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26 Apr 2021
@_discord_185573359592013825:t2bot.ioJotamide joined the room.21:38:35
28 Apr 2021
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi think i understand how it works now 11:50:59
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf to baf#3328.23:15:29
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf#3328 to baf.23:15:30
29 Apr 2021
@_discord_170240867305652224:t2bot.ioHazel joined the room.18:47:16
30 Apr 2021
@_discord_97103543059615744:t2bot.ioxaerock joined the room.00:39:26
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@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi pb'd by a bit last night. died at a stupid part in stage 6 and it all went downhill 03:54:05
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi nmnb til that point though. need to practice stage 6 again cause my consistency for the middle part has gone way down 03:54:30
@_discord_786344570019381249:t2bot.ioasd3#0022 joined the room.03:54:58
@_discord_786344570019381249:t2bot.ioasd3#0022 Everything tends to go to shit for me the moment I notice I hit a PB 03:54:58
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi this game has slippery slope cause if you die then you lose full power, can't chain or do your route so it's harder to survive as well. also lose max bonus. 03:56:36
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi if i had max bonus up to the 6th boss i would have had 100m in the first loop alone so it cost me a LOT 03:56:55
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi need to refine stage 5 more cause i dropped the chain at 2 crucial points and lost a lot of score 03:57:56
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi 791 is my best so far 08:28:22
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi in practice 08:28:29
1 May 2021
@_discord_838037268417216535:t2bot.iomitsume joined the room.13:01:25
4 May 2021
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1010574328 06:59:09
@_discord_98802010316361728:t2bot.ioRedLine joined the room.10:29:07
@_discord_764117001294708767:t2bot.iobranch joined the room.11:10:35
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf to baf#3328.22:07:33
@_discord_303195439845343233:t2bot.iobaf changed their display name from baf#3328 to baf.22:07:34
6 May 2021
@_discord_664219248721264653:t2bot.ioST77 joined the room.09:52:29
@_discord_165679617296957440:t2bot.iotrap15 joined the room.10:03:25
10 May 2021
@_discord_636793905077288970:t2bot.ioGolden joined the room.08:09:14
15 May 2021
@_discord_155749432640536577:t2bot.ioKVS joined the room.19:00:35
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi getting through stage 5 a lot better now but need to work on stage 6 so its consistent 19:58:09
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi no bombs or deaths til stage 6 boss would be nice 19:58:23
@_discord_98276360149045248:t2bot.ioAkagi 2-3 is getting a lot easier except for the boss which is just crazy 19:59:48
17 May 2021
@_discord_196063054587232256:t2bot.iomoglar5k joined the room.21:30:28

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