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30 Jun 2020
@igel:matrix.orgigelrecheck pls23:10:22
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkeryep, Rowan has been notified to notify him lol23:10:30
@cure:matrix.orgcure igel: what do you know about uci and camelCase ? 23:57:13
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker yo Stephen304 are you in here too? 23:59:07
@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304Yeah my laptop is on fire tho23:59:34
1 Jul 2020
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerDo you think there's an easy way to set default UCI values from a openwrt package makefile?00:00:30
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerthought you might just konw00:01:02
In reply to @cure:matrix.org
igel: what do you know about uci and camelCase ?
cbi value man'g :]
@igel:matrix.orgigeloh shoot, take a cap00:44:50
Download image.png
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerwoah... is the gateway's Yggdrasil IP really all you need to know to hook up to a gateway with autoygg?01:47:01
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker(and port, but still)01:47:31
@cure:matrix.orgcureyeah. everything else defaults to something that should work02:18:01
@cure:matrix.orgcureworking on more/better ux. give me a few more days pls02:20:49
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker Wes: I believe I lost you on Jitsi... you still there? 23:21:54
2 Jul 2020
@chelsea:privacytools.iochelsea 07:24:54
@wkussmaul:matrix.orgWes lurker: Sorry, my ~1800 tabs etc. croaked my machine. 13:09:44
@charlie:tomesh.netcharlie Wes: that's why I install my browser to /tmp. it's a self correcting problem 13:24:30
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivemaybe everything needs to be in /tmp13:37:41
@lurker42o:matrix.orglurkerGet like @igel and just run it all out of ramfs14:33:37
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessiveactually did that once but compared to SSD it was not much difference. But it would be fun and good practice to bootstrap all the software needed with a clean state every boot15:34:12
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessiveShould do it with k1ss linux or BSD to up the difficulty level15:36:04
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessiveand a good reason to get decent wifi at my desk15:37:10
@wkussmaul:matrix.orgWesI do typically end up encountering soething that makes one of those tabs important.19:35:54
3 Jul 2020
@friedrich:matrix.kiwifarms.netfriedrich 16:47:20
4 Jul 2020
@charlie:cyberia.clubcharlie joined the room.10:00:41
@cure:matrix.orgcure lurker: igel luci-app-autoygg now has a status page with a 'connect/disconnect' button, as well as a settings page. I merged my branch into main on mm-toolbox, packages are available at https://downloads.massmesh.net/snapshots/packages/aarch64_cortex-a72/generic/ (and friends for non-rpi4). Make sure to upgrade to the latest autoygg-go package. I'd be happy to walk you through some testing lurker whenever convenient. 18:03:32
6 Jul 2020
@cure:matrix.orgcuresdcard performance on various rpi models: https://pidramble.com/wiki/benchmarks/microsd-cards 15:42:46

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