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💊🧘🌈🧠👽 Psychonautics, introspection, and responsible/beneficial use of psychoactive drugs of all kinds. 🌐: Join our Space, #psychonautics:matrix.org 💬: Casual room for sharing knowledge, experiences, thoughts and feelings on our broad topic, including meditation, psychedelics, dreaming, nootropics, lots of weed, and wordless but profound insights from years raising toads. 🤠: This room is not for buying or selling drugs, or for sharing sources, because we are secretly DEA agents and lizard people. 🤥: Don't make claims you don't know to be true. There is enough misinformation about psychonautics and drugs. 🤬: If you start an argument with someone, take it into a direct message where it's more productive to argue. 🤔: When sharing very obscure, individual or hard to grasp ideas, read your words and edit before you post to and make sure you're clear and concise, or you may sound more confused than wise. 💌: General netiquette, with extra PLUR 🔗🔗🔗 🧠: psychonautwiki.org 🌈: tripsit.me 🍄: erowid.org 🌵: eternityinabox.com 🌳: naturalether.com 🌱: wakingherbs.com https://matrix.to/#/#the-knowledge-hub:matrix.org145 Servers

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