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3 Apr 2020
18:17:04@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSthe other one is ready as well I think, ill merge it once the ci confirms it
18:17:12@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaat lastt hahah
18:17:44@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSthe other one needs a rebase now for the data submodule
18:17:53@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSas I merged your other data pr
18:18:09@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS(feel free to group multiple examples next time, then this doesnt happen)
18:18:40@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS ahkhalifa: you have now learned a lot about the examples, also feel free to share that with others who send in example patches
18:18:53@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSand thanks for the patches!
18:19:00@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaah cool cool I am thinking of working back on 4905 or do I do other examples aswell
18:19:20@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaahh thanks alot and of course I would love to help others who are working on those
18:30:37@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS4905 is good
18:31:15@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS ahkhalifa: also, maybe try to do something that relates to your project proposal. Something that you need in shogun for that
18:31:38@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSsince you have done some general intro PRs, you can now be more specific
18:31:57@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSthat strengthens your proposal
18:32:46@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS ahkhalifa: btw the rebase needs to be done for the data submodule and then you need to commit it again. Check the bottom of the 4988 PR
18:33:58@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaAhh kk
18:35:08@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS ahkhalifa: btw
18:35:14@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSyour data PRs need to consist of a single commit
18:35:35@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSfor the develop PRs you can have as many as you like, but for data, we cannot squash them as otherwise your submodule changes
18:38:46@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS ahkhalifa: your latest push to the 4988 still did not solve it. Please please please, take some time to read a git manual and understand a bit more about it
18:48:01@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaYea sorry I know I made a mess I referenced a wrong data branch in my develop PR and it broke everything but I think its working now
18:48:40@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifa With regards to my data PR I can make it a single commit if you'd like
19:25:06@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifa HeikoS: I squashed my commits feel free to check my develop PR and my data PR when u got da timeee
19:25:57@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSno need to squash develop, only data
19:26:44@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSlooks good
19:27:04@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaGreat thats what I have done ^^
19:33:37@ahkhalifa:matrix.orgahkhalifaNw ^^
4 Apr 2020
04:13:45@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyAye yo, morning !
04:32:13@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyI'm seriously confused as to how we should have "range based for loop" for column iterator. We need to iterate over columns

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