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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_259478477768622080:t2bot.ioFeedbacker actually that should be easy to find just watching replays 20:09:54
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i'm still amazed that he doesn't known how to update mame 22:42:32
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i mean you don't update mame - just download a newer version to a separate folder 22:42:50
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot * i mean you don't update mame - just download a newer version to a separate folder and just run a separate version 22:43:13
@_discord_399947161451626518:t2bot.ioSynthRicardo Key difference being you have a brain 22:43:24
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot not according to my wife 22:43:35
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot but i do enjoy watching crimsom 22:44:09
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i can't watching for too long - just a few minutes 22:44:31
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot * i can't watch for too long - just a few minutes 22:44:40
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot so i guess i don't enjoy watching him after all 22:44:57
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i'll just get the highlights from rez 22:45:10
@_discord_191244918944038913:t2bot.ionixon the most baffling part is why does he keep playing cave games if he hates slowdown so much 22:46:00
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star I dont even need to do that if its gonna update automatically whenever i update my system 22:46:06
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot ya whats that mame version you use? 22:46:23
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot * ya whats that mame build you use? 22:46:46
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Uh, i havent used it for a long time 22:46:47
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star But if i would get it off repo i think it should be 240 22:47:07
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Or smth like that 22:47:13
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i only use mame for a few games like progear and guwange 22:54:08
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot and batsugun 22:54:58
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot i used to use ibara on mame but just find it easier to use the PS2 port 22:55:03
@_discord_204142475781079040:t2bot.iogus#9220 is there a difference 23:13:01
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi Does he not get the lag is intentional and there to help you 00:04:59
@_discord_763716258360328214:t2bot.ioBrianReboot or bitcoin mining on the same computer 00:27:36
@_discord_338467630883012610:t2bot.ioSilver Star Fucking goober 00:29:48
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden "intentional lag slowdown" is incomprehensible to those kinds of gamers, kind of like shmups as a whole 02:02:44
@_discord_203353786129973249:t2bot.ioOhFug Like I said earlier, he only blames the game on the surface. It's why he continues to play despite saying he hates it. His frustration is his inability to perform so he just copes by saying it's the game. 03:06:48
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden Oh yeah, I wanted to bring that up. I'm starting to think it's performance instead of actual frustration 03:43:16
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi He should use bombs 04:07:10
@_discord_156981678634434560:t2bot.ioVorde joined the room.16:18:03

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