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16 Sep 2019
15:18:23@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneoh im working on it
15:19:01@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonei need to set yall up w/ my config mgmt system
15:19:36@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonevery straightfwd in its incredibly tedious way
15:20:09@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonei havent released publicly cuz theres still stuff that could/should be scrubbed but is low risk
16:07:38@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonecould I also potentially use wireguard to run an additional private overlay on ygg?
16:08:45@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonelike, im sortve thinking of ygg as a public L3 switch
16:10:05@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonealso dope https://github.com/medium-isp/yggdrasil-android
16:32:23@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonehmm, how do people generally deal w/ tls certs over yggdrasil? lets encrypt doesn't exactly reach private networks.
16:32:39@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonedo you run things over http or manage your own x509 chains
16:43:55@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304You could use the dns challenge, but the use case for certs over ygg is reduced since as long as you're sure you got the right IP, all the communication is encrypted. But I guess still useful for making sure nobody poisoned the dns
16:44:46@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304It might work easily if you already have a public ipv4 on a vps and just run dual stack
17:39:10@cure:matrix.orgcureyou could use dna validation for letsencrypt and get a wildcard. And use the cert for your ygg services
17:39:20@cure:matrix.orgcuredns validation, I mean
17:59:17@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneyea wildcard seems like a good idea
17:59:30@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneid have to xfer the private key to diff devices tho
17:59:41@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonewhich isn't the worst
18:00:31@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonethe adv of ygg is that i can use a stable address at least
18:00:53@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneone of the dangers of ddns + letsencrypt is if the ip changes
18:00:58@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304And the end to end encryption :P
18:01:15@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneand the cert wont expire for 3 months
18:01:17@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneya also that
17 Sep 2019
16:19:29@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonenice thx
16:19:55@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneya i havent tried wildcard certs w/ letsencrypt yet, seems straightfwd tho
18 Sep 2019
02:16:24@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42olulz, #ClimateStrike broke my terminal.
02:16:59@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42ohow come this happened, I swear that's not normal right?
02:17:27@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304It happens
02:17:43@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42ohuh.. leaving the commit message at any rate

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