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29 Sep 2023
@_discord_704646067529973760:t2bot.ioenoshy savage 11:13:57
@_discord_173445420515721216:t2bot.iolongyap#0 changed their profile picture.14:53:17
@_discord_704646067529973760:t2bot.ioenoshy hi 18:16:08
@_discord_986329502802133042:t2bot.iosegfaultcdev#0 changed their display name from CDevGuy to segfaultcdev#0.21:44:38
@_discord_986329502802133042:t2bot.iosegfaultcdev#0 changed their profile picture.21:44:41
30 Sep 2023
@_discord_321284154111295490:t2bot.iobirkskyum#0 changed their display name from Birk Skyum to birkskyum#0.15:05:32
@_discord_704646067529973760:t2bot.ioenoshy 😂 17:49:25
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ it works now 18:02:30
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ but it seems the root uri is wrong, its starting analyzing stuff from my home dir instead of the current git repo 18:02:53
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ would be great if you upload the new changes to github so I can debug 18:03:11
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ and the lsp don't work on standalone files (files with no git repo) thats why it didn't work for me earlier 18:06:26
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ ah even a git repo is not enough, it wants to see a deno.json file to work 18:08:02
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ hmm so the root uri seems correct actually , I just assumed its wrong because the lsp was lagging 18:11:38
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ I guess the only obvious issue now, is it only work if deno.json exists, deno allows writing scripts easily so its a common use case to have scripts with no project structure (so without deno.json) 18:13:00
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ since the plugin system is lsp like I wonder if it can handle lsp extension easily 18:17:04
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ it would be great since deno go to definition depend on it 18:17:41
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ https://docs.deno.com/runtime/manual/advanced/language_server/overview#requests 18:17:43
@_discord_331914114001534978:t2bot.io__mrcool__ * it would be great since deno go to definition depend on it (for remote deps) 18:17:58
1 Oct 2023
@_discord_400841792494501900:t2bot.ioniket7#0 changed their display name from niket to niket7#0.03:58:09
@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro#0 changed their profile picture.12:21:32
@_discord_977895918395347004:t2bot.iopronoob0#0 <#1157102585426223144> 19:13:13
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2 Oct 2023
@_discord_735515891277627392:t2bot.iomatthew.guerra#0 changed their display name from Kosmic to matthew.guerra#0.03:27:18
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@_discord_674261595710291980:t2bot.iouncomfyhalomacro#0 changed their profile picture.04:43:53
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) You should probably ask in Discord developers server 18:19:24
@_discord_615176567567548446:t2bot.iomily.not.sky#0 changed their profile picture.20:31:48
@_discord_229462231740448770:t2bot.iohaoxiangliew#0 changed their display name from HowTF to haoxiangliew#0.23:54:01
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3 Oct 2023
@willow.ch:matrix.orgWillow joined the room.04:24:16

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