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18 Sep 2016
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc The problem I've had in the past bridging Slack+IRC is that accounts don't transition nicely (i.e. the bridge can only really connect as one IRC user, unless you go to a lot of trouble) 11:55:33
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballancBut it seems like there should be a way to get each Slack user to associate/authorize a Matrix account (maybe on a bridge server somewhere) and have messages cross populate relatively seamlessly11:56:45
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc (Also, since this is the ClojureScript room...nothin' like implementing a new protocol in ClojureScript! ;-) ) 11:58:03
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc set a profile picture.11:59:13
@martinklepsch:matrix.orgmartinklepsch jballanc: I think there are bridges to Slack already
@martinklepsch:matrix.orgmartinklepsch plexus: I like that idea :D
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc martinklepsch: ah indeed - https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack 12:01:43
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanclooks like it could use some feature love, though12:01:57
@plexus:matrix.orgplexusRedacted or Malformed Event13:34:04
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus(continuing discussion from #clojure-communit:matrix.org)13:34:06
@plexus:matrix.orgplexusGCC provides a couple things, the main things are inlining of code, shortening of identifiers, and dead code elimination13:34:31
@martinklepsch:matrix.orgmartinklepsch you can tab complete rooms btw
@plexus:matrix.orgplexusthere are JS tools now that do all these things as well (at least I know rollup also does tree shaking/DCE)13:34:58
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus but because of the many type annotations, and by enforcing certain assumptions, GCC can be smarter about it. It's a pretty solid piece of kit 13:35:26
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus you could imagine an alternative future where instead of compiling CLJS to GCC modules, we would compile to ES6 modules. There are already various tools that smartly compile/compact these, and they're getting better all the time 13:36:22
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus but there's also google closure library 13:36:31
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus which is a big dependency for much of the core stuff (or so I assume, I'm not sure how much of it is really use, but I imagine a fair bit) 13:36:56
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus so then you would also need a GCC module to ES6 compiler. Which come to think of it actually wouldn't be that hard, given that it's such a structured and well defined format 13:37:45
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus(I guess I should say ES2015 nowadays)13:38:03
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc Honestly my biggest gripe about GCC has less to do with the tech (which is, admittedly, very solid) and more to do with community 13:38:33
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc e.g. the complete lack of one outside of CLJS (and, well, Google, presumably...though even Angular doesn't use it :-/ ) 13:39:02
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus yeah that's right, it's basically us and google 13:39:31
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus the difference with angular is that GCC is actually used by google, all their big projects use it, GMail, sheets, docs, etc 13:39:58
@plexus:matrix.orgplexusso on the plus: they actively maintain and improve, downside: every PR gets checked against every google project that uses it. Break one test in one obscure project and your submission is rejected13:40:48
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballancAlso, packaging13:45:54
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballancI mean, thank goodness for CLJSJS...but it is a tad ridiculous that such a project needs to exist in the first place13:46:19
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc That, or I'm just a bit spoiled at how much easier it is to work with Java libraries in CLJ than to work with JS libraries in CLJS 13:48:15
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballanc I mean, lately when Amazon comes out with some new service, and the only SDK available is the Java one, I'll just fire-up lein-tryand be exploring it in < 5 min 13:49:00
@jballanc:matrix.orgjballancwish that would work with JS/CLJS13:49:12
@plexus:matrix.orgplexus the problem is that while Java has had a module/packaging story pretty much from the start, JS has been figuring this out only the last few years, and everyone is doing something different. I've been looking into this extensively the past week, and it's a true mess. There's CommonJS, AMD, RequireJS, UMD, ES2015, those are just the common ones. And even then each of those names hides the fact that in practice people organize their code in many different ways, and it all assumes that it's being loaded dynamically, so it does all kinds of clever stuff to detect the runtime and module system being used, and tools that do static analysis like GCC just have to deal with that 13:55:10

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