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10 Jul 2020
@freenode_Encrypt0:matrix.org@freenode_Encrypt0:matrix.org left the room.11:05:08
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsy HeikoS you should have asked before merging the PR 13:19:00
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyThe shogun_PYTHON.pycxx file uses cleanup() method, if someone tries to build Python wrapper it will fail13:25:54
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyWe have officially broke our develop build13:26:09
@freenode_shogun-buildbot:matrix.orgshogun-buildbot Build cookbook - PR #1760 is complete: Failure [failed cookbook (failure)] - https://buildbot.shogun.ml/#builders/20/builds/1760 13:59:03
@gf712:matrix.orggf712jonpsy: the tests seems to be passing?14:37:38
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsySlipped the python bindings14:38:20
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS jonpsy: ? 14:51:10
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS https://dev.azure.com/shogunml/shogun/_build/results?buildId=3816&view=logs&j=089c709a-44eb-5f6e-96e7-15e9ee1ff5bf# 14:51:12
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoS https://dev.azure.com/shogunml/shogun/_build/results?buildId=3816&view=logs&j=089c709a-44eb-5f6e-96e7-15e9ee1ff5bf 14:51:16
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSnot sure what you mean but you can see that the python build passed in fact14:51:43
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyI'm not sure how it passed14:53:06
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyBut i remember vividly it failed in local build when building shogun_PYTHONWRAP.cxx14:53:36
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyAnd I had to comment out cleanup method in .cxx file14:54:01
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSthat is because you didnt re-generate it14:57:34
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSswig generates that file automatically14:57:40
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSno problems :)14:59:29
@gf712:matrix.orggf712jonpsy: the wrapper file doesn’t always get regenerated, sometimes you have to manually delete it and then build again15:03:24
@gf712:matrix.orggf712I think it only gets regenerated if you modify a .i file15:04:31
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyWell for a sec I thought we've jeopardized the sanctity of develop branch15:04:33
@gf712:matrix.orggf712I think we would have survived even if it was broken15:04:48
@gf712:matrix.orggf712Would just have to hunt the bug :)15:04:59
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyHehe yeah15:05:09
@jonpsy:matrix.orgjonpsyWell then, it's time for pt2 of the PR15:05:28
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSwe have broken it many times15:11:56
@freenode_HeikoS:matrix.orgHeikoSusually I check the CI before I merge15:12:04

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