull/1381/files 07:37:13
Download unknown.png
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Pressing CTRL-F with a split open (focused on the left split), is that the intended behavior to have two search bars? 08:02:16
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix Yes. It has been like that for a while. 08:03:11
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet As a side note, Lapce is becoming very very nice to use, I'm currently driving it from my work and it works like a charm. There are still some minor kinks to iron out, and I have to go back to vscode on debug, but otherwise, it's a delight 08:03:25
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet I find that behavior weird tbh 08:03:39
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix https://discord.com/channels/946858761413328946/948880865373609994/956179490743152651 08:03:46
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Ah yes, interesting 08:04:20
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet I'll create an issue to configure enabled / disabled on that later then 08:04:36
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet It's not bothering me that much, but it sure is unexpected 08:05:06
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet btw MinusGix I'll try to answer your thread about PSP tonight, worst case tomorrow 08:09:10
@_discord_1024594215717584927:t2bot.iotmp joined the room.08:17:19

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