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29 Aug 2023
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee Anyone have suggestions for a mobile antenna that would be decent at HF. I understand that shortwave is problematic for mobile reception 21:18:50
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngthe mini-whip is very broad band, but quite sensitive to interference. there is mobile hf antennas for tx, like ATAS-120 and the like, requires trx that is capable of tuning them. there is the manually tuned ones like the buddistick but these are narrow and tuned21:48:15
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngfor portable use I'd say light weight wire dipole21:48:54
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee Sorry, I was unclear, How about car mounted ? 22:12:27
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngthe basic design is a monopole with a coil/inductor that tunes the resonant frequency down. the capacitance of the element and inductance of the coil forms a resonance at the frequency of interest. these are inherently narrow band thou22:19:55
@sa2kng:matrix.orgsa2kngyou can probably get away with a CB antenna for RX at HF, it will perform a lot worse the further away from the design frequency you get. 22:22:16
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee Thanks 23:38:01
31 Aug 2023
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3 Sep 2023
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4 Sep 2023
@the_gamer_guy:gamerscrackshack.caSky KingAnyone know good programs for decoding digital radio? I have DSDplus but it doesn't work very well I find.01:35:52
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee It really depends on what sort of digital radio you are trying to decode. Unitrunker + DSD+ works pretty well but you really have to dial in the frequency (adjust the ppm, etc.) 15:51:01
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee I’ve moved from unitrunker to the very awesome SDRtrunk ( https://github.com/DSheirer/sdrtrunk ) for its APCO25 Phase 1/2 support 15:55:22
@seanee:matrix.orgseanee It has the decoder built in so only one application to configure and no virtual cables to muck with 15:56:54
@the_gamer_guy:gamerscrackshack.caSky KingThanks, the virtual cables were annoying to deal with. This looks much better16:02:36
5 Sep 2023
@yalekthelembine5435:matrix.orgyalekthelembine5435VB audio cable is actually a driver00:34:32
@yalekthelembine5435:matrix.orgyalekthelembine5435It also is supposed to increase decoding performance and rid of most erros00:35:14
@yalekthelembine5435:matrix.orgyalekthelembine5435having multiple soundcards is a pain00:35:24
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@yalekthelembine5435:matrix.orgyalekthelembine5435I just use vb audio cable and speakers only. Stereo mix and microphones end up mixing up outputs when recording elsewhere.15:00:02
7 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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11 Sep 2023
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12 Sep 2023
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16 Sep 2023
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17 Sep 2023
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19 Sep 2023
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21 Sep 2023
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22 Sep 2023
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