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26 May 2023
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) at least I don't think so 21:21:51
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) * at least I don't think so 21:21:53
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) probably should implement lapce being able to work with git input via stdin 21:21:53
@_discord_266399494793330689:t2bot.iojeff.hykin#4271 how does it do it right now? 21:21:54
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) it doesn't 21:21:54
@_discord_364244202973954058:t2bot.iodanielo joined the room.23:54:18
27 May 2023
@_discord_696529189901172816:t2bot.iohenriqueqc joined the room.00:22:13
@_discord_486644414182326282:t2bot.io水瓶座ーcindrmon#4428 changed their profile picture.02:43:33
@_discord_259008949427109891:t2bot.ioAnish Shobith#4542 changed their display name from Anish Shobith to Anish Shobith#4542.08:48:15
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) Seems like Ezno is now open source 10:24:16
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) https://github.com/kaleidawave/ezno 10:24:18
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 The entire thing is 14K lines. Not bad!
On the other hand, I wonder if this can be used to make a performant browser JS runtime :D
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 Servo is coming back 11:04:19
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix cool 11:11:03
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 Long time no see :D 11:47:34
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 How are you doing these days :3
Last we talked you were doing Maths
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix I've been active more recently 11:49:12
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix I'm doing good, but having issues consistently focusing on projects 11:49:52
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 Is the reason "constructive/productive procastination"? :3 11:50:16
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix is there any such thing as constructive procrastination 11:51:17
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix i love updating my packages and having to rebuild openjdk 11:52:26
@_discord_862351095648485386:t2bot.ioVarLad#6567 Me reading Mathematical Biology procrastinating on focusing on projects :/
The issue here is, I don't even feel all that bad since, I'm still using as much brain as I would for projects, so it goes on until the deadline comes closer :<
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix sounds interesting 11:53:34
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix I've had issue of bunch of projects but not focusing that hard on any one of them, with just enough random other things (like fiction) to procrastinate with 11:54:09
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix hit an annoying part of project -> procrastinate or work on different project for a bit 11:54:34
@_discord_829609061993283606:t2bot.ioeskandarijoon joined the room.12:05:43
@_discord_933247363919777802:t2bot.ioclassid#3358 set a profile picture.12:31:01
@_discord_735137641418195094:t2bot.ioUrNightmaree#2322 changed their profile picture.13:27:15
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) Do we have syntax highlighting in shell scripts? 19:09:59
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj (panekj) same 19:10:16

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