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15 Mar 2023
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngmirroring is not a harmonic, it's because the sampling rate and the filter doesn't match17:17:45
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteAh yesssd17:18:08
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngyou will also see intermodulation based on strong stations like fm broadcast etc17:18:16
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteJuste recalled my physique course17:18:36
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteBut the software I'm using should adapt the sampling up to a certain point right?17:19:58
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteShannon theorem17:23:04
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngit is nothing that the sw can fix, if the receiver doesn't have filters for each sample rate then you will absolutely run in to nyquist17:25:18
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngwhat make you think I read french ?17:26:47
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturistejust for reference because I said "Repliement"17:27:33
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngvet inte ens vart jag ska börja17:28:12
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturiste"don't even know where to start" x)17:29:19
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteokay well all of this make me want to study signals physics again and do some experiments17:29:53
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturisteI probably want to study antennas17:30:37
@lefuturiste:matrix.orglefuturiste * I probably want to study antennas also17:30:41
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngrecognizing signals by eye can help a lot, listening on them with fm/ssb demod gives hints as well. there's a heap of tools for digging deeper in demodulating further17:31:37
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngby knowing your hw and how it behaves you can probe if the signal is real or not. adjust tuning and see how it changes, lower gain and see if some disappear, point the antenna in another direction etc17:32:53
17 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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25 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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30 Mar 2023
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