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17 Dec 2021
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)What I now realize is other people guessing, in the form of professional assumptions and expectations, often referencing the last person I talked to from their research as a form of final evidence, was actually just professional guessing. Which for me, at the time, their guesses sounded like fact, with the professional degrees and all.01:40:20
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)I am not sure if saying White/Black er LGBTQ was the most significant buzzword. But any of those terms, it's like a password/keyword to get a bunch of referrals.01:41:57
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)All the while, nothing from a professional so triggering as a buzzword as those keywords. I could say Mother and Father 100 times and faint, and if I said "genitals" or "creed" right before fainting all they're going to remember is not the words Mom and Dad — somehow.01:44:26
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)Somehow — Dad and Mom are not taken seriously as Vocabulary words like racial and ethnic terminology, even if I'm fairly sure/certain that Mothers and Fathers come before.01:46:26
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)I guess talking about genitals in more exciting than talking about your Mom/Dad's problems, for a professional?01:49:24
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)I was prescribed medication like Celexa which is basically off-label Viagra, when I was remembering my parent(s) verbaliized fantasies in sessions. Apparently the priority was getting me to breed to fix my problems, before talking about the English words I remembered.01:51:29
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)I do not know who comes into a psychotherapy/psychologists session and just starts speaking legal code describing severe issues. Some people are lucky to fit all the buzzwords in under a few words (even better, most people can just watch CNN/Fox and repeat), I had a mathword problem instead. It would have helped to have English vocabulary be prioritized memory.01:54:43
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft) Guessing professionally, err Guessing Professionals are what fill the vacuum when recording what I actually said was not the goal. 01:57:53
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@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)changed room power levels.04:17:42
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft) 2+2 if you notice = I am being defined by my behavior typing at a computer and not 4 memory of the words I wrote. 04:26:17
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)You might notice, I am not being asked what I wrote by someone quoting my words. (I am talking about social networks and moderators, real worlds and cops and doctors, who do not know how to ask a question in English by quoting me in English.)04:35:09
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)Then you start to notice, that I am being asked questions by people who do not use a real name and claim authority positions in arguments, while actual authority figures refuse to document themselves talking to me in full speech.05:11:53
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)I mean, 007.18:07:02
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft) Not to be confused with a "737 MAX" Boeing plane (clearly the MIN as not the Social-Memory issue...), and not to be confused with "17". I know these others have the same "7" in them and that will be confusing for some people with structured educations and academic background that only gave them a Degree not a Brain. 18:11:51
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft) *Was not the Social-Memory Issue wath/math ideal, an ideal that I am being determinably attacked for. Here it is we have SR-71, 737, 747 and 007 made as-if by the grace of G-d's business words, and the best idea in the room was MAX not MIN for that. For the religious nuts, I do not read any attempt to formally correlate 737 with a biblical verse, either. What was on their mind and what were they even thinking making counting numbers and not words important? 18:48:37
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)What better meanings could have been set Altitude instead of Age as a setting for that math/wath there———maybe best as 101, 102, 201, 301, like in University higher educations (instead of 727/737/747/757/767/777/787)?19:10:08
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft) Lower or higher to a degree like that, is contrast to how I never/rarely/avoid say(ing) "High" or "Low" to describe a feeling. That same "scientific method" Maths depicting 747 as a prime number (and hermeneutical religous Merriam-Webster nuts thinking about going "up" and "down" (an M/W, a +/-) for life, while still on the ground), which I think is better to call Waths, because that ain't/is not Math really. I do/did not feel like a 747 nor a 737 when I think about atmospheric trajectory physics, but apparently someone in the Boeing marketing department thought that was wise, err, did not think about what they're saying by dropping zillions naming their trillion-dollar "787 Dreamliner" adverts. I would like to ask for a line from that great ad mind about what was in their head when they're writing that sh... At least, for 007, some sense in government=family fits. 19:37:20
18 Dec 2021
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)007 govt=17 family, I mean.23:20:20
@mistake:matrix.orgprosody Vereable Context (Gabriel Gaston Croft)Of course, 7 looks like a wing (wing-shaped points), that could have been an L instead. And whatever speed/altitude/design metaphor was part of that thought process is generally ridiculous to defend, so let's say it was Science and cut any questions. Then again, I do not mind paying for a public interrogation and crucifixion of the mind(s) who came up with 747 and 737, hopefully with lots of fingerpointing at their head/brain (to show that's where they think from, and that the interrogator "knows") with somebody making faces really seriously to show they care the most, ideally someone repeating "What were you really thinking?" and pointing to a board wit "737" written in 100pt font to show we're all clearly on the same page, and have a schoolboard to show it's like "science", clearly not a Boeing crayon experiment. (Also, clearly I had to make sure I rounded entries for the calendar 17th and 18th with my chats, or "what would some people think they should think" (actual English expression, seriously I am not joking, people actually say that and call it Psychology and Policing work), plus you probably can tell I know Time Zones and Latency given the inordinate level of effort required to get these Timestamps. So as much as I hurt 007's feelings and attack Boeing, I figure you can guess my Figures of Speech are related.)23:51:58
20 Dec 2021
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24 Dec 2021
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7 Jan 2022
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16 Jan 2022
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19 Jan 2022
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