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12 Mar 2019
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15 Mar 2019
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20 Mar 2019
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21 Mar 2019
19:48:35@oly:matrix.orgolyAny way to use devcards tovary state over time to preview what things can look like ?
31 Mar 2019
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3 Apr 2019
17:01:03@unclechu:matrix.orgunclechu changed their profile picture.
15 Apr 2019
20:23:04@oly:matrix.orgoly anyway to launch lein with multiple builds so i can do lein figwheel dedvcards app ?
30 Apr 2019
03:07:31@iarebatman:matrix.orgiarebatman set their display name to Brad DeMorrow.
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03:12:21@iarebatman:matrix.orgiarebatman changed their display name from Brad DeMorrow to iarebatman.
2 May 2019
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18 May 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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17 Jul 2019
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30 Jul 2019
22:49:00@timhowes:matrix.orgbiotim changed their display name from tim to timh.
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3 Aug 2019
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6 Aug 2019
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02:55:40@montesboogie:matrix.orgMontesboogieHello, world. 😛
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23:38:28@montesboogie:matrix.orgMontesboogie changed their profile picture.
22 Aug 2019
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23 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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3 Sep 2019
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5 Sep 2019
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8 Sep 2019
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7 Oct 2019
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