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9 Aug 2021
In reply to @daybreak_2014:matrix.org
It's supposed to be 1MHz to 6GHz
Yea I can confirm that. It does, however it is a bit "deaf" compared to an iCom 7300 on the HF Amateur Radio bands. (using the same antenna setup) But overall its still very very acceptable. I guess receivers with such a wide spectrum do come with a little bit of a drawback here and there.
15 Aug 2021
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16 Aug 2021
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18 Aug 2021
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19 Aug 2021
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20 Aug 2021
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23 Aug 2021
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24 Aug 2021
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25 Aug 2021
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30 Aug 2021

I just got hackrf. Feels really deaf comparing to RTL sdr.
Does it has worse sensitivity or do I need to play with it a bit?

Also, what software is the best for it that supports tx?

@bongmaster:matrix.orgBNG manPlay with it a bit, mess with gain setting and stuff21:31:05
2 Sep 2021
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6 Sep 2021
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14 Sep 2021
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16 Sep 2021
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21 Sep 2021
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In reply to @hellresistor:matrix.org
Hello guys!
I have get a SDR Bundle.
What recommend OS for using RTL-SDR usb stick with an Raspberry Pi4 ?
Thank you
DragonOS ,,,its the only one that has SDR++ which I think is the Nest looking SDR app for linux. DragonOS is based on Lubuntu 20.04 and they have it for full PC's as well.
23 Sep 2021
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